Season 3

19 :03x01 - The Bounty Begins

The new Joe, Chase Rogan, meets his fellow contestants as they compete to become the ultimate bounty hunter. While the contestants receive their animal guides and Lorenzo shows off his "comfort pouch", the con may fall apart when Chase finds Randy very familiar looking.

20 :03x02 - A Date With Lady Justice

The competition begins and Joe pairs off with the "deaf" Kaylee to try and defuse a bomb. Next, Joe's team has to interrogate a suspect, but the real danger is when Karlee reacts to a champagne bottle popping. To wrap up the night, the show's first eviction ceremony takes place and Lorenzo asks to come inside Lady Justice.

21 :03x03 - Schmo In The Wild

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22 :03x04 - Say Hey to Ray Ray

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24 :03x06 - An Actor Among Us!

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26 :03x08 - Fear No Evil

Chase and the cast confront their darkest fears, while Chase is also recruited to assist Jake in making a commercial for his company.

Source: Spike TV

27 :03x09 - The Rise Of The Lamas

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28 :03x10 - The Reveal

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