Silver's Bond - Recap

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Having escaped from the crevasse, Jim runs through the forest chased once again by the hellhounds. He reaches the exit of the forest but is then surprised by Long John Silver. The pirate assures Jim that he’s no ghost and survived the volcano by a lucky fluke. He comments the experience changed him, he’s a changed man and asks for forgiveness, saying all the wicked things he did flashed before his eyes. Silver had never been close to death before and now wants to make amends. Jim tells Silver he’s heard words like that before and he was lying then and is probably lying now. Silver says to Jim they’re no reason why he should believe him and he’s opened his eyes to the straight and narrow, hoping to prove it. Suddenly, the duo are confronted by wolves. On the pirate’s suggestion, the two run but run into another wolf. They are soon surrounded.

In the cavern, Ben Gunn is studying the map when suddenly he cries in joy, as he knows where the treasure is. He calls for Jim but the boy is not there.

Meanwhile, Silver arms himself with a stick and tells Jim at the first chance he gets, run for the gap. Jim is surprised but Silver tells him he wants to prove himself and this is his chance. A wolf jumps towards him and he hits the creature with the stick. The pirate tells Jim to run but the boy asks Silver what will he do but the pirate shouts, “Run!” Jim runs but is chased by three wolves. Silver fights off the other wolves before running off himself, hoping Jim is safe otherwise he’s dead meat. Jim keeps running but slides down a hill edge. The wolves follow but jump over the edge to the next hill, not seeing Jim below. The boy runs on but the wolves catch up with him. He runs into the forest, believing he’ll be safe.

Watching up a tree, Silver sees Jim enters the woods and hopes the wolves will leave him in one piece. The pirate needs the boy.

Next morning, Squire Trelawney runs into Morgan, Nibblich and Rat who tell him they’ve got unfinished business to sort out. They bury him up to his neck in sand. The tide is coming in and a crab crawls towards the Squire’s face. As water goes over his head, Trelawney calls for help.

In the forest, Jim hears a voice. It’s a green female with pink hair who tells him to follow her. The surprised boy does so and is taken in by the female who leads him into a secret passage under a rock before the wolves arrive. Jim and the female go down the passage where the female looks through a periscope and shows Jim that they’ve tricked the wolves. Jim tells the female that he owes her but she replies that he doesn’t have to owe her, as she’s glad he’s here, never to leave, surprising the boy.

Silver comes out of his tree now that the wolves are gone and goes to look for Jim.

In the passage, Jim asks the female her name. She’s says it’s Meg and some call her Mad Meg though she doesn’t know why. Jim thanks Meg and says that he must go back to do his… darning. She thinks he called her darling but he tries to point out he said darning, as he has to darn his socks. Jim tries to leave but Meg changes into an older woman and grabs Jim, saying he’s not going anywhere. She says he’s hers now and locks him in a cage. Jim demands to be let out but then sees a skull and asks what it is and Meg explains that it was one of her ‘pets’. The boy asked what happened to him and she explains she ate him. She loved him but got hungry. Her tummy rumbles, as she’s hungry, so she calls her cauldron, which is alive to fetch a molten as it must be nearing breakfast time. However, she then hears Silver’s voice from above.

Silver is in the forest looking for Jim, saying that if the wolves got him, he’ll only have his bones for the demons. Jim trapped in the cage, hears Silver saying he’s planning to send him to the underworld. Meg transforms herself back into the young female and goes to meet Silver, another ‘pet’. Taken in by Meg, Silver asks her if she’s seen Jim and she says she has and is safe and takes him to her home.

Ben is looking through the forest calling for Jim when he hears cries. It is Trelawney who is being attacked by a crab and still getting covered by the tide. Ben goes to rescue him.

In Meg’s home, Silver calls out for Jim while Meg transforms into her older self. The pirate finds the boy locked in the cage and is then locked up with Jim. When Silver tell Jim he could have warned him, Jim tells Silver he owes him nothing, having heard his every word up on the ground, he’s not repentant at all. Meg stirs the cauldron, saying it’s almost ready except for one thing and then grabs Jim.

Ben rescues Trelawney from drowning. The marooner explains he thinks he understands the map and Jim is missing. They go to see if they can find him.

Silver tries to save Jim from being taken away by Meg. Before she can put him in the cauldron, Silver points out that the water isn’t hot enough. The younger the flesh, the hotter the water. The sceptic Meg throws Jim aside and puts her finger in the water, burning it. Silver calls her softie so she puts her arm in the water and burns it. The pirate calls her a smelly little softie. She says she’s not but Silver says she is. This lead to an aren’t/are argument so she jumps into the cauldron and explodes. Silver orders Jim to release him but the boy says he’ll return to release him once he finds Ben, not trusting him. Jim leaves but is then caught by a hellhound.

Ben and Trewlaney are running through the forest when they discover smoke coming from Meg’s home. Ben says he has a bad feeling about this and spots some bones nearby. “You don’t suppose?” asks the Squire. “Oh Squire, I hope not” replies Ben.

That night, the hellhounds sit around a campfire while Silver tells Jim, who’s tied up he’s now the prisoner, his prisoner to be precise. Silver tells Jim he’s finished. The pirate celebrates with the hellhounds, as tomorrow Jim will go straight to the underworld. A baby hellhound wants to eat some chicken but a big hellhound picks up the chicken. However, the baby hellhound gets a tiny drumstick but feels sorry for Jim and gives it to him, angering Silver, as he’s showing kindness when he’s meant to be evil. The pirate picks up the baby hellhound and throws him aside. Jim tells Silver to stop, as he’s done no harm. Everyone goes to sleep.

Next morning, Silver wakes Jim, having sent the hellhounds ahead to prepare his room in the underworld. The two set off watched by the baby hellhound. Silver takes Jim to the shore and tells him to get in the boat. Silver rows the boat into the horizon, just making out the underworld in the mist. A giant demon skull appears in the sky and forms itself in the sea: the entrance to the underworld. Jim tells Silver to not do it and demands to be let go. The pirate tells him not a chance, as it’s either one or the other and it’s not going to be Silver. If they don’t have Jim then it’s Silver, explaining it’s the bargain he made when he fell into the volcano. The boy then discovers the baby hellhound on the boat. It bites through his ropes, freeing him. Jim and Silver fight. Ghostly phantoms appear and cause a wave to knock the boat, sending Jim overboard. A ghostly demon under the water pulls Jim down. Silver grabs the baby hellhound and jumps into the water before the boat enters the underworld. The ghostly demons and skull disappear freeing Jim. A wave sweeps Jim to shore where his is reunited with Ben. The boy tells the marooner that he’s lost a good little friend on the lake. Ben asks what happened but Jim says it’s such a long story and he’ll tell them everything when they’re back home