The Hamptons (2002)

Barbara Kopple     Executive Producer 
Diane Sokolow     Executive Producer 
Jerry Kupfer     Producer 
Cecilia Peck     Producer 
Claude Kaplan     Associate Producer 
Margery Mailman     Associate Producer 
Rachel P. Goldstein     Associate Producer 
Barrett Hawes     Editor (Associate) 
Timothy Lozada     Editor (Associate) 
Cy Christiansen     Editor (Associate) 
Lawrence Silk     Editor (Film) 
Jean Tsien     Editor (Film) 
Ken Duphiney     Casting 
Jessica Lacy     Casting 
Michael Bacon     Music 
Antonio Rossi     Camera Operator 
Robert Rice     Production Assistant 
Grant Maxwell     Re-Recording Mixer 
Jason Summers     Gaffer 
Alicia Van Couvering     Other (Assistant to the Director) 
Barbara Kopple     Other (Director) 
Roger Phenix     Other (Sound) 
Gabriel Miller     Other (Sound) 
Matthew Sutton     Other (Sound) 
Peter J. Miller     Other (Sound) 
David Becker     Production Manager 
Tony Slocum     Sound Editor 
Ray Palagy     Sound Editor 
Brenda Ray     Sound Mixer 
Mead Hunt     Cinematographer 
Kirsten Johnson     Cinematographer 
Ed Marritz     Cinematographer 
Emily Singer     Post Production (Assistant) 
Craig Hymson     Post Production (Assistant)