Season 5

66 :05x01 - Fading Away

A delusional ex-Marine becomes convinced that he's on a dangerous mission and that his commanding officers have abandoned him.
Guest Stars: Nick Mancuso as Mitchell | Conrad Coates as guest star | Brenda Bazinet as Mary | Angelo Rizacos as guest star | Michael Tait (2) as TBD | Helen Hughes as guest star
Story: Gail Glaze | Teleplay: Larry DiTillio

67 :05x02 - Tough Guys Don't Whine

A film director finds himself in a heap of trouble when he seduces a damsel away from her gangster boyfriend and he refuses to give her up.
Guest Stars: Frank Pellegrino (1) as Bowie | Alan Thicke as Mickey Black | Raoul Trujillo as James | Krista Bridges as Penny | Peter Cox (3) as Tiny | Joseph Griffin as Tug | Larry MacLean as Charlie | Tim Burd as Dealer | Heidi Von Palleske as Interviewer
Director: Jorge Montesi
Story: Gail Glaze | Teleplay: Bradley Swirnoff

68 :05x03 - Riding the Nightmare

A woman decides to eliminate her romantic rival much the same way she would a business rival.
Guest Stars: Rachel Blanchard as Karen | Lauren Hutton as Tess | Garwin Sanford as guest star | Peter Langley as guest star | Victoria Snow as guest star | Katherine Trowell as guest star
Story: Lisa Tuttle | Teleplay: Naomi Janzen

69 :05x04 - Strate Shooter

A ne'er-do-well becomes obsessed with a television show called Strate Shooter after meeting a hot chick at a bar.
Guest Stars: Andrew Gillies as Richard Mattel | Phil Morrison as Buzz | Chandra West as Girl at Club | Gigi De Leon as Asian Woman | Matt Cooke (1) as Matt Strate | Andrea Roth as Young Woman | Christopher Rydell as Johnny Mattel
Director: Mark Rezyka
Story: Lawrence H. Levy | Teleplay: Naomi Janzen

70 :05x05 - Hard Rhyme

A teacher steals the writings of an inmate in a class he's teaching in a prison but finds out that all criminals must pay the price.
Guest Stars: Robert Foxworth as Lee Greavy | Daniel Kash as guest star | Charmion King as guest star | Gene Mack as guest star | Michael A. Miranda as guest star | Heidi Von Palleske as guest star
Director: Leon Marr
Writer: David Nevens

71 :05x06 - Toxic Shock

After years of illegal dumping, the poisons in the land start having their effects on people's minds.
Guest Stars: Zach Galligan as guest star | Tracey Cook as guest star | Kevin Hicks as guest star | John Stoneham, Sr. as guest star
Writer: Jeremy Lipp

72 :05x07 - New Dawn

A philanderer faces a murder frame-up when wifey gets tired of his screwing around.
Guest Stars: Nancy McKeon as guest star | Barclay Hope as guest star | Doug Lennox as guest star | Victor Ertmanis as guest star | Jill Frappier as guest star | Lori Hallier as guest star | Kay Tremblay as guest star
Director: Mitch Gabourie
Story: Jeremy Lipp | Teleplay: Jeremy Lipp, Max Bloom

73 :05x08 - A Function of Control

An office manager accidentally kills the boss' wife and tries desperately to cover up her crime.
Guest Stars: Sandy Crawley as guest star | Jennifer Dale as guest star | Andrew Gillies as guest star | Nadia Capone as guest star | Ferne Downey as guest star | Kaya McGregor as guest star
Director: Leon Marr

74 :05x09 - Trust Me

A con man who preys on wealthy older women gets his comeuppance.
Guest Stars: Lorenzo Lamas as Tom Astor | Carolyn Dunn as Michelle | Lawrence Bayne as guest star | Maruska Stankova as guest star
Director: Tab Baird
Writer: Ed Redlich

75 :05x10 - Windows

An artist begins to believe that his works and life are melding together.
Guest Stars: David Marshall Grant as Jake | Jean-Claude Bouillon as Victor | Claude Jade as Monique
Director: Rene Manzor

76 :05x11 - Working Girl

A housewife shoots down her philandering hubby then goes after the other woman.
Guest Stars: Peggy Lipton as Helen | Marine Delterme as guest star | Denis Fouqueray as guest star | Gilles Millinaire as guest star
Director: Miguel Courtois

77 :05x12 - White Slaves

A young woman is kidnapped by two men for a night out in gay Paris.
Guest Stars: C. Thomas Howell as guest star | Mapi Galan as guest star | Yan Epstein as guest star | Vincent Grass as guest star | Gerard Watkins as guest star
Director: Robin Davis (1)

78 :05x13 - Tourist Trap

A con artist meets his match and discovers that no scam is perfect.
Guest Stars: Robby Benson as Bart | Veronique Ryke as Samantha | Karim Saleh as Ahmed | Hodan Siad as Adara

79 :05x14 - Homecoming

A neo-fascist is unable to forget about his past.
Guest Stars: Ken Howard as Dubois | Laura Favali as Jeanne | Valerie Lagrange as Claire | Jean-Pierre Stewart as Derval | Christian van Acker as Claude | Jean Descanville as Julien
Director: Bruno Gantillon

80 :05x15 - Living a Lie

A bartender takes a stolen credit card on a shopping spree and soon regrets doing so.
Guest Stars: Bradley Cole as Ted Bruce | Scott Valentine as Joe | Pauline Larrieu as Laurence | Antoine Blanquefort as Salesman | Yves Collignon as Paul | Ingrid Heid as Catherine/Agnes | Catherine Erhardy as Denise
Director: Bruno Gantillon

81 :05x16 - Made in Paris

A tyrannical boss is victimized by the black magic of his employees.
Guest Stars: Terence Knox as Leon | Cécile Paoli as Sylvie | Yumi Fujimori as Mai Jan | Jean-Claude Tran as Yong | Jim Adhi Limas as Sean
Director: Rene Manzor

82 :05x17 - A Whole New You

A man in the Witness Protection Program becomes paranoid of being discovered so he goes to a plastic surgeon to change his appearance.
Guest Stars: Elliott Gould as Augie Benson | Jean Dell as Thug | Micky Sebastian as Carrie | Judith Barrett as Dr. Renaud | Bernard Nissile as Patient | Oliver Rabourdin as Dennis Le Breaux
Director: Patricia Mazuy
Story: Gail Glaze | Teleplay: Naomi Janzen

83 :05x18 - Offspring

A milksop, who's always been dominated by his mother, finally has had enough and snaps.
Guest Stars: Louise Fletcher as Mother Birch | Laura Favali as Alice | Florence Haziot as Woman | Sebastian Roché as Glenn Birch | Christine Dawson as Prostitute
Director: Robin Davis (1)
Writer: Jeremy Lipp

84 :05x19 - Secrets

Wifey and her lover decide to murder hubby and collect the insurance money on his death.
Guest Stars: Mary Frann as Veronica | Daniel Briquet as Roger | Frédéric Norbert as Bernard | Michel Voletti as Cluet
Director: Jacques Richard
Story: Elizabeth Baxter | Teleplay: Naomi Janzen

85 :05x20 - New Blood

An actress is willing to do anything for a shot at stardom.
Guest Stars: Rae Dawn Chong as Leesa | Jean-Philippe Chartrier as Stephane | Jerry Di Giacomo as Thierry | Joanna Pavlis as Consuela | Didier Sauvegrain as Varsig | Geoffrey Carey as Alec
Director: Joel Farges
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: HBO ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 23, 1983
Ended: February, 1991
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