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Escape From the USS Hornet - Recap

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Rich Eisen is back for another round of contestants. This time, three teams are going to have to try to escape from the USS Hornet. For the Green Team, friends Armando and Victor, for the Red Team, father/daughter duo Tim & McKenna and for the Blue Team, siblings Sal & Jeanan. They get escorted to Rich and they are told what they are going to have to do. They are going to have to work their way through 4 stages and then will have to find him with the Great Escape Key. The winner will win $100,000.

The teams are taken to the Brig and locked up. The game begins and they search for the map and key. The Blue Team finds their map and finds the bolt cutters to open their lock. They taunt the Green Team telling them that they have the brains. The Red Team struggles to find the map. The Green and Blue Teams are out and head to the first stage of the game.

Stage One: The teams are going to have to find a key in water to reveal a hand pulley and get the first piece of the key. The Blue Team makes it there first and jump in the water. It is cold. Sal moves around and finally finds the key to the locker. The Green Team is following close behind. Meanwhile, the Red Team still doesn’t have the map, but escape from their cell. They have no clue where they are going and have to find the map. The Blue Team makes their way through to the next stage of the game and Green Team start searching for the key in the water. The Red Team frantically searches for the map.

In order to get to stage two, the teams are going to have to break through grates to use tools to make it through one of the three doors. The Green Team finds the key in the water. The Red Team finally gets the map and run to make up the loss time. The Green Team catches up to the Blue Team. The Red Team manages to get through to Stage two. The Green Team follows behind. The Blue Team struggles to make it through to the next stage.

Stage Two: The Teams are going to have to raise a grate to get a wrench, a valve and the second piece of the key. The Red Team quickly figures it out and gets their grate up. The Green Team makes their way through and The Red Team makes it through to the hanger deck. They have to avoid the guards. The Green Team and the Blue Team are trying to get their grate from the bottom. The Green Team ties their shirt to it and manages to get their grate up first. They mock the Blue Team for mocking them. On the way to the next stage, the Green Team is caught. This gives the Blue Team a chance.

Stage 3: The teams must search and find a flag and the third piece to the key. The Red Team gets the flag and can’t find the key. The Blue Team gets there and find both the flag and key. The Red Team realizes that the key was in the box at the bottom of the chain. They pull it up and get the key. They make their way to the next stage of the game. The Green Team manages to break out of the cell and try to make up lost time.

Stage Four: The teams have to the C.I.C and with coded letters on the flag, they will have to find the final key. The Red Team manages to get past the guards and make it to the C.I.C before the Blue Team, who are still stuck behind a wall trying to avoid the guard. They start to decipher the code to open the safe. They open it and find the right combination. They get out the headset to listen to the final clue. They are told to go to the transport zone. The Blue Team get in and have some trouble trying to get the code. The Red Team makes their way to the Transport Zone and swipe the ID card. The Blue Team gets there and they don’t have the ID card. They realize this when the Green Team get to where the Blue Team is and quickly get through to the safe and door. The Blue Team can’t get through to the other stage and realize that there is no escape. The Green Team makes their way down to the Transport Zone

The Red Team avoids guards and manages to get to where they are going to have to repel off the side of the aircraft and signal their boat. When the Green Team gets there, the Red Team is already repelling off the side. As they start to inflate their balloon, the Green Team starts to come down. The Red Team manages to get their balloon inflated and the boat comes their way. They head over to where Rich is waiting. They give the key and they win the $100,000 and the game. The other teams are upset, but the Green Team says that they learned something and it was fun. The Blue Team is not so grateful and Sal blames Jeanan for leaving the ID card. They make up and the episode ends.