The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is a spin-off of the classic game series with the same title. This time around, the kingdom of Hyrule is in possession of the Triforce of Wisdom, while Gannon and the dark forces have the Triforce of Power. The fates of both worlds revolve around the personality of the holder of both triforces. So if Zelda has them, light will prevail, while darkness will rule if they fall into the hands of Gannon.

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Final: 1x13 -- The Moblins are Revolting (Dec/01/1989)

Colin FoxColin Fox
voiced King Harkinian
Cynthia PrestonCynthia Preston
voiced Zelda
Don FrancksDon Francks
voiced Additional Voices
Kelvin HoolianKelvin Hoolian
voiced Rye Co'o
Len CarlsonLen Carlson
voiced Ganon
Jack Brown (1)Jack Brown (1)
voiced Kino Kenji
Jonathan PottsJonathan Potts
voiced Link
Tabitha St. GermainTabitha St. Germain
voiced Sprite
Elizabeth HannaElizabeth Hanna
voiced Triforce of Wisdom

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1x1: The Ringer recap: This episode starts out when our hero Link wakes up from sleeping. When he wakes up he complains about the kingdom of Hyrule. Link goes opens the window of his room and sees Zelda in her pajamas. Link whistles at her and Zelda gets mad at link for spying at her. Spryte shows up with a robe for Zelda and Zelda takes it gratefully. When Zelda walks away Link talks to himself for awhile. A hand grabs him from behind and he is being captured. Other Moblins go to grab the triforce of Wisdom. Link kicks the Moblin that was holding him by the legs. A Moblin jumps on his back and Link throws him to his bed. When the Moblin hit the bed Links sword and pillow go up in the air and Link catches them. A Moblin comes running toward him and he slaps the Moblin with his pillow. Another Moblin with a lance comes running towards Link and he dodges every swing until he zaps two Moblins. A Moblim came behind him and Link zaps him as well. One of the Moblins left a bow on the floor and Link puts it on his magic pocket. Someone knocks on the door and it is Zelda. Link was hoping for a kiss from Zelda but he got a slap instead. Link was explaining what happened in his room and Zelda apologized. Zelda ordered Link to guard the Triforce while Zelda was judging a magicians contest. Gannon is furious about the failure of the Moblins. Gannon knows that there is a magician contest on Hyrule so he decides to enter in disguise. back at the magicians contest a magician shows Zelda his growing spell on a tomato. The tomato grows until it explodes and it hits Zelda with red sauce. Gannon laughs at Zelda and explains Zelda he wants to enter the contest of magicians. He uses magic to summon a bat from his hand and tells it to see who is guarding the triforce of Wisdom. When the bat returns it tells Gannon it is guarded by Link. Gannon decided to turn a harmless lizard into a fire breathing dragon. Zelda screamed when she saw the dragon and Link decided to jump and swing to the rescue. Link took out his shield to block the fire from the dragon. Zelda threw a pan to the air and Link zaps it and reflected his attacks into the dragon. The dragon grew smaller until it became a lizard again. During the diversion Gannon is stealing the triforce of Wisdom and he was escaping. Zelda had only one idea to catch up to the dragon. She dropped a seed into the ground and told the magician to use his growing spell on the seed. The seed was growing tall and Zelda was tying a string to the ground so they can use the tree like a catapult. They landed right in front of Gannon and Link was trying to get a kiss from Zelda in the meantime. Gannon summoned up four more Stalfos to fight Link and Zelda, Link immediately tied his belt around him and Zelda so they can be back to back. Link gave Zelda a bow to fight the Stalfos with. Zelda hit one of them with her arrows and Link threw two of them into the air and zaps them. Three Stalfos were grabbing Zelda and Gannon threw a bomb at them but Link flipped over Zelda so it will hit the Stalfos. The last Stalfos threw a bomb at Link but he blocked it and zaps the last one. Gannon was already running to a underworld entrance with the triforce of Wisdom. The bomb that Link blocked was still in the air and link hit it with his sword and hit Gannon with it. The triforce of Wisdom fell to their feet.
Zelda wanted to take the belt of but Link didn't want to until he kisses Zelda. they were going to kiss until Spryte came along and broke the belt. Link was mad at Spryte because he was close to get a kiss from Zelda. The episode ended as Gannon was inside his evil jar screaming... read more.

Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Type: Animation
Genres: Animation General, Action, Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September, 1989
Ended: December, 1989
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