Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Gallant Men

Landing with Allied invasion forces at Salerno, Italy in 1942, war correspondent Conley Wright joins an infantry unit commanded by the inexperienced Captain Jim Benedict. The unit's first assignment: capture the heavily defended San Pietro.
Guest Stars: William Windom as Jake Miller | Robert Fortier as Captain Jergens | Sharon Hugueny as Rosa | Bill Quinn (1) as Colonel
Director: Robert Altman

2 :01x02 - Retreat to Concord

The company moves into the town of Nieto for a mopping-up operation and are then ordered to hold the town against a German advance.
Guest Stars: Peter Breck as Henry Draper | Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders | Anna Bruno Lena as Felicia | Victor Salinas as Pietro | Donald Zimmerman as Medic | Carlo Tricoli as Italian Man | Iphigenie Castiglioni as Signora Cirasella

3 :01x03 - And Cain Cried Out

Captain Benedict is none too thrilled when he learns that his newest platoon sergeant is his estranged younger brother.
Guest Stars: Robert Fortier as Major Jergens | Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders | Robert Conrad as Griff Benedict | John Alonzo as Sgt. Morales | Donald Zimmerman as Medic | Tom Gilson as Private Barlow | Ross Evans as German Officer
Director: Charles Rondeau
Writer: Ken Pettus

4 :01x04 - The Ninety-Eight Cent Man

Wounded and captured behind enemy lines, Private D'Angelo must withstand harsh interrogation and not give away information about his comrades.
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Legrini | Robert Fortier as Major Jergens | Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders | Rudy Solari as Armitore | Chana Eden as Elena | Dal Jenkins as Medical Orderly

5 :01x05 - One Moderately Peaceful Sunday

Private Gibson is the only survivor of a German ambush and he's trapped behind enemy lines.
Guest Stars: Robert Fortier as Major Jergens | John Dehner as Captain Rauch | Don Kelly (1) as Corporal Smith | Rudy Dolan as Sgt. Hensel | Edward Tierney as Schasheitlin | Walter Linden as Brock | Peter Morgenstern as Stuckart

6 :01x06 - Lesson for a Lover

Sent to the hospital with a case of psychosomatic blindness, Lt. Kimbro tries to help a young woman who's in trouble.
Guest Stars: Marianna Hill as Maria Carducci | John van Dreelen as Francioso Cardinale | Fred Villani as Fabio | Eddie Durkin as Lt. Ravetch | Dennis Cross as Captain Brogan
Director: Charles Rondeau

7 :01x07 - And the End of Evil Things

Kimbro wants to go to the aid of a dying soldier who is calling out for help but Benedict refuses to let him for fear that it would put the entire squad in danger.
Guest Stars: Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders | Stephen Lander as Corporal Schloss | Buck Kartalian as Joey Lopuschok | Tom Gilson as Private Barlow | Peter Hellman as German Lieutenant | Eric Braeden as Radio Operator
Writer: David Lang

8 :01x08 - Some Tears Fall Dry

Wright gets into an argument with a female war correspondent who wants to file a story that would possibly compromise military security.
Guest Stars: Ralph Manza as Cafe Proprietor | Robert Fortier as Major Jergens | Gail Kobe as Kathleen Palmer | Yale Summers as Officer | Jim Secrest as Lt. Thompson | Rita Lynn as Diva | Rudy Carrella as Italian Lad #1 | Joey Russo as Italian Lad #2
Director: Charles Rondeau
Writer: Don Tait

9 :01x09 - Fury in a Quiet Village

It's almost too quiet when the company arrives in a village that was supposedly evacuated by the Germans. Then the real reason for the stillness is discovered--a group of Germans have stayed behind and they're holding the village's children hostage.
Guest Stars: Lisa Seagram as Angela | Malachi Throne as Colonel Shunesberg | Stefan Schnabel as Marshall Kleindorf | Doug Lambert as Private Lindstrom | Richard Angarola as Father Gefolia | Walter Janowitz as Captain Hefler
Writer: Stephen Lord

10 :01x10 - Signals for an End Run

Sgt. McKenna unwittingly imperils the squad when he gets the hots for an Italian babe.
Guest Stars: John Karlen as Lieutenant Tyrell | Mala Powers as Dina | Rodolfo Acosta as Lupo | Victor Romito as Partisan | Eduardo Ciannelli as Bassano

11 :01x11 - Robertino

An Italian boy becomes attached to Lucavitch after he's caught stealing food from the unit.
Guest Stars: Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders | Peter Soli as Robertino | Renzo Cesana as Father Rossi | Walter Friedel as Major Strasser | Dieter Jacoby as German Sentry | Eve Marlowe as Maria
Director: Charles Rondeau

12 :01x12 - Advance and Be Recognized

While on leave, D'Angelo falls in love and gets involved with black marketeers.
Guest Stars: Larry D. Mann as Captain Baer | Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders | Terry Becker as Gilmartin | Pamela Gary as Nina Papetto | Mignon Gret as Maria | Jack Reitzen as Itzo
Director: Robert Totten

13 :01x13 - To Hold Up a Mirror

Benedict and members of his squad hideout in an Italian farmhouse in order to avoid an enemy patrol. Things are complicated by the fact that a German major they're holding prisoner is looking for a way to give away their position.
Guest Stars: Paul Carr as Pvt. Joe Salford | Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders | Karl Held as Major Woelfel | Pat Woodell as Gina | Uta Braun as Ilze Taurins | Dolores Quinton as Italian Woman | Gary Campbell (1) as Mike Wooster

14 :01x14 - Boast Not of Tomorrow

While on leave in Naples, Benedict is puzzled when a nurse has no reaction after hearing that her fiancee has been reported MIA.
Guest Stars: Laura Devon as Lt. Diane Kirkland | John Baer as Lt. Latham | Ray Montgomery as Major Brennan | John Daheim as Sgt. Flannery | Paul Micale as Matteo | Genevieve Griffin as Major Phyllis Taylor
Director: Charles Rondeau
Writer: Ken Pettus

15 :01x15 - The Dogs of War

Captain Benedict meets a smokin' hot Italian countess who may or may not be working for the Germans.
Guest Stars: Dianne Foster as Contessa | Guy Stockwell as Medic | Barry Cahill as Sgt. Briggs | Barnaby Hale as Captain Harrison
Director: Charles Rondeau

16 :01x16 - The Bridge

Two demolitions experts join the squad on a mission to blow up a bridge but one of them is the Italian engineer who built the object and he might be sabotaging their efforts because he doesn't want to see his work destroyed.
Guest Stars: George Murdock as Sergeant Varney | Peter Brown (1) as Lt. Hodges | Ernest Sarracino as Signor Dinetti | Jana Taylor as Carla | Anthony Becket as Emil Buckner | James Almanzar as Antonio

17 :01x17 - The Leathernecks

Amazingly, war correspondent Wright gets himself a transfer to the Pacific Theatre of the war so that he can search for his MIA brother and witnesses a battle hardened Marine breaking in a young commanding officer.
Guest Stars: Philip Carey as Sgt. Barragan | Armand Alzamora as Corporal Mazzini | Martin Brandt as Jacob Schneider | Don Kelly (1) as Captain Barlow | Doug Lambert as Private Loomis | George Murdock as Pfc. Cagel | David Brandon as Lt. Harper
Director: Charles Rondeau
Writer: Ken Pettus

18 :01x18 - Next of Kin

D'Angelo helps liberate his mother's native Italian village only to learn that his favorite uncle was a German collaborator.
Guest Stars: Victoria Vetri as Teresa Borelli | Stanley Adams as Nicolo Borelli | Doris Dowling as Cristina | Al Lettieri as Arturo
Director: Robert Sparr
Writer: Ken Pettus

19 :01x19 - Operation Secret

Wright discovers the details of a spy mission when he pieces together the events that caused the death of an American officer months before.
Guest Stars: Maria Machado as Contessa Loren | Albert Paulsen as General Kile | George Gaynes as Major Neumann | Tommy Farrell as Sgt. Motley | Vito Scotti as Giadenza | Justin Smith (1) as Major Nemo | Julie Van Zandt as Nurse

20 :01x20 - The Warriors

Separated from their unit, Wright, D'Angelo, and Gibson get trapped with an odd mixture of stragglers.
Guest Stars: James Best as Pvt. Hook | James Doohan as Blogden | Adam Williams as McQueen | William Beckley as Lt. Wells | John McLiam as Bolt | Med Flory as Ayres

21 :01x21 - One Puka Puka

Sgt. McKenna encounters an undisciplined group of soldiers at a forward observation post. He's contemptuous of them at the beginning but then changes his tune when he sees them in action.
Guest Stars: Mako as Frank Fakuda | Poncie Ponce as Lt. O'Hara | Frank Atienza as Cowboy | David Cadiente as Murphy | George Takei as Ochi | Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders | Brian Avery (2) as German POW
Writer: David Lang

22 :01x22 - OlĀ“ Buddy

Lucavich and Hanson have an argument but things change when Hanson fails to return from a patrol behind enemy lines.
Guest Stars: Anthony Becket as Lt. Bauman | Kevin Hagen as Sgt. Stein | Sheldon Allman as Machen | Charles H. Radilak as Buhler | Ed Gilbert as Forgetz | Booth Colman as German Captain | Sandy Kevin as Private Saunders
Director: Richard L. Bare

23 :01x23 - A Taste of Peace

After being wounded in combat, Benedict gets an offer to transfer to a position in the Allied Military Government instead of returning to his unit. Complicating the matter is a smoking hot female Captain.
Guest Stars: Charles Smith (1) as Lt. Tuttle | Mario Siletti as Alfredo Palli | Charlie Briggs as Eddie Ross | Harlan Warde as Major McGowan | DeForest Kelley as Colonel Davenport | Glenn Cannon as Lefty Morgan | Julie Adams as Meg Thorpe
Writer: Ken Pettus

24 :01x24 - The Crucible

A field surgeon, who's an old rival of Benedict from their collegiate days, opposes his efforts to extract vital information from a wounded German prisoner.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Major Ross | Suzi Carnell as Phoebe Pfeiffer | John Alonzo as Corporal Marsh | Morgan Jones (1) as Lt. Col. Gates | Jean Del Val as Old Man
Director: Charles Rondeau
Writer: Don Tait

25 :01x25 - Tommy

A USO troupe has arrived to entertain the troops and to Benedict's surprise and joy their lead singer is a former galpal of his. Unfortunately, she has no interest in re-kindling their romance preferring only the wounded men.
Guest Stars: Dorothy Provine as Joyce Adams | George O'Hanlon as Harry Cooper | David Frankham as Collier | Francine York as Angela | Andre Philippe as French Soldier | Don Matheson as Emcee
Director: Charles Rondeau

26 :01x26 - A Place to Die

A wounded soldier, who professes to despise all Italians, takes refuge in a convent where an Italian nun tries to persuade him to accept treatment from her.
Guest Stars: Robert Fortier as Major Jergens | Michael Parks as Billy Ray Melford | Victoria Vetri as Sister Catherine | Argentina Brunetti as Mother Superior | Reva Rose as Sister Margaret | Felix Reinsch as Major Erhardt
Director: Charles Rondeau
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1962
Ended: September 14, 1963
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