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Series 2

14 :02x01 - Consequence

When the map blows into the sea, Squire Trelawney jumps overboard to swim after it. Jim and Ben Gunn follow him. Arriving on the island, they set about trying to stop the place from destroying itself though they will have to overcome perils such as lava, rock monsters and vultures if they're to suceed. Also, Pew has risen from his watery grave, putting Jim and his friends in danger.

15 :02x02 - Reunion

Jane leaves Captain Smollett and Doctor Livesey aboard the Hispaniola, so as to go and join Jim and the others on the island but stumbles across the wreck of Captain Flint's ship: The Skull. Could this be where the treasure is buried?

16 :02x03 - Silver In The Island's Underworld

Following his fall into the volcano at the end of the previous season, Long John Silver finds himself in the island's underworld where he meets a vast array of unworldly creatures, as well as the Devil.

17 :02x04 - Silver's Bond

Now back in the land of the living, Long John Silver, having made a pact with the Devil to send Jim to the underworld in his place, plans to carry out his deed. He lies to the boy that he's changed and wants to prove himself. Jim and Silver become separated following an encounter with wolves and afterwards Jim is kidnapped by a mad female called Meg.

18 :02x05 - Emily

After Captain Flint was murdered by his crew, he cursed them and any other treasure seekers by forming a mist and then a strange beam of light drawing them to it, absorbing their lives. Jim and Jane stumble across many shipwreck and meet a young female ghost called Emily who is looking for her father.

19 :02x06 - Forest Of Darkness

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20 :02x07 - City In The Sky

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21 :02x08 - Antidote

Jane is bitten by a snake and has only 24 hours to live. The only cure is a red herb grown inside a mountain so Jim and Ben Gunn head through a treacherous swamp to find it.

22 :02x09 - Dragon

Pew wanted to destroy Jim and his freinds . He used magic to create a monster-terrible dragon . ..

23 :02x10 - Allegiance

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24 :02x11 - The Oracle

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25 :02x12 - Double Cross

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26 :02x13 - One For All

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 22 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1993
Ended: June 27, 1995
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