The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
14 02x01 28/Sep/1977 Hot Air Hero
15 02x02 12/Oct/1977 Survival
17 02x04 26/Oct/1977 The Trial
18 02x05 02/Nov/1977 The Orphans
19 02x06 09/Nov/1977 The Search
20 02x07 23/Nov/1977 Gold Is Where You Find It
23 02x10 28/Dec/1977 Woman in the Wilderness
25 02x12 11/Jan/1978 Marvin the Magnificent
26 02x13 18/Jan/1978 A Time of Thirsting
27 02x14 25/Jan/1978 The Seekers
28 02x15 08/Feb/1978 A Gentleman Tinker
29 02x16 22/Feb/1978 The Runaway
30 02x17 01/Mar/1978 The Great Burro Race
31 02x18 15/Mar/1978 The Littlest Greenhorn
32 02x19 22/Mar/1978 The Renewal
34 02x21 05/Apr/1978 The Stranger
35 02x22 26/Apr/1978 The Quest
36 02x23 05/May/1978 The Skyrider
38 02x25 19/Dec/1978 Once Upon a Starry Night

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S02 - #1 21/Feb/1982 The Capture of Grizzly Adams

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