Escape From Los Angeles - Recap

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Rich Eisen is back with new contestants, and this time the challenge is for them to escape from Los Angeles. The Blue Team consists of a father-son duo Jared and Dwight. The red team consists of mother-daughter duo Dara and Alix. The green team consists of a husband-wife duo Jevin and Latasha. All the three teams are keen to win the prize money, and crush the competition. Rich describes how one team is about to do the impossible and “escape the bowels, of the City of Angels”. The blind folded contestants are meanwhile lead to Rich. Later, Rich tells the contestants how they are all standing in an underground tunnel, buried deep beneath the city.

Rich then tells them how they will all begin their quest in an area called the ‘detainment zone’, restrained inside a cage, deep beneath downtown L A. After freeing themselves they would need to find an escape route map. This map will guide them through four stages, the final stage being the ‘Transport Zone’. Rich then tells them that they are going to go through the 4 stages and are going to have to gather pieces to the Great Escape key; on the way completing various tasks. The team that completes this task successfully shall win $100,000. The blindfolds then come back on, and the contestants are then escorted by the guards, to be detained. Later, the City Hall clock strikes midnight and the escape is on. All the detained teams are shown doing their best to get out of their restrains.

They all manage to do so quickly enough and then proceed, to escape detainment. Team Red is the first one to figure a way out of detainment, closely followed by Team Green; Team Blue though seems to be stuck. Ultimately though, Team Blue too figures out the escape route. The three teams then frantically search for the map that shall help them escape. Then, Team Blue manages to find the map first, and is declared as the first team to manage escaping the ‘Detainment Zone’. The other two teams are meanwhile, still struggling. Then, Green Team too manages to find the map and makes it out, but the Red Team still is struggling. Stage One: Team Blue is the first to make it to stage 1. Here they have to find numerical dates marked on a calendar hanging from a wall, and use these numbers to open combination safes.

Inside, they will find a flashlight that they will need later, and a piece of the ‘Great Escape Key’. Team Green meanwhile, also makes it to this stage. Team Red too ultimately manages to get hold of the map and reaches this stage. Team Blue meanwhile completes the task first and moves on to the next stage. Stage Two: In this stage the teams have to climb up a sewer pipe, open a manhole cover and then crawl into a long pipe filled with sludge, their prize for completing this task would be a cell phone and another piece of the ‘Great Escape Key’. Team Blue leads this task. Team Red and Green are meanwhile still struggling with stage 1.

Then just as Team Blue completes stage 2, they are spotted by a guard. They are then taken back to the detainment zone, as per the rules, and have to do over the stages they have completed. Team Green is meanwhile on their way to stage 2, while Team Red is still stuck in stage 1. Later, Team Blue again takes the lead, with Team Green still struggling on their way to completing stage 2. Team Red meanwhile has also managed to complete stage 1 and is on their way. While on their way, both Team Red and Green are spotted by a guard, and sent back to detainment. Both the teams then manage to complete the two stages, and are then again caught by a guard. Team Blue meanwhile is already above the ground and is making their way to stage 3. Team Red and Green meanwhile begin once again. Team Blue meanwhile is still struggling to reach stage 3. They ultimately manage it.

Stage Three: It involves uncovering a phone number on the steps of City Hall, using a wet mop to make it visible. The teams then have to find a matt-cutter and the third piece of the ‘Great Escape Key’. Team Blue embarks on the task of mopping. The other two teams meanwhile are struggling to reach ground level. Team Red ultimately makes it to City Hall; Team Blue meanwhile, uncovers the hidden number and keys it into the cell phone. Team Green though, has still not made it above ground. Meanwhile Team Red is caught by a guard once again, on the steps of City Hall. Team Blue meanwhile completes stage 3. They then head for stage 4.

Stage Four: In this stage the teams will enter City Hall, and dial the number they have uncovered, they will then cut open a portrait that is ringing. The portrait is a key to a Volvo S60, and will also give the teams the final piece of the ‘Great Escape Key’. Team Green meanwhile makes it above ground and is caught by a guard; Team Green then decides to quit the game. Team Red meanwhile is once again going through the stages to get to stage 4. Team Blue meanwhile is still trying to figure out the ringing portrait, from the many displayed in City Hall. Team Blue ultimately finds the ringing portrait and consequently the last past of the ‘Great Escape Key’. Team Blue then heads for the car, doing their best to escape the notice of the guards. They then manage to reach the transport zone.

Transport Zone: Once in the transport zone the teams will have to unlock the correct car, using the car-key they have found in the portrait, they have to also correctly assemble the parts of the ‘Great Escape Key’ in order to reveals Rich’s location. At the designated location, they have to then find a secret entrance to the building and climb 14 floors to its terrace, where Rich with be waiting with the prize money of $100,000.

Team Blue manages to find the Volvo, drives to the designated location, and begins searching for the secret door. They ultimately find the hidden door. Team Red is meanwhile also on their way, in the Volvo. Team Blue meanwhile makes it to the top of the building and is handed the $100,000 by Rich, who then declares them the winners. The other two teams take their defeat sportingly. The episode ends at this point.