The Look for Less

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 Unknown/Unaired Romance, Ruffles and Runaway Prices
02 01x02 Unknown/Unaired Flairs and Floral Favourites
03 01x03 Unknown/Unaired Summer Season Savings
04 01x04 Unknown/Unaired Beach Blanket Bargains
05 01x05 Unknown/Unaired Hot and Trendy Holiday Sparkle
06 01x06 Unknown/Unaired Downtown Designer Drive
07 01x07 Unknown/Unaired Cool, Casual, Cheap, Chic
08 01x08 Unknown/Unaired Mark Down Madness
09 01x09 Unknown/Unaired Spirit of the 60s
10 01x10 Unknown/Unaired Corporate Closet Cutting Edge
11 01x11 Unknown/Unaired NY Spring Fashion Plaza
12 01x12 Unknown/Unaired Stars and Stripes Fashion Studio
13 01x13 Unknown/Unaired Budget Boutique
14 01x14 Unknown/Unaired Style Stealing Secrets
15 01x15 Unknown/Unaired Dance. Mod, & Rock & Roll Glam
16 01x16 Unknown/Unaired Glossy Glamour Market
17 01x17 Unknown/Unaired A Little Of Hippie Chic
18 01x18 Unknown/Unaired $100 Challenge Special

  Season 2 »