Season 8

227 :08x01 - The Long Night

A woman realizes how dull her married life has been when she meets her new neighbors.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Dina | Robert Richards as Chris | Ruth Brady as Laura | Preston Hanson as Al | Gregory Irvin as Donny | Sue Warrick as Girl | Beverly Revell as Girl

228 :08x02 - At the Edge of the Desert

A businessman turned policeman tries to help reform a juvenile delinquent.
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Frank Montclair | Patricia Donahue as Irene Montclair | Gregory Irvin as Johnny | Tommy Harwood as Tommy | Michele Turner as Ann
Director: Rudolph Mate
Story: Joseph Laitin | Teleplay: William Bruckner

229 :08x03 - Fair Exchange

A woman tells her friend about an incident she felt might affect her marriage.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Sylvia | Ruth Brady as Jane | Stanley Erickson as Whitney | Preston Hanson as Don

230 :08x04 - Linda

A couple learn that a whack job the wife once dated has escaped from a mental institution and might be heading their way.
Guest Stars: Karen Sharpe Kramer as Linda | James Drury as Tony | Jack Ging as Ben Sloan | Richard Carlson as Radio Announcer
Director: Richard Carlson

231 :08x05 - Switchblade

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Guest Stars: James Barton as Ernie Clevenger | Roy Engel as Carey Bellman Jr. | Rolfe Sedan as Mayor | William Hinnant as Marty | Everett Sloane as Narrator
Director: Everett Sloane
Story: Verne Athanas | Teleplay: William Bruckner

232 :08x06 - Love Between the Acts

An aunt decides to play matchmaker for her single niece.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Katherine Ward | Isobel Elsom as Aunt Lou | Preston Hanson as Jeffrey | James Philbrook as Jim

233 :08x07 - The Glass Cage

Upset over the antics of her alcoholic mother, a young girl begins staying out late and hanging with the wrong crowd.
Guest Stars: Audrey Totter as Mrs. Page | Charlotte Stewart as Leddie Page | Patrick Farrow as Bob Marks | Marta Kristen as Bonnie | Anne Loos as Betty Rolph | William Hinnant as Larry Norden
Director: Norman Foster

234 :08x08 - The Seducer

A movie producer and his wife clash over his film dealing with the taboo topic of suicide.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Nora Halliday | John Newland as Creighton Halliday | Marlene Willis as Jill Halliday | Peter Leeds as Sid Palmer | Jack Lester as Dr. Blake | Kitty Kelly as Marie
Director: Norman Foster

235 :08x09 - No Margin for Error

A young executive discovers a mistake which might cost his company plenty. There's only one problem--the mistake is his own.
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Tony Santos | Marion Ross as Peg Santos | Olan Soule as Stanley Gibbs | Henry Hunter as Ben Haralson | Kitty Kelly as Edith | Joan Sudlow as Mrs. Pepper
Director: Norman Foster

236 :08x10 - Conditional Surrender

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Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Margaret Underwood | John Newland as Henry Underwood | Vince Barnett as Grimes | Patricia Blair as Gloria Mason | Dave Willock as Counterman
Director: Norman Foster
Writer: Lois Hire

237 :08x11 - The Night the Doorbell Rang

An immigrant raises his son according to strict Old World disciplinary standards.
Guest Stars: Charles Korvin as Leo Unten | Renny McEvoy as Dusty Smith | Ruth Storey as Jeanette Unten | Sally Foster as Miss Ragley | Rene Korper as Mitch Unten
Director: Norman Foster
Story: Libbie Block | Teleplay: Lowell S. Hawley

238 :08x12 - These Few Years

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Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Madge Lindsey | Douglas Dumbrille as George Havilland | Preston Hanson as Curt Lindsay | Charlotte Stewart as Linda Lindsay | Gary Waynesmith as Norman | Scott Wells as David Lindsay | Norma Shattue as Patty Lindsay
Director: Norman Foster

239 :08x13 - My Own Master

A young boy wishes that his father would spend more time with him.
Guest Stars: Mark Roberts (3) as John | Cloris Leachman as Ella | Bill Mumy as Rennie
Director: Norman Foster
Story: Roger Angell | Teleplay: Donald S. Sanford

240 :08x14 - Enter at Your Own Risk

On their way home from a fun filled trip to Las Vegas, a couple runs out of gas.
Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker as Willis Cooper | Merry Anders as Lenore Cooper | Ross Elliott as Father Pius | John War Eagle as Charlie | Charles Seel as McSorley
Director: Norman Foster

241 :08x15 - This Subtle Danger

After surgery, a wife suspects that her husband is misusing painkilling drugs.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Louise Roberts | Richard Coogan as Henry Roberts | Barney Phillips as Dr. Deland | Joe Abdullah as Warden Burton | John Clarke (1) as Sergeant | Kitty Kelly as Mrs. Engstrom | Bobby Slade as Dennis Roberts
Director: Richard Carlson

242 :08x16 - The Lie

A man hires a Japanese governess to look after his children while his wife is stricken with an illness. The children like the governess so much that the wife decides to keep her on after she recovers.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Yuki Arakawa | Lucy Prentis as Margot Harrison | Clement Brace as Lee Harrison | Marlene De Lamater as Barbara Harrison | Bill Mumy as Jimmy Harrison | Jack Garbutt as Ted Jackson
Director: Richard Carlson

243 :08x17 - Quiet Desperation

A wife opposes her husband's acceptance of a company transfer to Japan
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Linda Perkins | H.M. Wynant as Victor Perkins | Michael Burns (1) as Stephen Perkins | Byron Morrow as Howard
Director: Richard Donner

244 :08x18 - The Golden Cord

An up and coming rocker has a hit song because of its suggestive lyrics.
Guest Stars: Darryl Hickman as Danny Miles | Frank Puglia as Guido Racelli | Vito Scotti as Harvey Cox | Joe Abdullah as Officer Reedy | John Clarke (1) as Reporter | Renny McEvoy as Reporter
Director: Norman Foster

245 :08x19 - Double Edge

A witness to a hit-and-run accident memorizes the offending car's license number and gets a good look at the driver.
Guest Stars: Frank Jenks as Blount | Larry Blyden as Al Schumacher | Jean Howell as May Schumacher | Baynes Barron as Eric Ludlow | Craig Duncan as Smitty | Don Ross as Charlie
Director: Richard Carlson

246 :08x20 - The Choice

A woman, married to an alcoholic shell of a man, must decide between remaining with him or going away permanently.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Isobel De Havilland | George Nader as Austin Granger | Jean Gillespie as Peggy Earnes | Richard Ney as Charles De Havilland
Director: Richard Donner

247 :08x21 - When Queens Ride By

In order to help her husband make ends meet on their farm, a wife neglects her household chores to help her man work in the fields.
Guest Stars: John Milford as John Musgrave | Lois Smith as Jenny Musgrave | June Vincent as Woman
Director: Richard Donner

248 :08x22 - The Preliminaries

A businessman hedges his bet about marrying a woman when he learns that her father is incarcerated.
Guest Stars: James Drury as Bob Prentiss | George Macready as Oliver Prentiss | Katherine Squire as Mrs. Douglas | Vaughn Taylor as John Douglas | Lory Patrick as Ruth Douglas
Director: Richard Donner

249 :08x23 - Woodlot

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Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Eugene Walters | Ellen Burstyn as Ann Walters | John Clarke (1) as Dick | Ted Stanhope as Dr. Simmonds
Director: Richard Donner
Story: Leslie Barnard | Teleplay: Lydia Schiller

250 :08x24 - Doesn't Everybody?

A handsome widower catches the eye of a lonely widow.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Margo Randall | James Philbrook as Wainwright Tyler | Mary Adams as Mother | Mabel Forrest as Woman | Kitty Kelly as Secretary
Director: Norman Foster
Story: Ruth Roberts | Teleplay: Richard Morris (1)

251 :08x25 - The Man Who Couldn't Smile

A priest's work on behalf of Colombian peasants is threatened when the Communists link themselves to his activities.
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Father Garcia | Rico Alaniz as Miguel Portillo | Alma Beltran as Carmen Portillo | Raoul De Leon as Joe Cabrera | Theodore Lehmann as Theo Van Denberg
Director: Norman Foster

252 :08x26 - Emergency in 114

After their son is seriously injured in an accident, a wife locates her husband at the home of his mistress.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Lucy Anderson | Alf Kjellin as Wayne Anderson | Ted de Corsia as Dr. Goodman | Larry Adare as Davy | Kitty Kelly as Nurse | Jackie Russo as Boy
Director: Norman Foster

253 :08x27 - 13 Donner Street

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Guest Stars: Larry Blyden as Joe Fontana | Johnny Seven as Nicky Marks | Joe Abdullah as Bundy | James V. Christy as Wyckoff | Jean Howell as Bonnie | Renny McEvoy as Al Noonan | Barney Phillips as Sgt. Woodruff
Director: Norman Foster

254 :08x28 - Those at the Top

A man whose business is floundering finds a sucker on whom to unload his company but must first get someone else to lie about its financial condition.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Jim Patton | Catherine McLeod as Martha Patton | Nestor Paiva as Victor Russo | Addison Richards as Beseley
Director: Norman Foster
Story: Will Jenkins | Teleplay: Donald S. Sanford

255 :08x29 - The Wedding

Right before her wedding, a bride-to-be begins having serious misgivings about going down the aisle.
Guest Stars: Cloris Leachman as Ruth Harron | Harry Townes as Jason Grant | Gertrude Flynn as Lettie Harron | Linda Watkins as Aunt Minna | Camille Franklin as Saleslady
Director: Norman Foster
Story: Lily Gordon | Teleplay: Donald S. Sanford

256 :08x30 - The Forbidden Guests

A sculptress, more dedicated to her art than her marriage, finds herself alone and childless when her husband passes away.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Elizabeth Collier | Richard Garland as James Collier | Candy Moore as Love | Ann Morrison as Mrs. Butler | Stephen Hammer as Jamie
Director: Richard Carlson

257 :08x31 - Not in Our Stars

A woman becomes obsessed with astrology and begins planning her family's lives according to the stars.
Guest Stars: Loretta Young as Harriet Sands | H.M. Wynant as Henry Sands | Roger Mobley as Henry Sands Jr. | Kelly Smith (2) as Cathy Sands | Joe Abdullah as Scoutmaster
Director: Norman Foster
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1953
Ended: September 10, 1961
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