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Season 1

1 :01x01 - A Million Miles from Clary

An old high school buddy of Rice's is now a private in his platoon.
Guest Stars: Bill Bixby as Stew Sallaway | Russell Thorson as Sallaway | Morris Chapnick as Corpsman | John Doucette as Sgt. Clintock | Frank Gardner as Private Mathews | Jack McCall as First Lieutenant | John Milford as Corporal Kagey | Carmen Phillips as Lily | Mario Roccuzzo as Private Barducci
Director: Don Medford

2 :01x02 - Cool of the Evening

Rice rescues a woman from attackers in a dark alley only to have her tell the police that he was one of them.
Guest Stars: Kathryn Hays as Carol Wayden | Michael Strong (1) as Peter Clay | Norman Fell as Jerry Belman | Jack Albertson as District Attorney | Woodrow Merritt as Lefferts | Paul Mantee as Officer Mackey
Director: Robert Gist

3 :01x03 - The Proud and the Angry

Rice goes undercover as a private to investigate reports that a drill sergeant is brutalizing recruits.
Guest Stars: Rip Torn as Sgt. Karl Kasten | Bob Davis (4) as Farley Crosse | Gilbert Green as Lt. Col. McAdams | Barnaby Hale as Captain Earl Cook | Hap Holmwood as Sgt. Peter Franklin | Miranda Jones as Nancy Kasten | Terry Kovack as Lt. Wesley Stauffer | Greg Morris as Sgt. Percy Linden | Richard Rust as Private Steven Grace | Christopher Connelly as Private Russell

4 :01x04 - Two-Star Giant

Rice is assigned as an aid to a cantankerous general and has to fend off the advances of a love-struck teenaged damsel.
Just to look at guest star Neville Brand, whose tough roles far outnumber his sympathetic ones, is enough to frighten the average man. Here he plays a general who gives our lieutenant hero (Gary Lockwood) a really rough time when he is mistakenly assigned as temporary aide to the general, who is already excited because he is under senatorial fire. As if that isn't enough, the lieutenant has the added problem of escaping an amorous young miss (Linda Evans). Brand is very good in his cold-eyed military role, and playing his sympathetic wife is Sheila Rogers.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Col. Clinton Hiland | Neville Brand as Brigadier General Ira Stone | Linda Evans as Nan Hiland | Sheila Rogers as Mrs. Stone | Don Penny as Lt. Stanley Harris | Yale Summers as Lt. Barry Everest | Harold Gould as Lt. Col. Wade | Joan Tompkins as Mrs. Wade
Director: Richard Donner

5 :01x05 - A Very Private Affair

Rice tries to get to the truth of the matter about a fight between a private and a corporal who both gave the exact same story in the exact same words.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Sgt. Horace Capp | Jan Stine as Private John Eckles | Stuart Margolin as Corporal Merle Perveau | Susan Silo as Marie Eckles | Laura Devon as Lane Bishop | Steve Franken as Lt. Panosian | Robert Elston as Lt. Hackettditser
Director: Buzz Kulik

6 :01x06 - To Take Up Serpents

While participating in an air-infantry exercise, Rice discovers that he gets airsick.
Guest Stars: John Alderman as Lt. Edward Fiske | Tom Simcox as Captain Brett Parker | Anna Lisa as Manager | William O'Connell as Ltjg. Wade | Michael M. Ryan as Lt. Cmdr. Johnson

7 :01x07 - A Touching of Hands

Gossip abounds when Rice begins working on a dance committee with the wife of a fellow officer.
Guest Stars: Barbara Bain as Cissie Van Osten | Ina Balin as Jan Everest | Yale Summers as Lt. Barry Everest | Barbara Babcock as Doris | Maureen Dawson as Paula | Harold Gould as Lt. Col. Wade | June Vincent as Martha | David White (1) as Amory
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

8 :01x08 - Captain Thomson

Rice and his squad receive training in guerilla tactics from an advisor who demands realism in the training and who soon forgets that he's not back in combat.
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (1) as Captain Thomson | Lisabeth Hush as Mrs. Thomson | Jay Sheffield as Lt. Blaney | Kenneth Tobey as Sgt. Baker
Director: Leon Benson

9 :01x09 - Instant Wedding

Rice tries to help a pal woo a damsel but develops a crush on her himself.
Guest Stars: Madge Blake as Millie | Rich Jeffries (1) as Lt. Tait | Bobo Lewis as Vera | Marlyn Mason as Carol | Eve McVeagh as Marge | Jeremy Slate as Scotty | Martin West as Kelso | David Morick as Blake
Writer: Ellis Marcus

10 :01x10 - A Troubled Image

A female Vietnamese officer, assigned to combat training, is determined to prove herself the equal of any man.
Guest Stars: Pilar Seurat as Lt. Manishan Joraka | Edward Asner as Walter Perry | Jerry Hausner as Ken Murchison | Steve Bell (1) as Lt. April | Jo Helton as Sister Lucita | Richard Mosier as Boy
Director: Don Medford

11 :01x11 - Fall from a White Horse

At a court-martial, Rice is assigned to defend a friend accused of a hit-and-run.
Guest Stars: James T. Callahan as Mickey | Rich Jeffries (1) as Lt. Tait | Andrew Prine as Pete | Katharine Ross as Elizabeth | Penny Santon as Mrs. Garson | Karl Swenson as Marley | Dorothy Neumann as Mrs. Lanyard
Director: John Brahm

12 :01x12 - Alert

Rice has his wooing of a damsel interrupted by a battle alert and this time it's not a drill.
Guest Stars: Ted Bessell as Jim Douglas | Charles McGraw as Sgt. Ernie Tragg | Sharon Farrell as Pam Canford | Steven Marlo as Sgt. Warren Perry
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Writer: Lee Erwin

13 :01x13 - The Art of Discipline

Rice is assigned to whip a platoon of misfits into shape.
Guest Stars: Marc Cavell as Lavoni | John Considine as Arnold | Biff Elliot as Borgman | Anne Helm as Laurice | Jim Henaghan as Kagel | Alan Reed, Jr. as Miller
Director: Robert Butler

14 :01x14 - The Alien

Captain Rambridge is astonished when a ten year old Korean orphan arrives on his doorstep saying that he's her new father.
Guest Stars: Danny Nagai as Li Soong | Carmen Phillips as Lily | Madlyn Rhue as Jackie Madian | Frank Maxwell as Sgt. Heylek | Natalie Masters as Mrs. Heylek | Rita Lynn as Bernice Adler | Larry Thor as Detective Harmon | Henry Beckman as Major Barker | John Hart (1) as Captain Quincy

15 :01x15 - O'Rourke

A Marine Corps veteran, who's now a writer, plans an article on the "soft" peacetime Corps.
Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Cameron O'Rourke | Maurine Dawson as Sheila | Bobby Diamond as Private James | Wayne Heffley as Sgt. Brill | K.L. Smith as Sgt. Arpel | Jay Stine as Corporal Ganz
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Jay Simms

16 :01x16 - Gone the Sun

Rice has the unenviable task of escorting the body of a young Marine killed on maneuvers back to his hometown.
Guest Stars: John Anderson as Joe Hammond | John Beal (1) as Ben Rice | Joan Tompkins as Elsie Hammond | Sherry Jackson as Maggie Shea
Director: James Goldstone

17 :01x17 - Between Music and Laughter

Rambridge's ex-wife unexpectedly arrives at Camp Pendleton after a separation of several years in order to determine whether or not the couple's divorce was a mistake.
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley as Susan Rambridge | Henry Beckman as Major Barker | Chris Noel as Ginny | Sandra P. Grant as Margo | John Harding (1) as LCDR Charles Harnel | Michael Stefani as Captain Perry | Ellen Miller as Mrs. Harnel
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

18 :01x18 - Interlude

Temporarily paralyzed in an automobile accident, Rice bristles at the attention given to him by an admiral's daughter whom he suspects of being insincere.
Guest Stars: Joanna Moore as Julie Havener | Conrad Nagel as Admiral Havener | Peter Hansen (1) as Dr. Sidney Oliver | Arch Johnson as Cdr. Harry Engstrom
Director: Richard Donner

19 :01x19 - Capp's Lady

A veteran sergeant begins having second thoughts after proposing marriage to his longtime galpal.
Guest Stars: Nita Talbot as Marie Newton | Frank Gardner as Private Zed Miller | John Newton as Sgt. Johnny Hitchman | J. Lewis Smith as Detective Dan Parkson | James Gregory as Sgt. Horace Capp

20 :01x20 - Green Water, Green Flag

During maneuvers, Rice has to work with a helicopter pilot whom he's disliked since their days at Annapolis.
Guest Stars: Bill Cort as Lt. Duncan Martin | Lew Gallo as Major Atkins | Jan Merlin as Lt. Joe Worth | Nancy Rennick as Ltjg. Leslie Colton
Director: Leon Benson

21 :01x21 - To Set It Right

Rice must deal with the issue of racism inside his platoon.
Guest Stars: Woody Strode as Sgt. Logan Holt | John Milford as Sgt. Kagey | Nichelle Nichols as Norma Bartlett | Dennis Hopper as Peter Devlin | Don Marshall (1) as Ernest Cameron | Preston Pierce as Vronsky
Writer: Lee Erwin

22 :01x22 - In the Highest Tradition

A former Marine does not want to accept a job as a technical advisor for a movie being made about the wartime exploits of his platoon.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Gregg Sanders | Andrew Duggan as Peter Bonney | Martine Bartlett as Stella Bromley | Majel Barrett as Ruth Donaldson | Russ Conway as Colonel Curtis Morley | Bob Davis (4) as Sgt. Arons
Director: Marc Daniels

23 :01x23 - Tour of Duty

Assigned to Shore Patrol duty, Rice releases a Marine picked up for fighting with sailors against the advice of more experienced colleagues.
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Pfc. John Reading | Louis Nye as LCDR Kevin Green | Kelly Thordsen as CPO Burton Reynolds | Bobby "Boris" Pickett as Alvin C. Hopgood | Marian Collier as Claire Morton | Edward Faulkner as Lt. Shelby Logan | Carey Foster (1) as Jan | Ted Knight as Yeoman Hollander | John Rodgers (2) as Irving Marshall
Writer: Art Wallace

24 :01x24 - Lament for a Dead Goldbrick

Another officer takes temporary charge of Rice's platoon and uses the unit to further his own personal ambitions.
Guest Stars: Jim Drum as Tate | Chad Everett as Lt. Kingsley Kane | Carey Foster (1) as Jan | Sandra P. Grant as Helen | Kevin Hagen as Farrell | Paul Newlan as Kingsley | Joan O'Brien as Ruth
Director: Robert Butler

25 :01x25 - Man with an Edge

A writer who dislikes officers accuses Rice of causing a Marine's death in training maneuvers.
Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as guest star | Joseph Campanella as Clark | Ed Long as guest star | Holly McIntire as Connie | John Zaremba as Hartley

26 :01x26 - Operation: Actress

As the public relations man in a training film, Rice is assigned to keep an eye on a hot-tempered but smokin' hot starlet who's agreed to appear in the film.
Guest Stars: Leslie Parrish as Toni Kaine | Leora Dana as Edith Kaine | Robert Karnes as Vilardi | Oliver McGowan as Norman | Dallas Mitchell as Haines | Susan Oakes as Karen | John Rayner as Beecher
Director: Leonard Horn

27 :01x27 - Mother Enemy

After recommending an enlisted man for a commission, Rice discovers that there's a security risk in his immediate family.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Billingsley as Ginny | Paul Comi as Kasten | Christopher Connelly as Cianciola | Walter Koenig as Sgt. John Delwyn | Paul Lambert as Gorman | Neva Patterson as Vera

28 :01x28 - The War Called Peace

At a missile test site disguised as a civilian technician, Rice gets caught in the middle of a conflict between a rebellious scientist and a security officer.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Dr. Alex Denning | Denver Pyle as Major Matthew Morrissey | Donna J. Anderson as Laura Ann Morrissey | Tom Drake as Curtis | Ed Long as Hoving | John Marley as Bardel

29 :01x29 - To Kill a Man

Sent to Vietnam on a top-secret mission, Rice gets his first taste of combat when his helicopter is shot down.
Guest Stars: James Shigeta as Captain Myang Dee | Richard Evans as Co-Pilot | George Shibata as Major | Jerry Fujikawa as Corporal
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1963
Ended: September 05, 1964
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