The Betrayed - Recap

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Vincent spots a UFO making a landing near a land field. He sees men getting inside a tank. He takes pictures with his camera. Curious to see what’s inside he takes a look and takes even more pictures. However, a fiddling of the switches by Vincent causes one of the aliens to come attack. Vincent throws his camera at him and chokes him. Vincent collects a tape inside the tank.

Narrator explains how Vincent went to see Simon Carver, owner of Carver oil company. We also learn here that Vincent has been romantically involved with Carver’s daughter Susan. Carver is obviously the owner of the oil field where Carver saw the UFO and tank.

After a lot of persuasion Carver decides to investigate the area with Vincent. As the usual routine goes by the time Carver and Vincent go back to the area any evidence of alien activity is gone. Vincent remembers he has the special tape he collected in tank. Vincent then interviews a man, Neal Taft, director of Taft Electronics school to see if he can decode the tape. Taft sets up a meeting with Vincent in the night. When Vince returns to his hotel he gets ambushed by aliens masquerading as agents. The aliens ask for the tape he stole. Vincent refuses to tell them so they use a mind probe and learn about Neal Taft. Susan Carver arrives and finds Vincent all beat up.

Evelyn confronts Susan Carver about Vincent. She also reveals that she knows that her father had a shaky past and plans to exploit it unless Vincent delivers what he has (the tape) to her. Susan confronts her father about his past. It seems that Mr. Carver stole and oil technique from another man. Vincent meets up with Taft. Taft couldn’t make much sense of the tape but tells Vincent that the numbers on the tape seem to indicate coordinates and a sort of homing control. Taft tells him that he handed the tape to his brother Joe whose a NASA scientist. Susan gives in to the blackmail of Evelyn. She meets up with Vincent and learns where he is going to next. Susan gives the info to Evelyn. Joe Taft is beat up when the aliens think he has the secret tape.

Vincent knows that Susan betrayed him. However, later Susan sees Vincent. Vincent tells her to give the aliens the impression that he knows where the tape is. The aliens get restless and then take Susan into custody. Taft and Vincent talk about the tape more and Taft seems sure that the coordinates of the tape are about a landing. The aliens give Susan a mind probe and learn that Vincent is on to them. They kill Evelyn and leave Susan to die inside a tanker. Taft and Vincent rescue Susan but she later dies apparently from the mind probe. Vincent tells Mr. Carver what happened but the man still can’t believe it. Taft drives Vincent to the airport and narrator closes the episode.