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The Lawrence Welk Show

The Lawrence Welk Show Cast

Name (Sort)   Character (Sort)
Lawrence WelkplayedHimself (25Eps.)
Myron FlorenplayedHimself (Accordionist) (25Eps.)
Barney LiddellplayedHimself (Trombonist) (25Eps.)
Dick DaleplayedHimself (Saxoponist/Singer) (25Eps.)
Bob LidoplayedHimself (Violinist/ Singer) (25Eps.)
Jimmy RobertsplayedHimself (Singer) (25Eps.)
Alice LonplayedHerself (Champagne Lady, 1955-1959)
Big Tiny LittleplayedHimself (Pianist, 1955-1959)
Jerry BurkeplayedHimself (Pianist, 1955-1965)
Aladdin PallanteplayedHimself (Violinist, 1955-1967)
Frank Scott (1)playedHimself (Pianist, 1955-1969)
Larry HooperplayedHimself (Pianist/Singer, 1955-1969; 1973-1980) (3Eps.)
The Lennon SistersplayedThemselves (Singers, 1955-1968)
Orie AmodeoplayedHimself (Clarinetist, 1955-1970)
Norman BaileyplayedHimself (Trumpetist, 1955-1973) (1Eps.)
Buddy MerrillplayedHimself (Guitarist, 1955-1974) (3Eps.)
Johnny Klein (1)playedHimself (Drummer, 1955-1976) (4Eps.)
Larry DeanplayedHimself (Singer, 1956-1962)
Pete FountainplayedHimself (Pianist, 1957-1959)
Joe FeeneyplayedHimself (Singer, 1957-1982) (23Eps.)
Jack ImelplayedHimself (Percussionist, 1957-1982) (25Eps.)
Russ KleinplayedHimself (Saxophonist/Clarinetist, 1957-1982) (25Eps.)
Kenny TrimbleplayedHimself (Trombonist, 1958-1982) (25Eps.)
Neil LevangplayedHimself (Guitarist, 1959-1982) (25Eps.)
Jo Ann CastleplayedHerself (Pianist, 1959-1969)
Norma ZimmerplayedHerself (Champagne Lady, 1960-1982) (16Eps.)
Bob HavensplayedHimself (Trombonist, 1960-1982) (22Eps.)
Barbara BoylanplayedHerself (Dancer, 1961-1967; 1978-1979) (1Eps.)
Charlotte HarrisplayedHerself (Cellist, 1961-1978) (5Eps.)
Bobby BurgessplayedHimself (Dancer, 1961-1982) (24Eps.)
Mahlon ClarkplayedHimself (Clarinetist, 1962-1968)
Dick CathcartplayedHimself (Trumpetist, 1962-1968)
Charlie ParlatoplayedHimself (Trumpetist, 1962-1982) (24Eps.)
Bob RalstonplayedHimself (Pianist, 1963-1982) (25Eps.)
Joe LivotiplayedHimself (Violinist, 1962-1982) (24Eps.)
Arthur DuncanplayedHimself (Dancer, 1964-1982) (25Eps.)
Greg DixonplayedHimself (The Blenders, 1965-1966)
Bob Duncan (1)playedHimself (The Blenders, 1965-1966)
John Johnson (5)playedHimself (The Blenders, 1965-1966)
Steve Smith (5)playedHimself (The Blenders, 1965-1966; Singer, 1967-1969)
Buddy ClarkplayedHimself (Bassist, 1966-1967)
Natalie NevinsplayedHerself (Singer, 1965-1969)
Don StaplesplayedHimself (Trombonist, 1966-1982) (25Eps.)
Bob Davis (1)playedHimself (Saxophonist/Flutist, 1966-1982) (25Eps.)
Lynn Anderson (1)playedHerself (Singer, 1967-1968)
Mickey McMahanplayedHimself (Trumpetist, 1967-1982) (22Eps.)
Cissy KingplayedHerself (Dancer, 1967-1978) (6Eps.)
Richard MaloofplayedHimself (Bassist/Tuba Player, 1967-1982) (25Eps.)
Andra WillisplayedHimself (Singer, 1967-1969)
Tanya FalanplayedHerself (Singer, 1968-1977) (4Eps.)
Johnny ZellplayedHimself (Trumpetist, 1968-1982) (22Eps.)
Sandi GriffithsplayedHerself (Singer, 1968-1980) (7Eps.)
Sally FlynnplayedHerself (Singer, 1968-1972) (1Eps.)
Dave Edwards (1)playedHimself (Saxophonist/Flutist, 1968-1979) (7Eps.)
Ken DeloplayedHimself (Singer, 1969-1982) (25Eps.)
Bob SmaleplayedHimself (Pianist, 1969-1982) (24Eps.)
Clay HartplayedHimself (Singer, 1969-1975) (2Eps.)
Ralna EnglishplayedHerself (Singer, 1969-1982) (17Eps.)
Gail FarrellplayedHerself (Singer, 1969-1982) (25Eps.)
Guy HovisplayedHimself (Singer, 1970-1982) (22Eps.)
Mary Lou MetzgerplayedHerself (Singer/Dancer, 1970-1982) (25Eps.)
Peanuts HuckoplayedHimself (Saxophonist/Clarinetist, 1970-1972) (1Eps.)
Henry CuestaplayedHimself (Saxophonist/Clarinetist, 1972-1982) (24Eps.)
AnacaniplayedHerself (Singer, 1973-1982) (24Eps.)
Laroon HoltplayedHimself (Trumpetist, 1973-1982) (19Eps.)
Tom NethertonplayedHimself (Singer, 1974-1982) (9Eps.)
Ava BarberplayedHerself (Singer, 1974-1982) (22Eps.)
The Semonski SistersplayedThemselves (Singers, 1975-1977)
Kathie SullivanplayedHerself (Singer, 1976-1982) (21Eps.)
Paul Humphrey (1)playedHimself (Drummer, 1976-1982) (21Eps.)
Sherry AldridgeplayedHerself (The Aldridge Sisters, 1977-1982) (19Eps.)
Sheila AldridgeplayedHerself (The Aldridge Sisters, 1977-1982) (19Eps.)
David OtwellplayedHimself (The Otwell Twins, 1977-1982) (19Eps.)
Roger OtwellplayedHimself (The Otwell Twins, 1977-1982) (19Eps.)
Ernie EhrhardtplayedHimself (Cellist, 1978-1982) (20Eps.)
Elaine BaldenplayedHerself (Dancer, 1979-1982) (18Eps.)
Skeets HerfurtplayedHimself (Saxophonist, 1979-1982) (18Eps.)
Jim Turner (1)playedHimself (Singer, 1979-1982) (17Eps.)
Ron Anderson (1)playedHimself (Singer, 1980-1982) (18Eps.)
Michael RedmanplayedHimself (Singer, 1980-1982) (17Eps.)
Bob Warrenvoicedannouncer (1960-1982)
Lou Crosbyvoicedannouncer (1955-1960)
Warning: The Lawrence Welk Show guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Variety
Genre: Family | Music
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 02, 1955
Ended: September 04, 1982
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