The Ivy Curtain - Recap

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Narrator explains that an alien named William Burns in the area. Vincent has been tracking him. He sees the alien get into a limo that says Midland Academy on it. Vincent learns about Midland Academy a front being used for alien training. Vincent is ambushed by Burns and another alien in the area. Vincent sneaks into the academy and sees bizarre training video for manipulating human behavior.

A professor named Dr. Reynard, an alien, hires a pilot so he can smuggle aliens in and out of the country. The pilot, Barney Cahill, is suspicious of their activity but when they offer him a lot of money he accepts.

Vincent meets Stacy, Barney’s wife.who works as the dispatcher for the hanger Barney works in. Another attempt is made on Vincent’s life but he survives. At the hospital, Vincent is approached by a Detective Alvarado about what happens. Vincent explains the invasion but the cops don’t believe him. Smelling the alcohol in his breath the cops think, Vincent and drunk. Barney explains his recent acquisition of cash to Stacy. Vincent goes back to talk to Detective Alvarado. They search the academy but of course by then it’s too late. The high tech labs are gone and instead the Academy has been changed to look like a regular school.

As a last ditch effort, Vincent talks to Barney and Stacy about the invasion. Barney hesitant eventually gives in to what he is saying. Barney tells him that he has an order to ship out a couple of students for the academy. However, the plan backfires. Stacy has tipped of the aliens about what Barney is planning to do. Vincent warns Barney that the aliens know about his double cross. Barney decides to crash his plan and blow up the academy killing all the aliens in it including Dr. Reynard. Stacy feeling guilty that Barney killed himself to stop the aliens tells Vincent she only wanted the money he had. Vincent could care less about her excuse and leaves town.