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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 02/Nov/2009 Pasta Wars
2 1x02 02/Nov/2009 Mother Garfield
3 1x03 03/Nov/2009 Orange and Black
4 1x04 03/Nov/2009 Freaky Monday
5 1x05 04/Nov/2008 Bone Diggers
6 1x06 04/Nov/2008 The Robot
7 1x07 05/Nov/2009 Cat Nap
8 1x08 05/Nov/2009 Agent X
9 1x09 06/Nov/2009 A Game of Cat and Mouse
10 1x10 06/Nov/2009 Perfect Pizza
11 1x11 12/Nov/2009 King Nermal
12 1x12 12/Nov/2009 Desperately Seeking Pooky
13 1x13 13/Nov/2009 High Scale
14 1x14 13/Nov/2009 Jon's Night Out
15 1x15 16/Nov/2008 Not So Sweet Sound of Music
16 1x16 16/Nov/2009 Turkey Trouble
17 1x17 18/Nov/2009 Pup in the Pound
18 1x18 18/Nov/2009 Odie in Love
19 1x19 19/Nov/2009 Pet Matchers
20 1x20 19/Nov/2009 Lucky Charm
21 1x21 20/Nov/2009 Curse of the Were-Dog
22 1x22 20/Nov/2009 Meet the Parents
23 1x23 02/Dec/2009 Down on the Farm
24 1x24 02/Dec/2009 The Pet Show
25 1x25 03/Dec/2009 Curse of the Cat People
26 1x26 03/Dec/2009 Glenda and Odessa
27 1x27 04/Dec/2009 Underwater World
28 1x28 04/Dec/2009 Family Picture
29 1x29 08/Dec/2009 Time Twist
30 1x30 08/Dec/2009 Time Master
31 1x31 09/Dec/2009 Fish Fry
32 1x32 09/Dec/2009 Little Yellow Riding Hood
33 1x33 10/Dec/2009 Fame Fatale
34 1x34 10/Dec/2009 Virtualodeon
35 1x35 11/Dec/2009 It's a Cat's World
36 1x36 11/Dec/2009 Mailman Blues
37 1x37 14/Dec/2009 Extreme Housebreaking
38 1x38 14/Dec/2009 Heir Apparent
39 1x39 15/Dec/2009 Caroling Capers
40 1x40 15/Dec/2009 From the Oven
41 1x41 16/Dec/2009 Neighbor Nathan
42 1x42 16/Dec/2009 History of Dog
43 1x43 17/Dec/2009 Up a Tree
44 1x44 17/Dec/2009 It's a Cheese World
45 1x45 18/Dec/2009 Nice to Nermal
46 1x46 18/Dec/2010 Out on a Limb
47 1x47 21/Dec/2009 Super Me
48 1x48 21/Dec/2009 Mastermind
49 1x49 22/Dec/2009 The Amazing Flying Dog
50 1x50 22/Dec/2009 The Last Word
51 1x51 23/Dec/2009 Ice Man
52 1x52 23/Dec/2009 T3000

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
53 2x01 13/Dec/2010 Home for the Holidays
54 2x02 28/Feb/2011 Ticket to Riches
55 2x03 28/Feb/2011 Gravity of the Situation
56 2x04 01/Mar/2011 The Art of Being Uncute
57 2x05 01/Mar/2011 Night of the Bunny Slippers
58 2x06 02/Mar/2011 Blasteroid
59 2x07 02/Mar/2011 The Big Sneeze
60 2x08 03/Mar/2011 The Spy Who Fed Me
61 2x09 03/Mar/2011 Meet Max Mouse
62 2x10 04/Mar/2011 The Haunted House
63 2x11 04/Mar/2011 Which Witch
64 2x12 07/Mar/2011 Cyber Mailman
65 2x13 07/Mar/2011 Odie for Sale
66 2x14 08/Mar/2011 Farm Fresh Feline
67 2x15 08/Mar/2011 Dog Days
68 2x16 09/Mar/2011 Planet of Poultry
69 2x17 09/Mar/2011 With Four You Get Pizza
70 2x18 10/Mar/2011 The Bluebird of Happiness
71 2x19 10/Mar/2011 Inside Eddie Gourmand
72 2x20 11/Mar/2011 Fido Food Feline
73 2x21 11/Mar/2011 Everything's Relative
74 2x22 14/Mar/2011 Honey I Shrunk the Pets
75 2x23 14/Mar/2011 Garfield Astray
76 2x24 16/Mar/2011 History of Cats
77 2x25 16/Mar/2011 Black Cat Blues
78 2x26 21/Mar/2011 Cuter Than Cute
79 2x27 21/Mar/2011 Great Pizza Race
80 2x28 13/Jun/2011 Master Chef
81 2x29 13/Jun/2011 Guest From Beyond
82 2x30 14/Jun/2011 Depths of a Salesman
83 2x31 14/Jun/2011 Night of the Apparatus
84 2x32 15/Jun/2011 Land of Hold
85 2x33 15/Jun/2011 Penny Henny
86 2x34 16/Jun/2011 A Gripping Tale
87 2x35 16/Jun/2011 Wicked Wishes
88 2x36 17/Jun/2011 Jumbo Shrimpy
89 2x37 17/Jun/2011 Pirate Gold
90 2x38 20/Jun/2011 Me, Garfield and I
91 2x39 20/Jun/2011 Detective Odie
92 2x40 21/Jun/2011 Stealing Home
93 2x41 21/Jun/2011 Full of Beans
94 2x42 22/Jun/2011 Love and Lasagna
95 2x43 22/Jun/2011 True Colors
96 2x44 23/Jun/2011 Mind Over Mouse
97 2x45 23/Jun/2011 The Big Sleep
98 2x46 24/Jun/2011 Pampered Pussycat
99 2x47 24/Jun/2011 Parrot Blues
100 2x48 27/Jun/2011 Rain or Shine
101 2x49 27/Jun/2011 The Mole Express
102 2x50 28/Jun/2011 Unfair Weather

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
103 3x01 10/Sep/2012 The Caped Avenger Strikes Again! | The Superhero Apprentice
104 3x02 11/Sep/2012 Teddy Dearest | Bath Day
105 3x03 12/Sep/2012 What a Difference a Pet Makes | Garfield Gets Canned
106 3x04 13/Sep/2012 Partners in Mime | Boris the Snowman
107 3x05 14/Sep/2012 Long Lost Lyman (Parts 1 and 2)
108 3x06 17/Sep/2012 The Golden Lasagna Awards | Pawparazzi
109 3x07 18/Sep/2012 It's About Time | Online Arbuckle
110 3x08 19/Sep/2012 Muscle Mouse | The Write Stuff
111 3x09 20/Sep/2012 Cupid Cat | The Control Freak
112 3x10 21/Sep/2012 Every Witch Way | Revenge of the Cat People
113 3x11 24/Sep/2012 The Garfield-Only Show | Filthy Fugitives
114 3x12 25/Sep/2012 Smartest Dog in the World | Farmer Garfield
115 3x13 26/Sep/2012 More Than Meets the Eye | Fast Friends
116 3x14 27/Sep/2012 Where's Odie | Doggone Jon
117 3x15 28/Sep/2012 The Mysterious Machine | Fitness Crazed
118 3x16 02/Oct/2012 Little Trouble in Big China
119 3x17 03/Oct/2012 My Friend, Nermal | Take a Ferret to Lunch
120 3x18 04/Oct/2012 Bride and Broom | Problems, Problems, Problems
121 3x19 05/Oct/2012 Two Times the Trouble | The Great Trade-Off

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Children Cartoons
Status: Returning Series
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 10:00 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 02, 2009
Episode Order: 52
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