Nightmare - Recap

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Ellen Woods is a schoolteacher that was almost attacked by one of her students. He finds him in a barn next to other locals who are acting weird. She also notices a metallic box next to them. When Vincent hears of her story, he comes to ask her questions. The locals in the town though are rude and prevent him from talking to her. He finally gets a chance to see but finds her story a bit sketchy. Vincent goes into a small restaurant to eat and without provocation gets beat up by the local Ed Gidney.

The police arrive but decide to take Vincent in instead as it seems that Ed is related to one of the cops (his brother). Vincent finally comes to in a jail cell and is released. The cops order him to leave town but put on any charges on Ed. Ed and Ellen talk and Ellen gets emotional over what happened to her.

When the cops try to drop of Vincent at the outskirts of town, he puts a fight and drives the car over. The cops pursue and shoot eventually striking Vincent on the left shoulder.

Back in Ellen’s house, Mr. Ames spots a series of locusts approaching the area. Ellen intrigued by this decides to take a look herself. She catches up to Vincent and the two decide to break into an abandoned house to avoid the locusts. Vincent drives Ellen back to her house. He decides to call the state police for help but the police only end up calling the same cops who tried to kill back. The killers come looking for Vincent but Vincent escapes them.

Vincent comes to Ed Gidney for help. Ed doesn’t want to help him but when Vincent tells him that Ellen is in danger he can’t deny him. Ellen goes back to the scene of the crime where she was almost assaulted. Vincent and Ed arrive on the scene to save Ellen from the aliens in the area. Mr. Ames blows himself and any evidence of aliens up in an explosion. Vincent then tells Ed and Ellen to come forward with their testimony to the FBI. Afraid for their lives, they deny his request. Frustrated Vincent leaves them alone The narrator closes the episode.