The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Jean Holloway     Developer 
David Gerber     Executive Producer (1969-1970) 
Stanley Rubin     Producer (1968-1969) 
Howard Leeds     Producer (1969-1970) 
Lew Gallo     Associate Producer (1968-1969) 
Robert Mintz     Associate Producer (1969-1970) 
Wesley J. McAfee     Unit Production Manager 
Warren Barker     Music (1968) 
George Greeley     Music (1969-1970) 
Harry Geller     Music (1970) 
Lionel Newman     Music Supervisor 
Bert Allen     Set Decorator 
Walter M. Scott     Set Decorator 
Samuel E. Beetley     Post Production Supervisor 
Dale Deverman     Director of Photography (1968-1969) 
Richard A. Kelley     Director of Photography (1969-1970) 
Jack Sonntag     Production Supervisor 
Jack Martin Smith     Art Director 
LeRoy Deane     Art Director 
Merrill Pye     Art Director 
R.A. Dick     Based On The Works Of 
Axel Hubert, Sr.     Film Editor 
Bill Lewis (2)     Film Editor 
Joseph Dervin     Film Editor (1968-1969) 
Eli Dunn     Assistant Director 
William Self (2)     Executive In Charge Of Production (1968-1969) 
Dave Grusin     Theme Music