Vikor - Recap

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The death of a repairman prompts Vincent to investigate. The repairman sees alien activity going on at Vikor enterprises. A cop whose really an alien chokes him out. Vincent poses as a chauffer to the wife of George Vikor.

Vikor has a talk with his associate, Mr. Nexus, about the real identity of Vincent. Vikor’s wife confronts Vincent about what really is his business. Vincent tells her that her husband is working with a foreign power to assist in an invasion. Vincent later sneaks into Vikor Enterprises and sees the alien regeneration tubes with his own eyes. Vincent also spots Mr. Vikor so it seems that Vikor is working with aliens. Vincent is spotted but is able to get away. Mr. Vikor then learns Vincent’s identify and sends out an order to get him.

Vincent is stopped by a cop but beats him up and gets away. He calls Sherri for help and she says she will pick him up. When Sherri hangs up the phone, we see that her phone has been bugged. Sherri and Vincent are caught by the cops.

Mr. Vikor talks to the both of them and tries to tear down Vincent’s credibility. When Vincent issues him a challenge to show the alien lab to Sherri, he calms down. Vikor then admits his wrongdoing but says he did it because the aliens will eventually take over. Vincent says that they will kill Sherri because she knows too much. Vikor doesn’t accept that nor the attempt to defeat the aliens. Vincent and Sherri convince Vikor to do the right thing. He tells them to play it by his lead or they’ll both be dead. He orders Vincent to stay at the alien lab for questioning.

Mr. Nexus demands that Sherri be killed. George objects but then reluctantly gives in. Soon the order comes to kill Vincent. However, Vincent has a gun with him and shoots the aliens down. He escapes and finds Sherri dazed but still alive. Vincent leaves a message to Vikor thanking him for giving him the gun. The message of course has been bugged. Vikor claims his innocence but the aliens under the order of Mr. Nexus kill him.