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Thirty Helens Agree #1: "Love hurts."
Sketch Comedy: A comedy premise.
Thirty Helens Agree #2: "Honesty is the best policy."
Cabbage Head Restaurant: Cabbage Head goes on a date.
Tractor: Impromptu tractor formed with children.
Sarcastic Guy: The guy who can't help being sarcastic.
Buddy's Better: Buddy discusses the races.
Thirty Helens Agree #3: "You can't pay too much for a good pair of shoes."
Womyn: The guys discuss the ways they want to be like women.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: 6102
Airdate: Tuesday October 31st, 1989

Main Cast
Dave FoleyDave Foley
As Various
Bruce McCullochBruce McCulloch
As Various
Kevin McDonaldKevin McDonald
As Various
Mark McKinneyMark McKinney
As Various
Episode Notes
This episode marks the first appearance in the regular series of one of the few long-running characters, Buddy Cole. His very first appearance was in the 2-hour "Pilot."

The "Sketch Comedy" sketch was taken out of a paid lesson Mark paid for back in 1982. It was supposed to make him a "better actor."

Episode Quotes
Mark: What's wrong with you? Having your period?
Dave: Well what if I was, huh?
Mark: Do you wanna step outside?
Dave: No, I just want to have a period, that's all. Just one a month, okay.
Scott: Why?
Kevin: Well it could help a guy organize his time.

Kevin: Scram Spain! Shake a leg, France.
Mark: (Bruce and Mark back away) I ought to sell your eyes to my angry sister.
Kevin: They are gone friend! But I claim this chest, FOR MOTHER RUSSIA! Good morning!

Episode Goofs
In the "Sarcastic Guy" sketch, Dave keeps taking drinks of his beer, but the level never goes down. Look closely, he lets it touch his lips and then puts it back down.

In the "Sarcastic Guy" sketch, when Kevin's character is introducing himself, he accidentally spills some of his beer.

Cultural References
Bruce: Why didn't you play something sexy? Like Shaft.

A funny reference to the Isaac Hayes rendition of the theme to Shaft.

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