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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
02 01x02 22/Aug/1992 The Promise
03 01x03 29/Aug/1992 The Spider Episode
04 01x04 05/Sep/1992 Guest Host
05 01x05 12/Sep/1992 The New Producer
09 01x09 10/Oct/1992 Talk Show
10 01x10 17/Oct/1992 Party
11 01x11 24/Oct/1992 The Warmth Episode
12 01x12 31/Oct/1992 A Brush with the Elbow of Greatness
13 01x13 07/Nov/1992 Hey Now

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
14 02x01 02/Jun/1993 The Breakdown (1)
15 02x02 02/Jun/1993 The Breakdown (2)
16 02x03 09/Jun/1993 The List
17 02x04 16/Jun/1993 The Stalker
18 02x05 23/Jun/1993 Larry's Agent
19 02x06 30/Jun/1993 The Hankerciser 200
20 02x07 07/Jul/1993 Life Behind Larry
22 02x09 21/Jul/1993 Larry Loses Interest
23 02x10 28/Jul/1993 Larry's Partner
24 02x11 04/Aug/1993 Broadcast Nudes
25 02x12 11/Aug/1993 Larry's Birthday
26 02x13 18/Aug/1993 Being There
28 02x15 08/Sep/1993 Hank's Wedding
29 02x16 15/Sep/1993 Off Camera
30 02x17 22/Sep/1993 The Grand Opening
31 02x18 29/Sep/1993 L.A. or N.Y.?

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
33 03x02 29/Jun/1994 You're Having My Baby
34 03x03 06/Jul/1994 Would You Do Me a Favor?
35 03x04 13/Jul/1994 The Gift Episode
36 03x05 20/Jul/1994 People's Choice
37 03x06 27/Jul/1994 Hank's Night in the Sun
38 03x07 03/Aug/1994 Office Romance
39 03x08 10/Aug/1994 The Mr. Sharon Stone Show
41 03x10 24/Aug/1994 Like No Business I Know
42 03x11 31/Aug/1994 Larry Loses a Friend
44 03x13 14/Sep/1994 Hank's Divorce
45 03x14 21/Sep/1994 The Fourteenth Floor
46 03x15 28/Sep/1994 Next Stop Bottom
48 03x17 12/Oct/1994 End of the Season

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
50 04x02 26/Jul/1995 Hank's New Assistant
51 04x03 02/Aug/1995 Arthur After Hours
52 04x04 09/Aug/1995 The Bump
54 04x06 23/Aug/1995 The P.A.
55 04x07 30/Aug/1995 Hank's Sex Tape
58 04x10 27/Sep/1995 Conflict of Interest
59 04x11 11/Oct/1995 I Was a Teenage Lesbian
61 04x13 25/Oct/1995 Larry's Big Idea
63 04x15 08/Nov/1995 0.409

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
67 05x02 20/Nov/1996 My Name is Asher Kingsley
68 05x03 27/Nov/1996 Where is the Love?
69 05x04 11/Dec/1996 Ellen, or Isn't She?
70 05x05 18/Dec/1996 The New Writer
71 05x06 08/Jan/1997 The Matchmaker
72 05x07 15/Jan/1997 Make a Wish
73 05x08 22/Jan/1997 Artie and Angie and Hank and Hercules
78 05x13 26/Feb/1997 Larry's New Love

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
79 06x01 15/Mar/1998 Another List
80 06x02 22/Mar/1998 The Beginning of the End
81 06x03 29/Mar/1998 As My Career Lay Dying
82 06x04 05/Apr/1998 Pilots and Pens Lost
83 06x05 12/Apr/1998 The Interview
84 06x06 19/Apr/1998 Adolf Hankler
85 06x07 26/Apr/1998 Beverly's Secret
88 06x10 17/May/1998 Putting the "Gay" Back in Litigation
89 06x11 31/May/1998 Flip

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