Escape From Alcatraz - Recap

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The series begins and this week they are in California on Alcatraz Island. Three couples are in the running for the big prize in the end. Brittany & Gabe, Jeff & Lexx and Miles & Megan are ready to go for it. They have to escape from Alcatraz Prison. They are led in to meet host Rich Eisen. He says that they will start in the cells where they are going to have to make their way through four stages. With $100,000 for the prize, they have to organize key parts and then find him. The guards lock up the three teams.

The game begins and Brittany & Gabe take their time while Miles and Megan rip the room apart. All teams find the map, but it is Brittany & Gabe who find the key and escape the cell. They reach Stage One. They have to find a key to a lockbox and avoid guards too. Jeff & Lexx frantically look for a key. Miles & Megan and Jeff & Lexx escape the cells and Brittany & Gabe are still trying to get the clues. Jeff & Lexx find the lockbox, but forget the tools. They race back and get the tools. All teams get their lockboxes and pry them open. The teams move onto the next part of the stage and try to solve the riddle. Miles & Megan get to the Rec Yard first and need to avoid the guard.

Meanwhile, Jeff & Lexx try to make sense of the riddle. Miles and Megan try their luck at getting past the guard on the Rec Yard, but are caught and sent back to their cell where they have to find another key. Brittany & Gabe are still trying to find out the lockbox and are arguing a bit. Brittany kisses Gabe and they figure it out. Jeff & Lexx get to their gate and have two numbers in their head. Miles & Megan manage to find the key in the soap and escape again. Miles & Megan get up to their gate and manage to get to the next stage of the game.

The Stage Two is on and the teams have to figure out how to get past guards. Jeff & Lexx get through the gate and make their way to the building. Miles and Megan are moving, but are caught by the guards again. Brittany & Gabe are caught as well. As they move back to their cells, Jeff & Lexx are in the next stage. They have to find bags that contain a Marine Map and Compass. They will find the second piece. They get their sack and items. They have to move to the Ammunition Alcove. Brittany & Gabe are arguing and Miles & Megan break out again. As Jeff & Lexx move, they are captured. This gives Miles & Megan an opening. Brittany & Gabe manage to escape.

Miles & Megan are trying to find the bags and Jeff & Lexx break out again. Miles & Megan make their way and Brittany & Gabe reach the gates on the Rec Yard. Jeff & Lexx move past them. Miles & Megan move ahead and Jeff & Lexx are right behind. As they proceed, Jeff & Lexx are caught. Miles & Megan move on to Stage Three. They are going to have to find a boat key and the third key. Jeff & Lexx make their way out of the cell while Miles & Megan frantically search for the boat key. Brittany & Gabe make their way to the bags for the map and compass. Jeff & Lexx get to the Ammunition Alcove and Miles & Megan find their way to the final stage.

Final Stage is where they will find the gas and the final key. At the Power Plant, Miles & Megan are looking while Jeff & Lexx are searching for the boat key. They find it and move on. Miles & Megan find the gas and they have to move their way through to the Transport Zone where they will have to find out their final piece of the puzzle and win the game. Brittany & Gabe have moved it and are looking for the boat key. Jeff & Lexx start looking for the gas can and can’t find it. Miles & Megan make their way to the Transport Zone.

Lexx manages to find the gas can and both him and Jeff hope to catch Miles & Megan. However, they have made it to the boats. It is a race to the finish as Miles & Megan and Jeff & Lexx are neck to neck. Miles & Megan find Rich and gives him the Great Escape Key and win the game and the $100,000. Jeff & Lexx realize that they didn’t win. Back on Alcatraz, Brittany & Gabe find out that they lost. The episode ends.