The Little Lulu Show

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Episode # Air Date Title
27 3x01 30/Nov/1998 The Haunted House/The Lucky Gold Piece/Very Little Lulu
28 3x02 01/Dec/1998 The Big Egg/The Little Girl Who Never Heard of Ghost/The Case of the Missing Per
29 3x03 07/Dec/1998 Wild Boy/The Whistle Blower/Elephant Ride
30 3x04 28/Dec/1998 The Beast in the Clubhouse/Gone Fishin'/Out, Out! Darned Spot!
31 3x05 14/Dec/1998 The Curse of the Thingamajig/House Guest Blues/The Monster Hunt
32 3x06 15/Dec/1998 Blackout/Mind You Manners/To Tell the Truth
33 3x07 21/Dec/1998 Spaced Out/Switched at Birth/The Great Outdoors
34 3x08 22/Dec/1998 Bowlfingers/The Great Tubbini/Shiney, Sheeny, Bouncy-Cleany
35 3x09 27/Dec/1998 Polly Patrol/Money Problems/The Tubby 2000
36 3x10 28/Dec/1998 No Pain, No Gain/On the Job/Tragic Magic
37 3x11 04/Jan/1999 First-Aid Brigade/Matinee Madness/It's a Dog's Life
38 3x12 05/Jan/1999 Lulu Stays Put/Shoeless Lulu/Star Search
39 3x13 11/Jan/1999 Little Red Riding Hood Meets Prince Charming/Amok in the Mall/The World Record
40 3x14 12/Jan/1999 Breakout/The Great Golf Club Chase/Jumpin' Jellybeans!
41 3x15 17/Jan/1999 Iggy and the Ice Cream Factory/Game Show Gaffe/Art Frenzy
42 3x16 18/Jan/1999 Order in the Court/Maybe Use Sugar/Road Trip
43 3x17 24/Jan/1999 Bicycle Built for Too Many/Tax Time Trouble/Mayor for a Day
44 3x18 25/Jan/1999 Hooky Holiday/Red Tape Runaround/Country Clubby Tubby
45 3x19 31/Jan/1999 Dancin' Fools/Hop Hazards/School Play
46 3x20 01/Feb/1999 The Unnatural/The School Election/Super Lulu
47 3x21 02/Feb/1999 Tubby Kicks the Habit/How the West Was Lost/Infomercial
48 3x22 07/Feb/1999 Bull Dozer Blues/Telethon of Fallen Stars/What's Fair is Fare
49 3x23 08/Feb/1999 Malpractice Makes Perfect/Involuntary Volunteers/Mobile Masterpiece
50 3x24 14/Feb/1999 Castaway Kids/Wrestling Away/Never Too Late
51 3x25 15/Feb/1999 Tubby on Ice/Dr. X's Xtremely Xelent X-Ray Spex/Iggy's New Leaf
52 3x26 21/Feb/1999 The Great Escape/You Do the Math/The Little Lulu Show

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