The League of Gentlemen

The League of Gentlemen

The League of Gentlemen: one of the most difficult to classify programs you will ever watch in your life. Is it a sitcom? Not really. With so many characters, and some making the screen only a handful of times throughout the three series, it’s difficult to call it a sitcom. What would the situation exactly be? Is it a sketch comedy? But what exactly are the sketches, and can each ‘sketch’ be understood without those that come before or afterward? Is it a comedy? Yes, you will laugh, but there are many distinct moments where you find you’re not laughing, yet still fully intrigued. So, if one were forced to pigeon-hole the show into a definition, it would probably be considered a sketch-comedy that has broken most of the boundaries of that genre.

First and foremost, it’s odd and dark. It’s centred around a small village called Royston Vasey: a place, as the sign says, ‘you’ll never leave’. The link of a place between the characters gives a particular depth to each and every one of them. Unlike many sketch comedy shows that have come before (Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Little Britain, Big Train, SNL, etc.), there is a common thread that links each and every character, each and every sketch: Royston Vasey. The oddities of the characters, no matter how extreme they may be, are validated by the interaction between them all, and their presence throughout the series, either in the foreground or background.

Also differing from the other aforementioned shows, TLoG presents a series of storylines that have a beginning, middle, and end. So often other shows of this genre exploit a character, or more specifically a characteristic of a character, and either use it once – never to be seen again – or will, alternatively, use it again and again until the viewer is bored with the sketches. In this show, however, the characters are the vehicle for a progressive storyline. Not to abandon their roots, there are several characters that appear throughout the series without any impact on the story, and their characteristics are exploited in the traditional way; yet these appearances are so sparse as not to become mundane.

Episode Info

Final: 3x06 -- How the Elephant Got Its Trunk (Oct/31/2002)

When one of the Charity Shop ladies, Vinnie, meets with misfortune, the Charity Shop has to look for a replacement. They find someone new, but something is just not quite right. The Kenny Harris Dog Cinema has a problem: Dougal Siepp a competitor has come back into town to open the 'Cat Theatre'. Pam Doove makes a slight re-appearance, only this time she has already got the role, in a stage play by the Royston Vasey Players. Dean Tavalouris is an aspiring magician and he's taking his camera out onto the streets of Royston Vasey to 'wow' the locals.

Finally, it's the end of the series and the show. At the end of the episode it looks back at the various characters and shows how their lives are a little time down the line.
Available Episodes

How the Elephant Got..
Oct 31, 2002
Season 3 episode 6

Beauty and the Beast
Oct 24, 2002
Season 3 episode 5

The Medusa Touch
Oct 17, 2002
Season 3 episode 4

Turn Again Geoff Tip..
Oct 10, 2002
Season 3 episode 3

The One Armed Man Is..
Oct 03, 2002
Season 3 episode 2

The Lesbian and the ..
Sep 26, 2002
Season 3 episode 1

Christmas Special
Dec 27, 2000
Season 2 episode 7

Reece ShearsmithReece Shearsmith
As Edward/Benjamin/Ross/Geoff/Samuel/Stella/Vinnie/Peter/Ollie & Various Other Characters
Steve PembertonSteve Pemberton
As Tubbs/Harvey/Pauline/Mike/Maurice/Charlie/Reenie/Ernest/Dave & Various Other Characters
Mark GatissMark Gatiss
As David/Val/Mickey/Brian/Hilary/Tony/Sheila/Phil & Various Other Characters

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Second Assistant Director: Jonathan Leather
Music: Joby Talbot
Production Assistant: Jane Spague
Production Coordinator: Katie Tyrrell
Other: Tracy-Jane Read, Alison Passey
Associate Director: Duncan Gaudin
Third Assistant Director: Jon Garbett

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Recurring Guests

Rosy De Wolf as Radclyffe Denton (6 eps)
Megan De Wolf as Chloe Denton (6 eps)
Helen Lambert as Eunice Evans (5 eps)
Frances Cox as Annie Raines (4 eps)
Judith Vause as Pram lady (4 eps)
Blake Ritson as Justin Smart (3 eps)
Rusty Goffe as Simba Brown (3 eps)
Johnny Leeze as Inspector Cox (3 eps)
Mike Flanagan (1) as Robert (3 eps)
Gerald Stadden as Pebble Reynolds (3 eps)

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