Antidote - Recap

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In the murky swamp, a purple mole makes his way through the swamp when suddenly he is confronted by a sinister green hand.

Elsewhere, Squire Trelawney and Ben Gunn decide to have a rest while Jim and Jane go on ahead. Ben says they’ll catch up with the youngsters later. Jim says to Jane that she probably can’t jump over a log. She tells Jim anything he can do she can do better. Jim jumps over the log. Jane then goes to jump over the log but then Jim sees a snake come out of the log. He tells Jane not to jump but it’s too late. She does and is bitten by the snake. The girl passes out and Jim calls for Ben.

Jim asks Ben if Jane will be all right. He says she will but they’ve got to act fast. The antidote comes from a tiny red herb and must be taken within 24 hours. Jim plans to set off to find the herb but Ben tells Jim it’s not that simple. The herb is only found deep within a mountain. Trelawney says nothing can grow inside a mountain. Ben says he knows it’s strange but there is one place where they may find it. It’s on the other side of a treacherous swamp. Jim tells Ben they’ve got no choice, they’ve got to find it. Long John Silver and the hellhounds are listening to this behind a tree. The Squire stays with Jane while Jim and Ben set off. Silver and the hellhounds follow them, the pirate commenting that this time they’re not getting away.

Jim and Ben make their way through the forest eventually reaching the swamp. Jim doesn’t like the idea of going through the swamp but Ben points they’re got to cross it to get to the mountain. The pair wade through the swamp, the boy disliking the idea but Ben tells him to think of poor Jane. The duo then find the terrified mole hiding behind some reeds and ask what happened to him. Ben notices the creature is injured and asks who did it to him. The mole points towards the swamp. Something is out there. The mole then speaks, asking to be taken home. Jim explains they haven’t got time but Ben points out they can’t leave him. The creature says he lives inside the mountain. Ben and Jim look pleased. It just might be where the herb is.

Silver and the hellhounds make their way through the swamp.

Jim, Ben and the creature arrive at the mountain. Jim asks if this is the mountain. Ben replies there’s only one way to find out. Jim asks how are they going to get inside it. “Easy” says the mole who then starts burrowing. He digs a hole for Jim and Ben to get through. Silver and the hellhounds arrive and also enter the tunnel.

Jim and Ben arrive inside the mountain and encounter a whole civilization of moles. The mole, whose name is Zazu, is asked by his mother who hurt him and suspicion falls on Jim and Ben but the mole points out they’re his friends and they saved him. Zazu’s father thanks them and asks how can he repay them so Ben explains about Jane and the herb. Jim asks how it grows down here, as there’s no light. Zazu’s father explains that they do have light, a special kind of light: a special large crystal. Before he can say anymore, the hellhounds arrive. While everyone is distracted, Silver steals the crystal. Jim spots him. Zazu’s father tells the other moles to get the pirate because they can’t survive without the crystal and Jim can’t get the medicine. Silver gets into a mine cart. Jim and Ben chase the pirate in another mine cart followed by the hellhounds and moles. The tracks lead straight down. During the bumpy chase, the crystal comes out of Silver’s cart. Jim grabs it but the pirate reclaims it when the tracks cross over. Silver and Jim fight over the crystal, Jim eventually getting it. The boy then notices the tracks are broken. When they crash, they’ll fall into a big hole. Jim tells Ben to put on the brakes. Silver jumps into Jim’s cart. To make matters worse, the brakes aren’t working. The wheels come off and the cart hits a rock. Jim and Silver land on the ground but Ben falls down the hole. Jim drops the crystal and goes to the hole where he sees the marooner hanging onto a rock. Jim helps Ben out of the hole. The marooner asks about the crystal but the pair then see that Silver has got it. The moles arrive but Silver threatens to throw it into the pit unless they get back. The hellhounds arrive. Nearby is an opening leading to outside. Jim and Zazu give a look to each other. Jim tells Silver that they must have the crystal and explains about Jane and how the crystal helps the herbs grow. It looks like Silver wants to help. Ben and Zazu then see a door being held closed by ropes. Jim asks for the crystal but the pirate and the hellhounds run for it. When the crystal is exposed to the light coming into the tunnel, there is a bright flash, blinding Silver and the hellhounds for a few seconds, causing the crystal to come out of his hands. Zazu grabs it then Jim cuts the ropes, opening the door and covering Silver and the hellhounds in coal.

Later, Zazu’s father thanks Jim and Ben for saving the crystal and them. The crystal is their lifeline and for many years, they’ve not been able to leave the mountain. Jim asks how does the crystal helps so the mole shows him by placing the crystal on a stump being exposed to a ray of sunlight. Rays appear from the crystal and plants grow from within the rocks. It’s the herb. Ben asks how can they thank the moles but the mole says it’s they who should be thanking them: they saved his son and the crystal. The moles won’t forget Jim and Ben. The mole tells Jim and Ben to hurry as Jane hasn’t much time left. Jim and Ben bid goodbye, the boy telling Zazu to be more careful next time he leaves the mountain. Zazu then gives Jim a bag of magic coal dust. (A bit jumps out of here on the YouTube video. Can anyone help?)

Jim and Ben are back in the swamp. The marooner comments he doesn’t like the place. Something bubbles behind them and the green hand comes after them. Jim says it’s getting dark and is then pulled under and attacked by a green tree beast thing. Jim fights back with his sword and cuts off its arm. Jim says to Ben they should get out of here but the marooner is scared. The monster is behind Jim. Its arm grows back. More of these monsters appear, surrounding the pair. The two dive and swim away. Resfurcing, they spot another monster. Jim tells Ben to climb up the tree but the monster grabs the marooner. Ben cries for help. Another monster arrives so Jim draws his sword. However, the creature holds the boy under the swamp. Jim cuts himself free and saves Ben in time. The pair climb up a vine to get into the tree but the monsters are gaining. Jim suddenly realises the coal dust and pours most of the sack into the swamp but Ben says it’s the wrong one, it’s Jane’s medicine. Ben tells Jim to find the dust. A monster starts to climb up the vine. The boy gets the sack but drops it. Ben grabs it. The monster grabs Ben’s leg but the marooner is able to pour the sack into the swamp killing the monsters.

Jim and Ben reach Jane but Trelawney says she’s in bad shape but hanging on. Suddenly, it looks like the end for Jane but Ben tells Jim it’s not lost yet and says to boil what’s left of the medicine. Jim gives Jane what’s left of the medicine but nothing happens. Jim blames himself for losing the medicine. Ben tells the boy not to blame himself, they did all they could. Suddenly Zazu arrives with another herb, having brought more to them just to be sure. Zazu gives Jane the medicine and the girl wakes up, the antidote having worked. Jane asks what happened so Jim explains she was so ill, she nearly died. Zazu saved her life. Jane kisses Zazu, thanking him.

Later, everyone bids goodbye to Zazu. Jim says they wouldn’t know what to have done if they lost Jane. Jane says that’s nice of him to say that. Embarrassed, Jim goes on to say they need all the help they can get to find the treasure. Everyone laughs.