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Return To Sender - Recap

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One day, Jim Hawkins is sweeping up Ben Gunn’s treehouse when the marooner finds a box of corks, intending to use them for a game of chess against someone called Old Black Jack Flack. The questioning Jim asks who Jack is and Ben explains he’s the saltiest seadog ever set sail, marooned on Yonder Island. The perplexed Jim asks how the two can play chess if Ben’s here and Jack’s there when a bell rings. Ben puts a bucket on a pulley rope and it goes down and picks a bottle from the water and comes back to Ben through a clever system. Long John Silver and Rat, who are nearby spying, watch this.. Apparently, Ben and Jack send their next moves via a message in a bottle. However, the message in this bottle says help. Ben realises Jack’s in trouble and goes to save him, as he’s the only one who knows him. Ben hasn’t fixed the hole in his boat so he goes off on foot. Due to Ben running off, he doesn’t hear Jim say he can help.

Ben goes to the Hispaniola to see Silver to ask to borrow his boat. The pirate asks what’s in it for him and Ben offers him various objects, none of which satisfy him. Silver asks Ben to get him Jim’s map in return for the boat. Horrified, Ben leaves, commenting he never betrays friends. Rat comments Ben didn’t go for it but Silver assures him he will. It seems like Silver has faked the note from Jack.

That night, Ben thinks about Jim for the map as he might give it to him but the others would get suspicious. Falling asleep, Ben dreams of Jack in trouble calling for Ben’s help. Waking up, he shouts “I’m coming Jack!” He collects many bottles and heads to the campsite, sneaking into one of the cabins, where Jim is partly awake. Jim dreams he’s in trouble, calling Ben for help. Hearing his murmured cries, Ben decides he can’t risk him, as it’s much too dangerous. He goes outside and opens a secret compartment in a tree revealing the map. He takes it and leaves a note in its place.

Next morning, Jim wakes up and finds the note. He calls the others and shows them the note, which reads, “Not to worry, what goes around, comes around” and is signed B. Gunn. Jim thinks Ben would never take the map. Squire Trelawney goes off to talk to Ben and the others follow. They go to the treehouse and Dr. Livesey sees through his telescope Ben giving the map to the pirates then getting into Silver’s boat and comes to the term that Ben has betrayed them. Captain Smollett sees the pirates anchoring the Hispaniola and says it’ll take them some time to decipher the map and the doctor says it’ll buy them some time. The Squire starts complaining about Ben’s treachery but is told to keep his voice down because the pirates might hear them and start firing cannonballs at them. The captain comments if the treasure falls into Silver’s hands, the pirates will sail away and leave them marooned here forever.

Jim and Jane are upset that Ben betrayed them but the girl comments she’s ready to give them the fight of their lives. Jim says he’s ready too and tells Jane to meet him later and goes off saying he’s got something to do despite Jane telling him the captain said they’re staying here the night.

Jim goes to the treehouse and draws something on a piece of paper before swimming to the Hispaniola. Unable to get through a window, he climbs aboard and sneaks past Silver and his pirates playing cards. The boy enters the cabin and asks if he was Long John Silver, where would he hide a map and comes to the answer: hide a map in a map, referring to the globe. Jim opens the globe, discovering the map but then he drops it and the paper. Silver discovers Jim’s wet footprints and on hearing the voice, Jim puts the map and paper in the globe and hides under the bed where he finds one of Silver’s spare peg legs. Silver enters the cabin and demands that Jim shows himself. The pirate looks in the wardrobe, then in a chest and finally under the bed where Jim hits the pirate with his spare peg leg. Jim jumps out of the window and swims away, fired at by the pirates.

On the shore, Jim tells Jane that he tried to switch a fake map for the real one, so everyone wouldn’t hate Ben but he messed it up. Jane comments it was a good idea, pointing out Silver may use the wrong map.

Next morning, Jane wakes up Jim. The pirates are ashore, heading north and Jim realises they’ve got the right map but Livesey points out they haven’t got the treasure

Ben is rowing to Yonder Island, followed by a shark while Silver and his pirates cross a rope bridge. Jim and his friends arrive at the rope bridge afterwards. Ben eventually makes it ashore and goes to help Jack.

Silver and his pirates arrive at the edge of the cliff following the map. They dig, as this is where the treasure is supposed to be buried. Livesey sees this through his telescope and says they’ve found something as they’re cheering. Jim agrees with Trelawney that Ben couldn’t be trusted.

Meanwhile, Ben is being chased by a tiger. He runs into Jack’s hut and finds an open window, realising he’s too late.

The pirates have dug up a treasure chest and they take it back to the ship where they will divide it between one another. Smollett says they’ll fight the pirates to the death if necessary. Livesey says there may be an alternative to dying and has a plan. As the pirates come back over the rope bridge, Smollett cuts the rope, causing the chest to slide towards them. Trelawney grabs the chest and the others hold onto him but the bridge collapses. The pirates and chest fall into the water below while Jim and his companions land safely in the trees.

On Yonder Island, Ben believes Jack has met an awful end. He finds his friend’s body on the shore and believes he’s dead and starts to bury him when suddenly Jack awakes, alive and well.

On the Hispaniola, Silver opens the chest and finds it contains empty bottles. Obviously, Ben has tricked the pirates by giving them as false map leading to a treasure chest containing his bottles! Jim and his friends see this via a spyglass on the shore. Jim says he knew Ben wouldn’t betray them while Silver realises they’ve been double-crossed.