Season 1

The Love Boat

Four interrelated comedic stories of the adventures and misadventures of the passengers and crew aboard a cruise ship en route from California to Mexico.
"Are There Any Real Love Stories?" by Dawn Aldredge & Marion C. Freeman
"Mr. and Mrs. Havlicek Aboard" by Bob Illes & James R. Stein
"Mona Lisa Speaks", "Till Death Do Its Part" by Carl Kleinschmitt
Based on the book by Jeraldine Saunders
Romantic entanglements aboard a luxury boat with a sloppy salesman falling for a sexy model; rich obnoxious parents objecting to their daughter's heartthrob; smooth talking biz exec attracted to a shy young woman and prospect of an expensive divorce prompts philandering husband to plot untimely, demise of his wife. Many series favorites are gathered for the first time in "The Love Boat," a world premiere comedy. Appearing here are Don Adams ("Get Smart"), Florence Henderson ("The Brady Bunch"), Hal Linden ("Barney Miller") and Gabe Kaplan("Welcome Back, Kotter") and Karen Valentine("Room 222").
Guest Stars: Don Adams as Donald Richardson | Tom Bosley as George Havlicek | Florence Henderson as Monica Richardson | Gabe Kaplan as Stan Nichols | Harvey Korman as Willard | Cloris Leachman as Iris Havlicek | Hal Linden as Andrew Canaan | Karen Valentine as Ellen Carmichael | Ted Hamilton as Thomas Ford, the Captain | Dick Van Patten as O'Neil, the Doctor | Teddy Wilson as Isaac, the Bartender | Sandy Helberg as Gopher, the Yeoman Purser | Joseph R. Sicari as Nino, the Steward | Richard Stahl as Danny DiMarco, the Lounge Performer | Terri O'mara as Gerry, the Cruise Director

The Love Boat II

This cruise is Bound for Acapulco
"Unfaithfully Yours" by Carl Kleinschmitt
Hope Lange (Elaine Palmer) and Lyle Waggoner (Roger, her tennis instructor) play a couple of lovers, Robert Reed plays Steve Palmer, the cuckolded husband.
"Here's Looking At You, Love" by Dawn Aldredge and Marion C. Freeman
Celeste Holm (Eva McFarland) and Marcia Strassman play motherand daughter, Craig Stevens is the old flame of Eva.
"The Heckler" by Steve Pritzker
Ken Berry (Dr. Jim Berkley, a psychlogist) falls for Amy Mitchell.
Diana Canova (Donna Marley) and Kristy McNichol (linda Marley) play mother and daughter
"Once in Love with Sandy" teleplay by Dawn Aldredge and Marion C. Freeman
Story by Dawn Aldredge and Marion C. Freeman & Leonora Thuna
Bert Convy is a persitent suitor of Sandy.
In "Unfaithfully Yours," Elaine Palmer (Miss Lange) is taking an unexpected vacation with her tennis pro, Roger (Waggoner), after she has found evidence that her husband is having an affair. But her husband, Stephen (Reed), boards the Love Boat determined to win her back. In "Here's Looking at You, Love," Eva McFarland (Miss Holm) and her daughter, Pat (Miss Strassman), are on the cruise hoping that Eva can forget that she is both divorced
and overweight. But Eva is jolted by the sudden appearance of an old flame, Robert Grant (Stevens), who not only does not seem to remember her, but has a gorgeous blonde (Miss Swope) on his arm all the time. In "For the Love of Sandy," the ship's cruise director, Sandy Summers (Miss Stilwell), is the object of the affections of an amorous accountant, Ralph Manning (Convy).
Guest Stars: Ken Berry as Jim Berkley | Robert Reed as Stephen Palmer | Bert Convy as Ralph Manning | Celeste Holm as Eva McFarland | Hope Lange as Elaine Palmer | Kristy McNichol as Linda Morley | Craig Stevens (1) as Robert Grant | Marcia Strassman as Pat McFarland | Lyle Waggoner as Roger | Quinn Redeker as Captain Madison (only for the movie) | Diane Stilwell as Sandy Summers, Your Cruise Director (only for the movie) | Candice Azzara as Amy Mitchell Your Lounge Entertainer | Diana Canova as Donna Morley
Director: Hy Averback

The New Love Boat

A cruise ship filled with romance and comedy sets sail in "Love Boat III," a special hour-long presentation about the Pacific Princess, which has almost as many stories as it has passengers and crew members. This program is a prelude to the "Love Boat" series. Segments include: "The Newlyweds" by Brad Buckner; "The Exchange" by Rick Hawkins & Liz Sage; and "Cleo's First Voyage" by Michael Norell.
Guest Stars: Georgia Engel as Cleo Bagby | Gary Frank as Stanley Adams | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Ernie Klopman | Audra Lindley as Mae Allen | Melanie Mayron as Joyce Adams | Phil Silvers as Morris Beckman | Stella Stevens as Leonora Klopman | William Bassett as Josh | Paula Victor as Paula
Director: Richard Kinon

1 :01x01 - The Captain and the Lady/Centerfold/One If By Land...

"Love Boat" spins three tales by as many writers during its maiden voyage to various Mexican ports.
Miss Franklin plays a nasty, domineering woman wed to a director of the company owning the ship. As she boards, Grandy makes a big fuss over her. Sneers she: "Lord, I love an obsequious runt."
She also is harsh with Captain Stubing, MacLeod, but for reasons that are too personal.
Miss Baxter-Birney is on the cruise with her fiance, a handsome young congressman. She is worried he'll find out she is the centerfold lady in a Playboy-like magazine called "Kitten."
Seems that while an impoverished law student, she put on a black wig and posed in her birthday suit to raise funds. Now the picture has turned up in an edition of "Kitten" sold on the ship.
She's embarrassed and ashamed and spends most of her time on a belated cover-up.
Walker, meanwhile, plays a free spirit who has lived with a pretty passenger (Brenda Sykes) for two years. She wants to get married. He doesn't. So she takes a cruise. He doesn't.
The cruise lets her get advice on fun and meeting men from a blond divorcee (Miss Somers). It also lets Walker pursue her from port to port with cries of undying love, buttressed by dying jokes.
Guest Stars: Meredith Baxter as Sandy Rytell | Bonnie Franklin as Stacy Skogstad | Shelly Novack as Brad Brockway | Suzanne Somers as Lorraine Hoffman | Brenda Sykes as Ginny O'Brian | Robert Symonds as Aubrey Skogstad | Jimmie Walker as Arnold

2 :01x02 - A Tasteful Affair/Oh, Dale!/The Main Event

A Tasteful Affair (Smith & Cole)/Oh, Dale! (Ritter & Feldshuh)/The Main Event (Hemsley & Page)
A married lady is followed by a detective who falls in love with her; a guy boards ship in drag to be with a girl who can't stand him; a middle aged couple try to save their marriage.
Guest Stars: John Ritter as Dale Riley | Dennis Cole as Dennis Kingsley | Tovah Feldshuh as Susan Ridley | Sherman Hemsley as Maurice Marshall | LaWanda Page as Stella Marshall | Jaclyn Smith as Janette Bradford |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Shaw as Joanie

3 :01x03 - Ex Plus Y/Graham and Kelly/Goldenagers

Ex Plus Y (Lorettya Swift & Richard Mulligan)/Graham and Kelly (Kristy MacNichol & Scott Baio)/Goldenagers (Charles Frank & Lauren Tewes.)Tonight's vignettes are: newlyweds distracted by the appearance of the bride's ex-husband, thirteen year olds experience first love; a touring group of senior citizens thwart romance Guests Include Loreiia Swit, Richard Mulligan. Robert Reed. Kristy McNichol, Scott Baio
Guest Stars: Charles Frank as Jim Wright | Scott Baio as Graham D. Pickrel II | Robert Reed as Barney Mason | Hermione Baddeley as Mrs. Pickrel | Florence Halop as Millie Lindsay | Kristy McNichol as Kelly | Loretta Swit as Terry | Pamela Bellwood as Judy Watson | Edward Andrews as Senior Group Leader | Richard Mulligan as Ron Larsen |
Co-Guest Stars: Betty Kean as Mrs. Svenson | Queenie Smith as Helen Lindsey

4 :01x04 - Message for Maureen/The Acapulco Connection/Gotcha

Vignettes include confined to a wheelchair, a former tennis pro (Brenda Benet) becomes involved with a sporswriter (Bill Bixby), a stage-struck stowaway (Charo) creates havoc, a long-suffering wife (Audra Lindley) deals with her practical joker husband (Milton Berle).
Guest Stars: Audra Lindley as Anita Wolfe | Brenda Benet as Maureen | Milton Berle as Mr. Wolfe | Bill Bixby as John Ballard | Charo as April Lopez

5 :01x05 - Help, Murder/Isaac the Groupie/Mr. Popularity

Vignettes include a wife expecting to be dumped at sea; a faded star pursued by an admirer, celebrity-chasing passengers mistake a bore for a jewel thief.
Guest Stars: Olan Soule as Harvey Grove | Jim Nabors as Robert Tanner | Paul Tinder as Crew Member | Bob Hastings as Customer | Diahann Carroll as Roxy Blue | Michele Lee as Denise Fredicks | David Groh as unknown

6 :01x06 - The Joker is Mild/First Time Out/Take My Granddaughter, Please

Vignettes include: "First Time Out" A young man (Robert Heyes) tries to lose his innocence; "Take My Granddaughter, Please" A woman (Ruth Gordon) selects the ship's doctor for her spinster granddaughter (Patty Duke Astin) who prefers someone else; and "The Joker Is Mild" A has-been comic (Phil Foster) tries for a comeback.
Guest Stars: Maureen McCormick as Barbara Hodges | Robert Hegyes as Danny | W.K. Stratton as Kyle | Patty Duke as Shirlee | Phil Foster as Barney | Ruth Gordon as Mrs. Warner | Tab Hunter as Dave

7 :01x07 - Identical Problem/Julie's Old Flame/The Jinx

Vignettes are: Identical twins pose as one person (Diana Canova); a girl (Lauren Tewes) falls for a guy (David Hedison) she once dumped; an older couple (Ray Bolger, Harriet Nelson) seem to cause accidents.
Guest Stars: Harriet Hilliard as Henrietta McDonald | David Hedison as Buddy Stanfield | Ray Bolger as Horris McDonald | Diana Canova as Ellen and Helen Edwards | Alana Stewart as Mrs. Stanfield
Director: Don Weis

8 :01x08 - Lost and Found/The Understudy/Married Singles

A boy befriends a couple that recently lost its young son, while a trainee schemes to steal Julie's job. Meanwhile, a bickering married couple takes the cruise and stays in separate cabins—next door to each other.
Guest Stars: Polly Bergen as Macy Moss (Noland) | James Bond III as Theodore Dennison Jr. | Steve Allen as Durwood
Director: Stuart Margolin

9 :01x09 - The Captain's Captain/Hounded/Romance Roulette

A retired sea captain (Phil Silvers) makes life miserable for his working son Stubing, until romance (Judy Canova) enters his life; a man (Gary Burghoff) is trapped in his cabin by an overtrained German shepherd; three eager young women (Jane Curtin, Susan Heldfond, Joanna Kerns) play games with two men (David Landesberg, Vince Baggetta. )
Guest Stars: Jane Curtin as Regina Parker | Vincent Baggetta as Frank | Gary Burghoff as Donald | Phil Silvers as Merrill Stubing Sr. | Susan Heldfond as Unknown | David Landsberg as Unknown | Joanna Kerns as Unknown | Judy Canova as Unknown
Director: Jack Arnold

10 :01x10 - Dear Beverly/The Strike/Special Delivery

A famous self-help writer ignores her husband. Meanwhile, a soon-to-be-divorcee's estranged wife has a bombshell in store for him.
Guest Stars: Robert Urich as Jeff Smith | Al Molinaro as The Chef | Leslie Nielsen as Russ | Eva Gabor as Beverly Blanchard
Director: Allen Baron

11 :01x11 - Lonely at the Top/Divorce Me, Please/Silent Night

"Lonely At The Top" Dick Sargent - "Divorce Me, Please" Florence Henderson. Shecky Greene - "Silent Night" Donna Mills, John Gavin. In a Christmas-themed cruise, a group of orphans and a man convicted for a crime he didn't commit are among those aboard the ship.
Guest Stars: Dick Sargent as Father Mike | Florence Henderson as Audrey Baynes | Shecky Greene as Paul Baynes | Donna Mills as Lila Barton | John Gavin as Unknown
Director: Allen Baron

12 :01x12 - The Old Man and the Runaway/A Fine Romance/The Painters

A crusty curmudgeon (Will Geer) strikes up a friendship with a runaway; Julie's old boyfriend rebuffs her advances; inept painters (Arte Johnson, Pat Morita) make a shambles of the Captain's cabin.
Guest Stars: Tom Poston as Mickey O'Day | Arte Johnson as Ronald | Will Geer as Franklyn Bootherstone | Pat Morita as Vincent | Anson Williams as Sean McGlynn

13 :01x13 - Cinderella Story/Too Hot to Handle/Family Reunion

An aging purser (Bob Crane) serves the daughter (Dori Brenner) he deserted as a child; a honeymooning couple (John Rubinstein and Kathy Bates) are plagued by unromantic calamities, wealthy phonies (Don Defore, Rosemary Decamp, David White) shower attention on a grocery clerk (Bruce Solomon) they believe to be a supermarket tycoon.
Guest Stars: Kathy Bates as Doreen Allison | Dori Brenner as Wendy Bradley | Bob Crane as Teddy Anderson | Rosemary DeCamp as Cynthia Loudon | Don DeFore as Everett Loundon | Robert Hays as Sam Bradley | John Rubinstein as George Allison | Bruce Solomon as Bill Edwards | David White (1) as Greg Beatty |
Co-Guest Stars: Victoria Carroll as Ginger LeDoux

14 :01x14 - Isaac's Double Standard/One More Time/Chimpanzeeshines

A jaded pair of entertainers (Nanette Fabray, Don Adams) mellow while at sea; a possessive mother (Pearl Bailey) resents the intrusion of her son's (Ted Lange) girlfriend (Tracey Reed); a thieving chimp almost wrecks Gopher's love life.
Guest Stars: Don Adams as Lenny Carmen | Pearl Bailey as Millie Washington | Nanette Fabray as Mitzy Monroe | Allyn Ann McLerie as Cynthia Parker | Tracy Reed (2) as Charlene Franks

15 :01x15 - The Eyes of Love/Masquerade/Hollywood Royalty/The Caper (1)

Part one has three stories — one with two blind young people falling in love, one with a huge diamond and jewel thieves, and the last of a man's mistress and his unsuspecting wife becoming friends. Thieves plan to rob honeymooning millionaires (Michele Lee, Fernando Lamas); two blind friends are reunited. First of two parts.
Guest Stars: Desi Arnaz, Jr. as Steve Hollis | Adrienne Barbeau as Cathy Randall | Harold Gould as Vernon Crowler | Fernando Lamas as Bill Teague | Michele Lee as Roz Rogers | Juliet Mills as Barbara Danver | Dan Rowan as Alan Danver | Larry Storch as Elwood Riggs | John Schuck as Ox | Karen Valentine as Taffy Martino | Stephanie Zimbalist as Jenny Lang
Director: Allen Baron

16 :01x16 - The Eyes of Love/Masquerade/Hollywood Royalty/The Caper (2)

Thieves eye a honeymooning actress's gems; a man encounters his blind childhood love; a wife meets her spouse's mistress.
Guest Stars: Larry Storch as Elwood | Stephanie Zimbalist as Jenny Lang | Karen Valentine as Taffy Martino | Desi Arnaz, Jr. as Steve Hollis | Adrienne Barbeau as Cathy Randall | Michele Lee as Roz Rogers | Juliet Mills as Barbara Danver | Dan Rowan as Alan Danver | John Schuck as Ox | Harold Gould as Vernon Crowler | Fernando Lamas as Bill Teague
Director: Allen Baron

17 :01x17 - Winner Take Love/The Congressman Was Indiscreet/Isaac's History Lesson

Dick Van Patten, Bobby Sherman, Vicki Lawrence, Maureen McCormack, Scatman Crothers and others in tales of romance and "intrigue" about a congressman mixed up in a scandal, a lovesick snob and a beauty contest aboard the SS Princess.
Guest Stars: Scatman Crothers as Virgil "Scattergun" Gibson | Graham Jarvis as Waldo Linden | Vicki Lawrence as Robin Brandt | Maureen McCormick as Suzy Corbett | Bobby Sherman as Rick | Dick Van Patten as Congressman John Whiteout | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Stephanie Hayden |
Co-Guest Stars: Priscilla Barnes as Jeanette Arnold | Marianne Marks as Teresa Chen | Maria O'Brien as Rita Almerez | Melissa Tenille as Alma Hodges
Director: Jack Arnold

18 :01x18 - The Last of the Stubings/The Million Dollar Man/The Sisters

Stubing's nephew comes on board to train to be a seaman, but doesn't quite excel at the job. Meanwhile, a man who just stole a million dollars reveals his secret to a woman—who turns out to be a cop. And, two sisters compete for the affections of the same man.
Guest Stars: Frank Converse as Bill Thompson | Pat Crowley as Noreen Badger | Brett Halsey as Clark Tyler | Peter Isacksen as L. Courtney Stubing IV | Marion Ross as Rose Higby | Marcia Strassman as Stephanie Lewis
Director: Jack Arnold

19 :01x19 - The Inspector/A Very Special Girl/Until the Last Goodbye

The crew searches for an undercover inspector; a plain girl meets a shy man; a middle-aged man and a young girl cherish time together.
Guest Stars: Laurette Spang as Melanie | Susan Blanchard as Sarah Lambert | Jim Backus as Mr. Waterman | Debralee Scott as Jane Cole | Bob Seagren as Mike Andrews | Sal Viscuso as Doug Ketchum
Director: Roger Duchowny

20 :01x20 - Computerman/Parlez-Vous/Memories of You

A slick computer matchmaker proceeds to pair up cruise guests while setting himself up with Julie; two American gold-diggers pretend to be French; a New York advertising executive meets up with a long-lost love.
Guest Stars: Danny Dayton as Walt | Jamie Farr as Sugar Daddy | Rick Nelson as Ted Wilcox | Frankie Avalon as Nick Heider | Barbi Benton as Brigitte LeBlanc
Director: Richard Kinon

21 :01x21 - Taking Sides/A Friendly Little Game/Going by the Book

In "Taking Sides," scripted by Hugh Wedlock,Jr., Ellen and Scott Desmond (Diana Canova and Bob Urich), and Gladys and Max Watkins (Audrey Meadows and Robert Mandan) play couples who seemingly have one thing in common: their "testy" marriages. Wendel and Ida Snead (Harry Morgan and Priscilla Morrill) are a pleasant older couple en route to Mexico for a visit with their grandchildren. Unbeknown to Ida, Wendel is paying for the expensive trip by cheating at cards in "A Friendly Little Game." Sheila Lawrence (Georgia Engel) has been sent to sea by her protective papa (Herb Voland), who has asked Doe Bricker to guard the young woman's virtue. But soon after the ship leaves the shore, Sheila is off and running into the arms of Howard Wilson (Harvey Jason), who is unable to operate without a lover's manual in "Going by the Book.
Guest Stars: Harry Morgan as Wendell Snead | Robert Urich as Scott Desmond | Diana Canova as Ellen Desmond | Audrey Meadows as Gladys Watkins | Robert Mandan as Max Watkins | Priscilla Morrill as Ida Snead | Georgia Engel as Sheila Lawrence | Herb Voland as Mr. Lawrence | Harvey Jason as Howard Wilson
Director: Roger Duchowny

22 :01x22 - A Selfless Love/The Nubile Nurse/Parents Know Best

A Selfless Love (Leslie Nielsen and Linda Day George)/The Nubile Nurse (Elaine Joyce)/Parents Know Best (Janis Paige, Monty Hall). A couple takes their son on a cruise in an attempt to end his relationship with an unsuitable girl; a May-December couple rethink their romance; an ex-showgirl's glamorous past jeopardizes her new career as a registered nurse.
Guest Stars: Lynda Day George as Laura Wakefield | Monty Hall as Harry Morrison | Elaine Joyce as Dawn Delaney | Leslie Nielsen as Dan Michaels | Janis Paige as Phyllis Morrison | Laurie Prange as Diana Lane | Mark Shera as Bruce Morrison |
Co-Guest Stars: Marla Adams as Glenda Fairbanks
Director: Roger Duchowny

23 :01x23 - Musical Cabins

A young bachelor (Paul Williams) must marry within the week in order to claim a $3 million inheritance; a drab widow (Michele Lee) from the San Fernando Valley poses as a glamorous adventuress and captures the heart of the Captain; a confirmed male chauvinist (Dick Gautier) angers his fiancee (Barbara Rhoades), who finds comfort in sick bay with the tip's doctor; and a scandal sheet reporter (Marcia Wallace) sets out to compile material for a sins-at-sea story.
Guest Stars: Paul Williams (1) as Nelson | Marcia Wallace as Ms. O'Roarke | Dick Gautier as Curt | Michele Lee as Irene | Barbara Rhoades as Di Di
Director: Allen Baron

24 :01x24 - This Business of Love/Crash Diet Crisis/I'll Never Fall in Love Again

"The Business of Love" written by Howard Albretch & Sol Weinstein
Jill Williams, a call girl (Caren Kaye) tries to reform and he meets Bill Wainwright, a handsome and affluent passenger (Christopher George) but a shadow from her past, a fromer client (Jack Carter) steps in to cause trouble;
"Crash diet Crisis" written by Ray Jessel
The Captain tries to lose weight to win Jocelyn Hyde, an old flame (Jessica Walter);
"I'll Never Fall in love Again" written by Ann Gibbs and Joel Kimmel
Nate and Roberta, two singles (Michael Callan, Annette Funicello) whose partners have died vow never to fall in love again.
Moe and Dottie Price, a mature couple, (Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie) have fun with a new business.
Guest Stars: Jessica Walter as Gail Matthews | Morey Amsterdam as Mr. Price | Michael Callan as Nate Jordan | Jack Carter as Ray Foster | Annette Funicello as Roberta Roberts | Christopher George (1) as Bill Wainwright | Caren Kaye as Jill Williams | Rose Marie as Mrs. Price | Jayne Meadows as Myrna Foster | Patti Clifton as Dolly
Director: Roger Duchowny

25 :01x25 - Pacific Princess Overtures/Gopher the Rebel/Cabin Fever

1. A Japanese industrialist ( Pat Morita) uses his suave sales manager (Gary Collins) to wheedle a rich widow into selling her factory. 2. Gopher rebels against the Captain's constant barking of orders. Isaac and Doc try a bit of matchmaking on Gopher's behalf, but their well-meant plan backfires. 3. A mistress comes down with cabin fever when her boy friend (Antonio Fargas) puts a quietus on their affair because of snoopy friends on board (Kaye Ballard and Elias Jacobs).

"Gopher the Rebel." — Gopher is fired by Capt. Stubing when he falls for a pretty radical (Eve Plumb) traveling with her rich dad (Don Porter); "Cabin Fever" — A married man (Antonio Fargas) cruising with his gregarious mistress (Jonelle Allen) runs into busybody neighbors (Kaye Ballard and Elias Jacobs) and is confined to quarters; and "Pacific Princess Overtures" — A sales executive (Gary Collins) is instructed by his tycoon boss (Pat Morita) to use his charms in dealing with a stubborn widow (Diane Baker).
Guest Stars: Jonelle Allen as Andrea | Diane Baker as Ruth Culbert Newman | Kaye Ballard as Cora | Gary Collins as Ken Davis | Antonio Fargas as Leo Graham | Eve Plumb as Vanessa | Don Porter as Mr. Sumerall | Pat Morita as Mr. Yamashiro | Selma Archerd as Eve Culbert | Karl Bruck as Stuart the Waiter | Elias Jacob as Herman Bass |
Co-Guest Stars: Fay Hauser as Laraine
Director: Allen Baron

Season 2

26 :02x01 - Marooned (1)

The captain, Doc, Gopher, Julie and some guests visit an uninhabited island near Cabo San Lucas, where a nutty hermit takes them prisoner with a gun. Meanwhile, a hurricane bears down on the island. Gopher drives everyone crazy as he anxiously awaits his upcoming vacation.
Guest Stars: Audra Lindley as Mature Lady | Avery Schreiber as Henpecked Husband | Lola Falana as Foxy Lady | John Astin as Unknown | David Birney as Unknown | Dick Martin as Unknown

27 :02x02 - Marooned (2)

The captain and crew of the SS Pacific Princess are held captive on an island by a hermit. Meanwhile, a hurricane bears down on the island. Gopher drives everyone crazy as he anxiously awaits his upcoming vacation.
Guest Stars: Audra Lindley as Mature Lady | Avery Schreiber as Henpecked Husband | Lola Falana as Foxy Lady | John Astin as Unknown | David Birney as Unknown | Dick Martin as Unknown

28 :02x03 - Julie's Dilemma/Who's Who?/Rocky

Julie's parents arrive on board the Pacific Princess and announce their plans to divorce; an author of morally uplifting pamphlets and a prim censor fall in love while sharing a cabin; a young girl's tomboy image falters after she receives her first kiss.
Guest Stars: Marla Adams as Arlene Simpson | Dody Goodman as Patricia Seldon | Edward Winter as Rocky's Father | Melissa Gilbert as Rocky | Jimmy Baio as Norman | Norman Fell as Mr. McCoy | Betty Garrett as Mrs. McCoy | James Coco as Marion Atkins

29 :02x04 - The Man Who Loved Women/A Different Girl/Oh, My Aching Brother

David Doyle plays a charming bachelor who falls in love with three women at the same time (a "Charlie's Angels" might-happen), young marrieds discover they've changed, after a two-year military tour; and Sonny Bono and Marty Ingels play con men ...
Guest Stars: Judy Landers as Rita | Bess Armstrong as Laura | Sonny Bono as Harold Nash | Cathryn Damon as Charlotte | David Doyle as Alvin | Grant Goodeve as Dave | Marty Ingels as Joe Nash | Jo Ann Pflug as Bonnie Stokes | Brett Somers as Anita Carmichael
Director: Allen Baron

30 :02x05 - Where is it Written?/Julie's Aunt/The Big Deal

Captain Stubing's Uncle Cyrus uses every trick in his devious mind to get Julie alone, until her "Aunt Phoebe" intervenes; a desperate businessman uses his daughter as bait to close a deal; the neglected wife of a publisher romances a novelist, hoping it will give him the inspiration for the final chapter of his book.
Guest Stars: Sam Groom as Brad Collins | Red Buttons as Uncle Cyrus

31 :02x06 - The Kissing Bandit/Mike and Ike/The Witness

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Sharon Acker as Evelyn | Todd Bridges as Michael Jr. | Billy Davis, Jr. as Michael Sr. | Marilyn McCoo as Lenore | Robert Reed as Frank | Toni Tennille as Susan | Laurie Walters as Roberta Potters

32 :02x07 - Ship of Ghouls

The world's greatest illusionist (Vincent Price) risks losing his fiancee when he successfully mystifies some of the female passengers; Doc and Gopher pursue a model who is afraid to face people after a recent accident; a boy with a habit of lying can't get anyone to help during a real time of need.
Guest Stars: Joan Blondell as Ramona | Barbara Anderson as Karine Williamson | Charlie Aiken as Bobby Diller | Gary Collins as Mr. Diller | Mary Ann Mobley as Mrs. Price | Vincent Price as The Amazing Alonzo
Director: Roger Duchowny
Writer: Mickey Rose

33 :02x08 - Accidental Cruise/The Song is Ended/A Time for Everything/Anoushka

"Accidental Cruise" Soupy Sales, Joanne Worley; "The Song Is Ended" Richard Dawson, Juliet Mills; "A Time For Everything" Jill Whelan, Melendy Britt; "Anoushka" Loretta Swit.
Guest Stars: Melendy Britt as Georgina | Soupy Sales as Mr. Marshall | Jo Anne Worley as unknown | Richard Dawson as unknown | Juliet Mills as unknown | Loretta Swit as Anoushka
Director: Roger Duchowny

34 :02x09 - Till Death Do Us Part - Maybe/Chubs/Locked Away

Strange tales take place this week, including a ghostly adventure, an overprotective brother and two long-divorced couples' reunion. A ghost experiences jealousy as his mission to find his wife a new husband appears to be succeeding. Meanwhile, an overprotective Gopher mistakenly entrusts his kid sister to Doc to stave off the ship's wolves, not realizing that she's all grown up. And, a long-divorced couple is accidentally trapped in an isolated cabin.
Guest Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis as Linda | Melissa Sue Anderson as Jennifer "Chubs" Smith | Conrad Bain as Les
Director: Richard Kinon

35 :02x10 - Tony's Family/The Minister and the Stripper/Her Own Two Feet

Crew members make a valiant effort to keep six stowaways a secret from Capt. Stubing; meanwhile, a church member disapproves of her minister's new romance, and a nearly blind woman refuses to admit her problem until Doc intercedes.
Guest Stars: Alan Young as Phil Sharp | Larry Storch as Tony | Tony LaTorre as Angelo | June Allyson as Audrey | Peter Graves (1) as Rev. Gerald Whitney
Director: George Tyne

36 :02x11 - Heads or Tails/The Little People/Mona of the Movie

Two passengers place a bet on who can win Julie's affections first. A son who loves his parents is shocked when he discovers his fiance doesn't. A stumbling passenger tries to work up the nerve to ask out a famous movie star, but his shyness keeps creating more problems.
Guest Stars: Patty Maloney as Dottie | Adam Arkin as Alex | Edward Albert as Doug Warren

37 :02x12 - Folks from Home/The Captain's Cup/Legal Eagle

"Folks From Home"
John Mclntire, Jeanette Nolan, Doc befriends an elderly couple, but faces the trauma of having to operate on the old lady, when she is involved in an accident. John Mclntire and his wife, Jeannette Nolan, play an elderly couple who are befriended by Doc, who has to perform surgery to save her life.
"The Captain's Cup"
Pat Harrington, Florence Henderson;
Pat Harrington is a crewman who falls for publicity gal Florence Henderson
"Legal Eagle"
Bert Convy, Leigh Taylor-Young.
Cissy Colpitts is a knockout blonde who falls for Gopher; Bert Convy is a divorced man who flips over Leigh Taylor-Young, his ex-wife's attorney.
Guest Stars: Pat Harrington, Jr. as Hank | Florence Henderson as Diane | John McIntire as Unknown | Jeanette Nolan as Unknown | Bert Convy as Unknown | Leigh Taylor-Young as Unknown | Cisse Cameron as unknown

38 :02x13 - Isosceles Triangle/El Kid/The Last Hundred Bucks

"Isosceles Triangle" Connie Stevens; "El Kid" Robert Urich. Heather Menzies; "The Last Hundred Bucks" Rue McClanahan. Dabney Coleman. A beauty can't choose between Captain Stubing and Doc; a man and his wife return to the ship with an orphaned boy; a hospital executive falls for a seemingly successful businessman.
Guest Stars: Rue McClanahan as April Dunlevy | Dena Dietrich as Renee Larsen | Connie Stevens as Karen Maynard | Robert Urich as Larry Hartman | Heather Menzies as Cybill Hartman | Dabney Coleman as Van Milner
Director: Bob Claver

39 :02x14 - Double Wedding/The Ventriloquists/Julie Falls Hard

A pair of identical twins swap fiances just before their marriage; a husband-and-wife ventriloquist team work together for the last time; and a widower proposes to cruise director Julie McCoy.

40 :02x15 - Second Time Around/The 'Now' Marriage/My Sister, Irene

A psychiatrist who advocates open marriage puts his theory—and wife—to the test; a woman gets cold feet about a reunion with her former sweetheart; Doc's ex-wife tries to make him jealous by boarding with her fiance.
Director: Roger Duchowny

41 :02x16 - Gopher's Opportunity/Home Sweet Home/The Switch

"Gopher's Opportunity" Gopher's friend and his socialite wife make him a dream job offer;
"Home Sweet Home" A wealthy widow takes up residency
aboard ship and falls in love with a steward; and "The Switch" A substitute magician working the cruise, and his new assistant become romantically involved.
Guest Stars: Abe Vigoda as Charles Fletcher | Michael Gregory as Ken Breyer | Elaine Joyce as Melody Livington | Melinda Naud as Maggie Walsh | Ron Palillo as Al Breyer | Bobby Van as Phil Livington | Nancy Walker (1) as Mrs. Waterhouse

42 :02x17 - Like Father, Like Son/Don't Push Me/Second Chance

"Like Father. Like Son." A charming widower and his son fall in love with the same girl. "Don't Push Me." An easygoing bachelor becomes allergic to the idea of marrying his aggressive girlfriend. "Second Chance." Isaac and an influential passenger help an ex-shoplifter.
Guest Stars: Debbi Morgan as Stephanie Jackson | Randolph Mantooth as Alan Billingly
Director: Allen Baron

43 :02x18 - Disco Baby/Alas, Poor Dwyer/After the War/Ticket to Ride/Itsy Bitsy (1)

"Alas, Poor Dwyer" by Barry Blitzer
Julie is driving everybody nuts with the approaching Haley high school reunion aboard the cruise ship. Julie's English teacher, Malcom Dwyer (Raymond Burr), a lonely alcoholic, is aboard ship for Julie's class reunion. Ross, a famed football player, comes aboard and reencounters Jason and DeLuca.
"After the War" by Carmen Finestra
Jack and Kathy Forbes (John Rubinstein and Judi West)arrive for the reunion and get shocked at seeing their oldfriend Mike Kelly (Michael Cole)crippled in a wheelchair, a war victim.
"Itsy Bitsy" by Howard Albretch & Sol Weinstein
Doc has fallen for one of Julie's former schoolmates pictured in the school yearbook.
"Ticket to Ride" Joyce Armor & Judie Neer
Julie learns her friend Wendy has divorced from Tom (David Landsberg) and an unknown admirer has sent her the cruise ticket.
"Disco Baby" by Ray Jessel
Joey, a former Julie's boyfriend, is now teaming with Sherry, her rival at high school, as dance partners.
First of two parts.
Guest Stars: Conchata Ferrell as Bitsy | Lisa Hartman as Sherry | Raymond Burr as Malcolm Dwyer | Michael Cole as Mike Kelly | Kim Darby as Wendy | Bob Denver as Jason Markham | Christopher George (1) as Ross Randall | Michael Lembeck as Joey | Kelly Monteith as Pete DeLuca | John Rubinstein as Jack Forbes | Judi West as Kathy Forbes | David Landsberg as Tom
Director: Roger Duchowny

44 :02x19 - Disco Baby/Alas, Poor Dwyer/After the War/Ticket to Ride/Itsy Bitsy (2)

Julie's high-school-reunion cruise finds her drawn to a classmate (Michael Lembeck); Stubing helps an alcoholic teacher (Raymond Burr); a draft evader confronts a veteran; a woman holds a mystery ticket; Doc has a surprise date.
Guest Stars: Conchata Ferrell as Bitsy | Lisa Hartman as Sherry | Raymond Burr as Malcolm Dwyer | Michael Cole as Mike Kelly | Kim Darby as Wendy | Bob Denver as Jason Markham | Christopher George (1) as Ross Randall | Michael Lembeck as Joey | Kelly Monteith as Pete DeLuca | John Rubinstein as Jack Forbes | Judi West as Kathy Forbes | David Landsberg as Tom
Director: Roger Duchowny

45 :02x20 - Dream Ship/Best of Friends/Aftermath

Crewmembers learn that Karl Schmidt (Conried)is considering Stubing to take over the prestigious cruise ship Lorelei, and go overboard to help their captain make an outstanding impression. A complimentary passenger (Dr. Joyce Brothers) aids their cause in "Dream Ship." In" Best of Friends," written by Fred S. Fox and Seaman Jacobs, Carol Gilmore (Ms. Lynley) agonizes about explaining that she made a date with attractive Paul Dunbar (Murphy), never realizing he had become her girlfriend's fiance. Bitter Dr. Akers (Anderson), a brilliant surgeon prior to a disabling traffic accident, puts down his old friend Doc for practicing aboard a cruise ship until Doc diagnoses his wife a tranquilizer addict and discovers the cause in "Aftermath," written by Lee Aronsohn.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Dr. Art Ackers | Joyce Brothers as Mrs. Magwich | Hans Conried as Karl Schmidt | Carol Lynley as Carol Gilmore | Diana Muldaur as Laura Akers | Ben Murphy (1) as Paul Dunbar | Donna Pescow as Gwen Winters | Mary Farrell as Nurse | Starr Hester as Mrs. Haskell
Director: George Tyne

46 :02x21 - A Good & Faithful Servant/Secret Life of Burl Smith/Tug of War/Designated Lover

A vacationing chauffeur and his wealthy employer fall in love; a famous model causes love-smitten Gopher to fantasize himself as a series of flamboyant heroes; a separated couple vie for their son's affection; and Reggie Jackson can't got anyone to believe he's really the baseball star.
Guest stars: Sir John Mills, Juliet Mills.
Guest Stars: Reggie Jackson as Himself | Telma Hopkins as Cleo | John Mills as unknown | Juliet Mills as unknown
Director: Roger Duchowny
Writer: Bob Fraser

47 :02x22 - Love Me, Love My Dog/Poor Little Rich Girl/The Decision

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Guest Stars: Debbie Allen as Selena Moore | Dennis Cole as Alan Harmon | Fannie Flagg as Alicia Finch | Maren Jensen as Suzanna Wells | Gene Rayburn as Mason Randolph
Director: Roger Duchowny

48 :02x23 - Funny Valentine/The Wallflower/A Home is Not a Home

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Guest Stars: Samantha Eggar as Mary-Louise Murphy | Elinor Donahue as Rowena
Director: George Tyne

49 :02x24 - Ages of Man/Families/Bo 'n' Sam

"Ages of Man" by Lan O'Kun— Julie, in love with an older passenger (Paul Burke), is in turn the object of a young teenager's (Patrick Labyorteaux) crush; "Families" by Howard Albrecht and Sol Weinstein — Young lovers (Mark Shera and Ellen Bry) are caught in a crossfire between their diametrically opposed parents (Arlene Dahl and Leslie Nielsen); and "Bo 'N Sam" by Ben Joelson and Art Baer — A hilariously inept duo (Philip Charles McKenzie and Michael Tucci) try to deliver a surprise present for Capt. Stubing.
Guest Stars: Ellen Bry as Diana Hardaway | Philip Charles MacKenzie as Bo | Leslie Nielsen as Hank Hardaway | Paul Burke (1) as Walter Parrish | Arlene Dahl as Monica Cross | Patrick Labyorteaux as Billy Tryman | Mark Shera as Jeff Cross | Michael Tucci as Sam | James Dobson as Anderson | Bill Smillie as Chef | Jim Hackett as Man
Director: Richard Kinon

50 :02x25 - Sounds of Silence/Cyrano de Bricker/Murder on the High Seas

In ''Sounds of Silence," Phil Backstrom/Deacon Dark (Bono), who performs hard rock in garish makeup and attire as the creation of his manager, Marty Austin (Arte Johnson), is a gentle man who wants only to sing as himself, especially after he meets beautiful Sara Nichols (Ms. Lenham) who has been deaf from birth. This is Lenham's first major television role. Mitzi De Risi (Ms. St. John) is unhappily married to Vinnie De Risi (Carras) until Doc helps him find a way to express his love in "Cyrano de Bricker." In "Murder On The High Seas," crew members don't realize that Lillian and Teddy Smith (Ms. Wynter and Lawford) are best-selling murder mystery writers when they overhear them discussing ways of doing in the captain.
Guest Stars: Arte Johnson as Marty Austin | Sonny Bono as Phil Baxter | Charlie Callas as Vinnie DeRisi | Jill St. John as Mitzi DeRisi | Dana Wynter as Maggie Smith | James Dobson as Anderson | Sheila Lenham as Sara (Deaf actress)
Director: Richard Kinon

51 :02x26 - Super Mom/I'll See You Again/April's Return

In ''Super Mom," Margaret Hanrahan (Ms. Meara) has so little time for anything but her children (Katy Kurtzman and Corey Feldman) on a second honeymoon that her husband seeks other companionship. In "I'll See You Again," Eve Mills (Ms. Charisse), traveling with handsome escort Francois (Stephen Schnetzer) is reintroduced to Frank Pearse (Stevens). She assumed that he was killed in the war when she didn't receive any letters from him, but now they have been reunited. In "April's Return," Capt. Stubing is proud of his ex-stowaway, now the top singer of the shipping line and his "discovery." However, he does not realize that she is led up with entertaining and wants Julie to train her as a cruise director.
Guest Stars: Stephen Schnetzer as Francois Mills | Corey Feldman as Charlie Harrihan | Charo as April Lopez | Anne Meara as Margaret Harrihan | Jerry Stiller as Bud Harrihan | Craig Stevens (1) as Frank Pierce | Cyd Charisse as Eve Mills | Katy Kurtzman as Katie Harrihan | Speedy Zapata as Man
Director: George Tyne

52 :02x27 - Third Wheel/Grandmother's Day/Second String Mom

In "Third Wheel," by Lee Aronsohn, Gopher, who has never been close to his conservative father, Elliot Smith (Cummings), asks his mother, Ros (Ms. Merman), to perform a musical number with him for the crew show. Later they both realize they have hurt Elliot, who used to do the number with Ros in college. Maggie O'Brien (Ms Fabray) learns from Doc that she is pregnant and dreads breaking the news to husband Mac (Nelson), who is elatedly planning a future for just the two of them now that the last of their grown children has left home, in "Grandmother's Day," penned by Ann Gibbs and Joel Kimmel. In "Second String Mom," by Lee Aronsohn, Lee Noble (Ms. Howland) is beginning to lose hope of winning the affection of her stepdaughters when they make a forbidden shore trip and suddenly need her help.
Guest Stars: Beth Howland as Lee Noble | Ken Berry as Robert Noble | Bob Cummings as Eliott Smith | Nanette Fabray as Maggie O'Brian | Ethel Merman as Ros Smith | Barry Nelson as Mac O'Brian | Michele Tobin as Mary Noble | Shelly Juttner as Judy Noble
Director: Gordon Farr

Season 3

53 :03x01 - Alaska Wedding Cruise: Carol & Doug/Peter & Alicia/Julie/Buddy & Portia (1)

A cast of stars get aboard when the Love Boat makes its first Alaskan tour in this two-hour episode. The Pacific Princess makes port at Vancouver, Juneau and Skagway in this chance-of-pace outing.

In CAROL AND DOUG'S STORY, the future bride and groom, Carol Bowers and Doug Bradbury (Ms. Hartman and Mark Harmon) are off for a blissful journey to the wedding site until a jealous girl (Caren Kaye) hampers the festivities by trying to get the groom-to-be in her clutches. In PETER AND ALICIA'S STORY, Alicia Bradbury (Eleanor Parker), the groom's wealthy, snobbish mother, learns that her financial situation is not what she expected. When she meets her ex-husband (Ray Milland), Alicia learns that they cannot buy everything in life. In JULIE'S STORY, Julie becomes caught up in wedding fever and decides to find her old flame, Jack Chenault (Tony Roberts), when the ship docks in Sitka to tell him that she will marry him. Also on board is Mary Prine (Donny Most), who has a crush on Julie as well as being the groom's best man. In BUDDY AND PORTIA'S STORY, Alicia's devil-may-care sister, Portia (Audra Lindley), strikes up an unusual friendship-with Buddy Bowers (Greene), and the two end up quite close once they reach the wedding destination.
Guest Stars: Audra Lindley as Portia Fairchild | Lorne Greene as Buddy Bowers | Lisa Hartman as Carol Bowers | Mark Harmon as Doug Bradbury | Caren Kaye as Natalie | Ray Milland as Peter Bradbury | Don Most as Marty Prine | Eleanor Parker as Alicia Bradbury | Tony Roberts as Jack Chenault |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Lussier as Rev. McGuffey | Stephanie Steele as Nancy | Julia Duffy as Sandy
Director: Roger Duchowny

54 :03x02 - Alaska Wedding Cruise: Carol & Doug/Peter & Alicia/Julie/Buddy & Portia (2)

In CAROL AND DOUG'S STORY, the future bride and groom, Carol Bowers and Doug Bradbury (Ms. Hartman and Mark Harmon) are off for a blissful journey to the wedding site until a jealous girl (Caren Kaye) hampers the festivities by trying to get the groom-to-be in her clutches. In PETER AND ALICIA'S STORY, Alicia Bradbury (Eleanor Parker), the groom's wealthy, snobbish mother, learns that her financial situation is not what she expected. When she meets her ex-husband (Ray Milland), Alicia learns that they cannot buy everything in life. In JULIE'S STORY, Julie becomes caught up in wedding fever and decides to find her old flame, Jack Chenault (Tonyi Roberts), when the ship docks in Sitka to tell him that she will marry him. Also on board is Mary Prine (Donny Most), who has a crush on Julie as well as being the groom's best man. In BUDDY AND PORTIA'S STORY, Alicia's devil-may-care sister, Portia (Audra Lindley), strikes up an unusual friendship-with Buddy Bowers (Greene), and the two end up quite close once they reach the wedding destination.
Guest Stars: Julia Duffy as Sandy | Audra Lindley as Portia Fairchild | Lorne Greene as Buddy Bowers | Lisa Hartman as Carol Bowers | Mark Harmon as Doug Bradbury | Eleanor Parker as Alicia Bradbury | Tony Roberts as Jack Chenault | Ray Milland as Bradbury | Don Most as Marty Prine
Director: Roger Duchowny

55 :03x03 - Oldies but Goodies/The Grass Is Always Greener/Three Stages of Love

In OLDIES BUT GOODIES, when the woman and her man-hunting daughter arrive on the ship, the mother is attracted to a disabled man but their relationship is hampered by his snobby and obnoxious aide. In THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER, Julie thinks she's opted for the wrong career when she meets her happily married friend who took the cruise director course with her especially when she feels that Capt. Stubing is overly friendly to the woman. In THE STAGES OF LOVE, written by Tom Dunsmuir, a man believes men and women have relationships in three stages, but is in for a surprise when his last stage is supposed to occur.
Director: Alan Rafkin

56 :03x04 - Doc, Be Patient/Dance With Me/Going My Way

In DOC, BE PATIENT, flirtatious Doc comes down with a bad case of the flu and must follow the instructions of a beautiful female doctor. Predictably, he falls for her, but can't leave his bed to make a pass. In DANCE WITH ME, Marcy McGuire has given up being a prima ballerina to run her own school in Germany. When she sees her old partner and his protegeé she tries to get him to join her school as a choreographer to save his health. In GOING MY WAY, a wacky woman who has been given the heave-ho by her boyfriend impulsively asks her Oddball cab driver to forget about driving and take the cruise with her. They find out they have a lot in common.

"Doc, Be Patient" — When Doc gets the flu, he receives private treatement from a gorgeous doctor (Susan Sullivan) who keeps his fever up even when his temperature drops; "Dance With Me" — A retired ballerina (Carol Lawrence) meets her former partner and his girlfriend(John Meehan and Starr Danias)
and must tell him the shocking truth about his future; and "Going My Way" — A madcap girl (Arlene Golonka) who has been jilted invites her cab driver (Buddy Hackett) on the cruise.
Guest Stars: Buddy Hackett as Mickey Greenbaum | Carol Lawrence as Marcy McGuire | Susan Sullivan as Dr. Emily Bradford | Arlene Golonka as Susie Butterfield | John Meehan as William Delaney | Starr Danias as Joanna Robbins

57 :03x05 - The Audit Couple/The Scoop/My Boyfriend's Back

In THE AUDIT COUPLE, written by Bob Fraser and Rob Dames, Viola Penny (Ms. Diller) flips for Capt. Stubing while going ever the ship's books. However, she discovers reason to question his honesty and they have a confrontation. In THE SCOOP, written by Howard Albrecht and Sol Weinstein, TV star Jackie Landers (Ms. Dewitt) takes the cruise with her son. Fearing for her privacy, she discovers that a writer for a gossip magazine is on board and she enlists Doc's help in keeping her real secret out of the publication. In MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK, written by Joyce Armor and Judie Neer, a recently married couple finds out about trust in marriage when the wife's former love tries to make her husband jealous of the relationships they had.
Guest Stars: Shane Butterworth as Billy Landers
Director: Jack Arnold

58 :03x06 - Gopher's Greatest Hits/The Vacation/One Rose a Day

In GOPHER'S GREATEST HITS, when Gopher agrees to take over for a sick performer he finds out that his vocal cords are not the most entertaining factor in his act. The segment was written by Lee Aronsohn. In THE VACATION, written by Ann Gibbs and Joe Kimmel, two sisters who usually take the cruise together are joined by one sister's husband. When he finds out about the prior trips they have taken, he learns more about trust in the institution of marriage. In ONE ROSE A DAY, written by co-producer Henry Colman, when the widow meets the man (Don Ameche) responsible for sending her a remembrance even after her husband's death, she is in for a heartrending surprise.

"Gopher's Greatest Hits" — Gopher thinks he's headed for stardom after he fills in for a singer in the lounge; "The Vacation" — A man (Conrad Janis) thinks his wife (Joanna Cassidy) is having an affair after he learns of her escapades on past cruises with her sister (Jaye P. Morgan); and "One Rose a Day" — A widow (Martha Scott) on the cruise learns more about love and life after receiving a romantic surprise.
Guest Stars: Martha Scott as Janet Latham | Don Ameche as unknown | Conrad Janis as unknown | Joanna Cassidy as unknown | Jaye P. Morgan as unknown
Director: George Tyne

59 :03x07 - Crew Confessions/Haven't I Seen You?/Reunion

"Crew Confessions" Isaac has trouble on the high seas when the Love Boat crew discovers he has included some racy tales about them in his new novel. "Haven't I Seen You" A man (Don Knotts) who closely resembles a celebrity starts to enjoy his new identity when a strikingly beautiful passenger showers him with love, and "Reunion" A husband and wife (Jane Wyatt and Jean Pierre Aumont) are reunited after being separated during World War II.

In CREW CONFESSIONS, Isaac shocks the crew when he writes about them in his scintillating novel, causing havoc among his co-workers. In HAVEN"T I SEEN YOU, a man has the problem of trying to convince people that he is not a well-known star. However, once he becomes friendly with a woman on the ship, he must convince the lady he is not who she thinks he is. In REUNION, when the husband and wife are reunited, they share a secret, and no one knows their true relationship.
Guest Stars: Pat Finley as Adele | Jane Wyatt as Mrs. Fluro | Don Knotts as unknown | Jean-Pierre Aumont as unknown
Director: Alan Rafkin

60 :03x08 - Cindy/Play by Play/What's a Brother For?

Melissa Sue An­derson, of "Little House" guest stars as a modern-day Cin­derella hassled by a mean stepmother. Other skits involve Chris George, as a chauvinistic sportscaster, and Patrick Wayne, as dis­abled man who unfairly dominates his brother. In CINDY, Cindy Jerome (Ms. Anderson) boards the ship with her stepmother (Ms. Jones) and obnoxious stepsisters. (Rhonda Bates and Lila Kent). Gopher (Fred Grand) finds out that Cindy has a beautiful voice and tries to have her audition for Preston Maddox (Frank Sinatra, Jr.), a famous bandleader who is on board. However, Gopher's plans backfire and Julie (Lauren Tewes) almost lays an egg at the Halloween party. In PLAY BY PLAY, Christopher George and Lynda Day George portray Bud Pomeroy and Peggy Rossmore, sportscasters on the same television show. They are rivals who learn more about each other when she challenges him to a battle of the sexes. In WHAT'S A BROTHER FOR?, guilt and love make a man (Tom Hallick) the caretaker for his handicapped brother (Patrick Wayne), until a loving young woman (Joan Van Ark) sets them both straight about their respective lives.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones (1) as Margaret Edith Jerome | Melissa Sue Anderson as Cindy Jerome | Christopher George (1) as Bud Pomeroy | Lynda Day George as Peggy Rossmore | Tom Hallick as Tom Benton | Frank Sinatra, Jr. as Preston Maddox | Joan Van Ark as Kris Hayley | Patrick Wayne as Matt Benton | Lila Kent as Dee-Dee Jerome
Director: George Tyne

61 :03x09 - Never Say Goodbye/A New Woman/Trial Romance

In a poignant episode, captain Stubing is reunited with his love child, Vicki. In NEVER SAY GOODBYE, Stubbing receives a letter from Vicki, the daughter of a past love who has died, and makes a telephone call to the child. However, he finds out that she has ran away. When the ship docks at Acapulco, he goes to find her and ends up with a unexpected, heartrending surprise. In A NEW WOMAN, Gale Storm stars as Rose Kennicott, an older woman who wants to "get with it." She seeks advice from Julie (Lauren Tewes), but the coaching backfires when Rose falls for Doc (Bernie Kopell), leaving one suiter behind (Louis Nye). In TRIAL ROMANCE, a man and a woman (Vic Tayback and Jo Ann Pflug) who were on the same deadlocked jury meet again. Unfortunately, the two can't stand each other because of personal idiosyncracies, but make the most of the situation on the high seas. Also guest starring is Sandra Dee as Dolores.
Guest Stars: Vic Tayback as Harry Stewart | Louis Nye as unknown | Gale Storm as Rose Kennicott | Jo Ann Pflug as unknown | Sandra Dee as Dolores
Director: Gordon Farr

62 :03x10 - Critical Success/The Love Lamp Is Lit/Take My Boyfriend, Please/Rent a Family/The Man in Her Life (1)

Guest starring are 11 of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Bill Daily, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Jackie Earle Haley, John Hillerman, Gunilla Hutton, Patsy Kelly, Roz Kelly, Larry Linville, Dina Merrill, Ginger Rogers, Natalie Schäfer, Stephen Shortridge and William Windom. Ginger Rogers stars as a beautiful movie star, Stella Logan, who has agreed to be chairperson for the ship's charity cruise. However, once on board, Stella runs into Elliot Norman (Fairbanks), the dean of American Film and drama critics who has never given Miss Logan a good review. Once the two get together it's a contest of digs, and a surprise happening between the two. CRITICAL SUCCESS. In THE LOVE LAMP IS LIT a husband and his wife (Larrv Linville and Gunilla Hutton) board the ship.
Guest Stars: Stephen Shortridge as Mark Scott | Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as Themselves | Jackie Earle Haley as Teenager

64 :03x12 - Brotherhood of the Sea/Letter to Babycakes/Daddy's Pride

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Guest Stars: Alex Cord as Mr. Barrett | Telma Hopkins as Tracy

65 :03x13 - Not Now, I'm Dying/Eleanor's Return/Too Young to Love

"Not Now I'm Dying" A swinging bachelor gets the shock of his life when the phony story he tells his gorgeous girlfriend turns out to be true; "They Tried To Tell Us We're Too Young" Gopher produces some incredible hijinks to keep the unmarried daughter of Captain Stubing's boss from sharing the honeymoon suite with her boyfriend; and "Elenor's Return" Capt. Stubing falls for a recently divorced woman who was on a previous cruise, but she meets another man.
Guest Stars: Dack Rambo as Peter Welch

67 :03x15 - The Spider Serenade/Next Door Wife/The Harder They Fall

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Guest Stars: Nancy Kulp as Sylvia McTigue

68 :03x16 - Doc's 'Ex' Change/The Gift/Making the Grade

"Doc's Ex Change" Flirtatious Doc panics when his beautiful former wife boards the ship informing him they're still legally married; "The Gift" A couple whose luggage was lost suddenly finds $2,000 but can't decide
whether to return it to the rightful owners; and "Making the Grade" A boy is upset when his mother has a romance with his history teacher who is flunking him.
Guest Stars: Jessica Walter as Madeline Harris | Dick Gautier as John Hurley | Red Buttons as Bud Redmond

70 :03x18 - Kinfolk/Sis and the Slicker/Moonlight and Moonshine/Too Close for Comfort/The Affair (1)

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Guest Stars: Slim Pickens as Lucius Schofield | Robert Guillaume as Frank Bellow | Marion Ross as Emmy Schofield | Loni Anderson as Kitty | Randall Carver as Eisher Fargas | Pam Grier as Cynthia Williams | Denise Nicholas as Maura Belloque | Donny Osmond as Danny Fields | Richard Roundtree as Dave Williams | Richard Paul as Mr. Shoenfield
Director: Roger Duchowny

71 :03x19 - Kinfolk/Sis and the Slicker/Moonlight and Moonshine/Too Close for Comfort/The Affair (2)

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Guest Stars: Slim Pickens as Lucius Schofield | Robert Guillaume as Frank Bellow | Marion Ross as Emmy Schofield
Director: Roger Duchowny

72 :03x20 - Rent a Romeo/Matchmaker, Matchmaker/Y' Gotta Have Heart

In "Rent A Romeo" Doc wants his new love's sister out of the way and hires a known Romeo; as for "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" a boy plans to reunite his divorced parents with the assistance of Vicki's; a wife pampers her heart-patient husband in "Y' Gotta Have Heart".
Guest Stars: Cleavon Little as Andrew Hopkins | Taurean Blacque as Mike | Ja'net DuBois as Evelyn Hopkins | Phil Harris (1) as Harvey | Vicki Lawrence as Carol | Joe Namath as Rod Baylor | Misty Rowe as Sherry | Brett Somers as Sarah |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark James as Jimmy
Director: Roger Duchowny

73 :03x21 - The Captain's Ne'er-Do-Well Brother/The Perfect Match/The Remake

In "The Captain's Ne'er-Do-Well Brother"(by Casey Keller & Richard Albrecht)Captain Stubing's womanizing twin brother(Gavin McLeod playing a dual role and billed as O.D. Warbux) meets a wealthy lady (Diane Ladd), while in "The Remake" (by Lee Aronsohn) Julie's aunt, a widow (Florence Henderson), tries to mold a fellow passenger (James Broderick) into her husband's image. "The Perfect Match" (by Eric Gethers) through a computer a lady (Connie Stevens) looks for the perfect man (Kent McCord) to sire her child.
Guest Stars: Diane Ladd as Ruby Givens | Kent McCord as Howard Samuels | Florence Henderson as Christine Frank | James Broderick as Neal Rich | Connie Stevens as Holly Christopher
Director: Richard Kinon

74 :03x22 - Not So Fast, Gopher/Haven't We Met Before?/Seoul Mates

Gopher grows concerned when he feels his widowed mother (Ethel Merman) is overdoing it with a fun-loving bachelor (Ray Bolger).
Director: Gordon Farr

75 :03x23 - Another Time, Another Place/Doctor Who/Gopher's Engagement

A nun meets a former lover, and an astronomer wants to check out heavenly human bodies.
Guest Stars: Maureen McCormick as Celia Elliott | Arte Johnson as Dr. Wilford Jones | Jane Wyman as Sister Patricia
Director: Allen Baron

76 :03x24 - Dumb Luck/Tres Amigos/Hey, Jealous Lover

Julie helps a brilliant, but plain-looking woman become a glamor queen. Vicki and a young passenger try to help out a stowaway and a man accuses crew members of making passes at his wife.

"Dumb Luck" A brilliant plain-Jane becomes a fetching glamour girl with the help of Julie, "Tres Amigos" Vicki and a boy, traveling with his parents, try to
help out a stowaway, and "Hey, Jealous Lover" A man accuses the male members of the crew of making passes at his wife.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Milton Benson | Jennifer Darling as Alice Gaines | Shelley Hack as Carol | Kevin Tighe as Chris | Jayne Meadows as Mrs. Benson | Anthony Ramirez as Luis Rivera
Director: Roger Duchowny

77 :03x25 - Celebration/Captain Papa/Honeymoon Pressure

Betty Layton boards the ship with her husband whose huge wad of cash makes the crew suspicious. Captain and his crew try to impress a welfare worker. The crew becomes suspicious when a passenger is seen with a huge wad of money; Captain Stubing tries to impress a welfare worker who is investigating his claim for the custody of his daughter; newlyweds are shocked when two of the groom's friends Join them on the cruise.
Guest Stars: Norman Alden as Ralph | Lois Nettleton as Susan Stoddard | Eve Plumb as Terri | Alice Faye as Betty Layton | Noah Beery, Jr. as Unknown
Director: Richard Kinon

78 :03x26 - Vicki's First Love/Accident Prone/The High Cost of Loving

Vicki, the captain's young daughter, gets her first taste of love when she flips for a famous singer and has to face competition from older women; two people who were in a car accident and who can't stand each other, discover each other is on board; and a young man, a recent victim of the Marvin Law, has a hard time trying to swear off women.
Guest Stars: Rex Smith as Mark Redding | Steve Kanaly as Matthew | Kate Campbell (1) as Louise | Robin Eisenman as Dee Dee | Britt Ekland as Karen Ellison | Alan Feinstein as Tom Barry | Lois Hamilton as Angela | Shauna Sullivan as Vivian
Director: George Tyne

79 :03x27 - Invisible Maniac/September Song/Peekaboo

Isaac finds himself in a precarious position when he meets a beautiful former school chum and her macho husband. Peggy Cass, here with Gordon Jump, play a middle-aged couple trying to swing a little. A model uses Isaac to make her husband jealous; an attorney wants to marry a colleague, who's afraid to make a commitment; a wife decides that a carefree attitude will save her marriage from possible boredom.
Guest Stars: Ann B. Davis as Agnes | Clifton Davis as Unknown | Shelley Fabares as Unknown | Peggy Cass as Unknown | Gordon Jump as Unknown | BernNadette Stanis as Unknown | David Hasselhoff as Unknown | Georg Stanford Brown as Unknown
Director: George Tyne

Season 4

81 :04x01 - Friends and Lovers/Sergeant Bull/Miss Mother

"Friends and Lovers." — Wedding bells may ring for Julie and Gopher when they fall in love while trying to show that Gopher is just as big a ladies' man as his old college buddy (Tom Hanks); "Sergeant Bull" — Three ex-servicemen (Nipsey Russell, Harvey Lembeck and Jack Somack) set up their gung ho sergeant (Vic Tayback) for romance with a crew member (Doris Roberts) when he turns their vacation cruise into a boot camp; and "Miss Mother" — A beautiful woman (Shelley Smith)finds the man of her dreams (Dennis Cole), but she has a little secret that may bring an end to their newfound romance — of course.
Guest Stars: Vic Tayback as Sergeant Harry "Bull" Bulewsky | Shelley Smith as Gwen Hutchens | Dennis Cole as Dennis Grant | Nipsey Russell as Dan Mahoney | Harvey Lembeck as Tom Lauck | Doris Roberts as Rose | Jack Somack as Buzz Plesser

82 :04x02 - The Promoter/The Judges/The Family Plan/Forever Engaged/May the Best Man Win (1)

Romance and comic intrigue reign on the high seas as 50 engaged couples board the Pacific Princess to compete in a "Marriage-a-Than Cruise" a contest that takes Capt. Stubing, his crew and their guests on a beautiful scenic tourney from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands through the Panama Canal to the Mexican Riviera for a star studded mass wedding.
Guest Stars: Rue McClanahan as Mary Hubbell | Debbie Reynolds as Sheila Evans | Brian Kerwin as Chad Lawrence | Ted Knight as Tom McMann | Darren McGavin as Lawrence Evans | Ann Jillian as Rena Ward | Peter Graves (1) as Carl Lawrence

83 :04x03 - The Promoter/The Judges/The Family Plan/Forever Engaged/May the Best Man Win (2)

Fifty engaged couples take part in a Marriage-a-thon cruise. Among the passengers are two steadies who finally plan to marry after a 10-year engagement; the wedding-contest promoter and his not-so-happily married wife; and a young woman who can't locate her fiance.
Guest Stars: Rue McClanahan as Mary Hubbell | Debbie Reynolds as Sheila Evans | Brian Kerwin as Chad Lawrence | Ted Knight as Tom McMann | Darren McGavin as Lawrence Evans | Ann Jillian as Rena Ward | Peter Graves (1) as Carl Lawrence

84 :04x04 - Target Gopher/The Major's Wife/Strange Honeymoon/The Oilman Cometh

Target Gopher by Fred S. Fox & Seaman Jacobs/The Major's Wife by Pat Fielder/Strange Honeymoon by R.S. Allen & Harvey Bullock/The Oilman Cometh by R.S. Allen & Harvey Bullock
A Texas oil magnate takes the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders aboard to impress his clients, including a Mideast prince who thinks one of the women has been given to him; Also on board are two brothers in the honeymoon suite; and an Air Force officer, his passive wife and an aggressive old girl friend.
Guest Stars: David Cassidy as Ted Harmes | Al Corley as Walter Henson | Robert Culp as Major Ross Latham | Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as Themselves | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Prince Hassan | Nobu McCarthy as Nara Latham | Jo Ann Pflug as Gloria Beaumont | Mark Pinter as Hud Hanson | Dale Robertson as Mason Fleers
Director: Roger Duchowny

85 :04x05 - The Mallory Quest/The Offer/Julie, the Vamp (1)

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Guest Stars: Pernell Roberts as Brian Mallory | Maren Jensen as Sharon Patrick | Sorrell Booke as Lucius Kergo | Bart Braverman as Roger Markham | Gayle Hunnicutt as Janet Mallory | Peter Lupus as Dave Porter | Lani O'Grady as Maude Victor | Walter Slezak as Marcel Locksmith | Skip Stephenson as Peter Andrews | Connie Stevens as Marcia Rand | Dick Van Patten as Charlie Dillinger | Jimmie Walker as Marvin Jones |
Co-Guest Stars: Patti MacLeod as Miss Lottie | James Dobson as Father Briorly | Gregg Robblee as Tom Mallory
Director: Richard Kinon
Writer: R.S. Allen

86 :04x06 - The Mallory Quest/The Offer/Julie, the Vamp (2)

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Guest Stars: Pernell Roberts as Brian Mallory | Maren Jensen as Sharon Patrick

88 :04x08 - Tell Her She's Great/Matchmaker, Matchmaker Times Two/The Baby Alarm

"Tell Her She's Great" Isaac causes comedic chaos when he convinces the crew to bolster his stagestruck aunt's ego, which turns her into an outrageous prima donna; "Matchmaker, Matchmaker Times Two" Two sets of parents, the Cummings and the Clarks, go overboard trying to spark o romance between their respective children, and "The Baby Alarm" An unwed mother's infant son has an unusual way of showing his disapproval to men who try to romance her.
Guest Stars: Susan Howard as Cynthia Bowden | John Reilly as Bill Simmons | Isabel Sanford as Tania Nolan | Melissa Sue Anderson as Cathy Cummings | Troy Donahue as Mr. Clark | Farley Granger as Charles Cummings | Lorenzo Lamas as Brett Clark | Joan Lorring as Marion Cummings | Terry Moore as Mrs. Clark | Mel Stewart as Charles Nolan | Stan Sells as Gig Wayburn | Don Bovingloh as Waiter
Director: Ray Austin

90 :04x10 - Captain's Triangle/Boomerang/Out of This World

"Out of This World" by Jill Baer & Christopher Vane - Gopher's job is on the line when he and a mild mannered man (Tom Smothers) believe that a woman (Helen Reddy) is from outer space; "Captain's Triangle" by Ken Hecht - Captain Stubing is a candidate for seduction by a former girlfriend (Sue Ane Langdon) who is now married to another captain (Monte Markham); and in "Boomerang" by Lou Patrick, a beautiful model (Pamela Sue Martin), pretending to be married, learns a lesson from two bachelors (Guich Koock, Barry Van Dyke) .

Directed by Richard Kinon

Guest Stars: Monte Markham as Brad Wells | Barry Van Dyke as Scott Hanson | Guich Koock as Lance Michaels | Sue Ane Langdon as Monica Wells | Pamela Sue Martin as Donna Dayton | Helen Reddy as Eleanor Green | Tom Smothers as Martin Fallow
Director: Richard Kinon

91 :04x11 - The Captain's Bird/That's My Dad/Captive Audience

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Guest Stars: Meeno Peluce as Scotty | Dirk Benedict as Jeff Dalton | Allan Jones as Bobby Braddock, Sr.
Director: Allen Baron

92 :04x12 - The Frugal Pair/Doc's Dismissal/The Girl Next Door

In "THE FRUGAL PAIR," Miss Gaynor and Mr. Ayres star as Violet and Carl Hooper, on board to celebrate a happy anniversary. However, Carl finds out something about his penny-pinching wife that may make this their last conjugal event. In "DOC'S DISMISSAL," Keller, a wife (Jessica Walter), whose husband (Alex Cord) has the glad eye for any woman around, misinterprets Doc's kindness which may get him fired by Capt. Stubing. In "THE GIRL NEXT DOOR," a man (Sal Viscuso) tricks a woman (Lynda Goodfriend) into helping him find out what is really happening between his girlfriend and her shipmate (Stephen Shortridge).
Guest Stars: Stephen Shortridge as Rudy | Jessica Walter as Sally Welker | Denise DuBarry as Heather | Lew Ayres as Carl Hooper | Alex Cord as Mr. Welker | Mitzi Gaynor as Violet Hooper | Sal Viscuso as unknown | Lynda Goodfriend as unknown
Director: Richard Kinon

94 :04x14 - From Here to Maternity/Jealousy/The Trigamist

"Jealousy" Vicki sees green when her father falls for a beautiful woman; "The Trigamist" A judge finds herself attracted to a man she ha placed on probation for being married to three women at the same time.
Guest Stars: Murphy Cross as Betty Talmadge | Pat Crowley as Linda Bradley | George Gobel as Harrison Harper | Rebecca Holden as Mona | Nancy Walker (1) as Judge Joanne Akinson | Michael Young (1) as Arthur Talmadge

96 :04x16 - Gopher's Bride/Workaholic/On Second Thought

"Gopher's Bride"
Gopher and Doc battle for the affections of a gorgeous pen pal (Marie Laurin.) Isaac and Doc's joke backfires when the girl (Marie Laurin) they have been writing love letters to, under Gopher's name, shows up. When they see what a beauty she is, Doc and Gopher try to outdo each other for her attention.
A couple (Dana Wynters, Paul Burke) drift apart over work habits. The man (Paul Burke) whose wife (Dana Wynter) is too busy for him finds another love.
"On Second Thought"
A woman (Trish Stewart) refuses to share quarters with her boyfriend (Patrick Wayne). The man (Patrick Wayne) finds himself out on his ear after his girl friend (Trish Stewart) discovers they were to share quarters.
Guest Stars: Marie Laurin as Inga/Nicole Robert | Susan Oliver (1) as Kay Tindal | Pamela Jean Bryant as Sally | Paul Gale as Frank | Paul Burke (1) as Ned Beacham | Patrick Wayne as Jack Clayton | Trish Stewart as Helen Mann | Dana Wynter as Margo Beacham
Director: Richard Kinon

97 :04x17 - Lose One, Win One/For the Record/Mind My Wife

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Guest Stars: Dorian Lopinto as Priscilla

100 :04x20 - Lady from Sunshine Gardens/Eye of the Beholder/Bugged

A nudist gets help from an attorney and a suspicious man has a surprise in store when he meets a beautiful woman.
Guest Stars: Dick Martin as Unknown | Mary Ann Mobley as unknown | Barbi Benton as unknown

102 :04x22 - I Love You Too, Smith/Mamma and Me/Sally's Paradise

I Love You Too, Smith —Gopher has an off-beat romance with his shipboard adversary; Mama and Me —a domineering mother tries to break her son's romance, and Sally's Paradise —which deals with a young woman who finds the ship a bit crowded when all three of her fiances join her on the cruise.
Guest Stars: Joanna Pettet as unknown | Sylvia Sidney as unknown | Eddie Mekka as unknown | Joan Prather as unknown | Juliet Mills as unknown

103 :04x23 - Two for Julie/Aunt Hilly/The Duel

"Aunt Hilly," In which the captain's aunt boards the ship with the intention of leaving with Vicki; "The Duel." in which Doc is challenged to a duel by the
jealous lover of a beautiful woman; and "Two for Julie," in which Julie is dazzled by the affections of two men. Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotton, Alejandro Rey, Linda Cristal, Dack Rambo, Ken Kercheval and Don Ameche guest.
Guest Stars: Olivia de Havilland as unknown | Joseph Cotten as unknown | Alejandro Rey as unknown | Linda Cristal as unknown | Dack Rambo as unknown | Ken Kercheval as unknown | Don Ameche as unknown

Season 5

107 :05x01 - The Fashion Show: A Model Marriage / This Year's Model / Original Sin / Vogue Rogue / Too Clothes for Comfort, Part 1

A special cruise to Acapulco for a fashion festival. Playing themselves are Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt.

LOVE boat Pacific Princess goes on a cruise to sunny Acapulco and regular viewers would know what that means — a larger cast of guest stars, and an extra-long episode.
This time, the journey promises to have high fashion, intrigue and, of course, comedy and romance. The highlight of this episode is a fashion show featuring four of America's most famous clothing designers, namely Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt.
Problems of the heart are in store for a husband and wife who are owners of a model agency. Their marriage is in jeopardy when tempers flare over the use of one of the models who has captured the captain's eye.
Another heartache involves a cosmetic king who is searching for a unique woman to represent his new product, and finds not just one, but two likely candidates. Cruise director Julie McCoy gets the limelight when she models in place of a model friend who has fallen in love.

Guest-starring: Robert Vaughn, Mike Connors, McLean Stevenson, Anne Baxter, Debra Winger, Elke Sommer, Morgan Brittany, Jayne Kennedy, Christina Ferrare, Dick Shawn, Bobby Short, Richard Gilliland.
Guest Stars: Debra Clinger as Mandy Blanchard | Robert Vaughn as Charles Paris | Steve Franken as Harry Mason | Gloria Vanderbilt as Herself | Mike Connors as unknown | McLean Stevenson as unknown | Anne Baxter as unknown | Debra Winger as unknown | Elke Sommer as Unknown | Morgan Brittany as unknown | Jayne Kennedy as unknown | Cristina Ferrare as unknown | Dick Shawn as unknown | Bobby Short (1) as unknown | Richard Gilliland as unknown

108 :05x02 - The Fashion Show: A Model Marriage / This Year's Model / Original Sin / Vogue Rogue / Too Clothes for Comfort, Part 2

A special cruise to Acapulco for a fashion festival. Playing themselves are Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt.
Guest Stars: Debra Clinger as Mandy Blanchard | Robert Vaughn as Charles Paris | Steve Franken as Harry Mason | Gloria Vanderbilt as Herself

109 :05x03 - The Expedition/Julie's Wedding/The Mongala/Julie's Replacement/The Three R's/The Professor's Wife (1)

In an episode filmed in Australia, Julie prepares to marry her fiancé Tony (Anthony Andrews) during a stopover in Sydney. Also on board: an anthropologist (Henry Morgan) and his wife (Katherine Helmond); a New Zealand rancher (Patrick Duffy) with a secret he won't share with a fellow passenger (Michelle Phillips). Capt. Stubing walks Julie down the aisle for her marriage to Tony, the handsome Australian doctor who proposed to her at the end of last season, as "The Love Boot" sails amidst the majestic scenic beauty of Australia, in a special two-hour season premiere.
Guest Stars: Harry Morgan as Professor | Jenilee Harrison as Connie | Anthony Andrews as Tony | Katherine Helmond as unknown | Patrick Duffy as unknown | Michelle Phillips as unknown

110 :05x04 - The Expedition/Julie's Wedding/The Mongala/Julie's Replacement/The Three R's/The Professor's Wife (2)

Second of two parts. A shy schoolteacher (Michelle Phillips) falls in love with a cattleman (Patrick Duffy) who has a secret. A beauty tries to break up the romance. And Gopher and Doc vie for the affections of the new cruise director.
Guest Stars: Jenilee Harrison as Connie | Anthony Andrews as Tony | Katherine Helmond as unknown | Patrick Duffy as unknown | Michelle Phillips as unknown | Harry Morgan as Professor | Delvene Delaney as Unknown | Donna Dixon as Unknown | José Ferrer as Unknown | Gary Frank as Unknown | Patrick Ward (2) as Unknown

111 :05x05 - Two Grapes on the Vine/Aunt Sylvia/Deductible Divorce

On board: a wine-tasting competition. "The Love Boat" rolls with waves of hilarity when Julie's eccentric
show business aunt and her friend vie for the affections of a wealthy man as the ship hosts a wine tasting competition.
Guest Stars: Carol Channing as Aunt Sylvia
Director: Bob Sweeney

112 :05x06 - The Incredible Hunk/Isaac, the Marriage Counselor/Jewels & Jim

A schoolteacher who doubles as an exotic dancer tries to keep a PTA member (Christopher Norris) from catching his act; two jewel thieves (Michael Zaslow, Joan Van Ark) team up professionally and romantically. The ship shudders when an entertainer hired by Julie turns out to be on exotic dancer, who doesn't want his lady love to find out his secret; Isaac is in hot water when he learns that a former passenger misunderstood his advice and divorced his wife; and an international jewel thief meets his match in a gorgeous woman while trying to pull a job on a man and his wife.
Guest Stars: Christopher Norris (1) as unknown | Michael Zaslow as unknown | Brian Kerwin as unknown | Joan Van Ark as unknown

113 :05x07 - Country Cousin Blues/Daddy's Little Girl/Jackpot

Gopher finds money and fantasizes how he'll spend it; a folk singer (Florence Henderson) meets an old friend (James Noble) who's now a politician; a man (Mason Adams) interferes in his daughter's romances.
Guest Stars: James Noble (1) as Martin 'Blinky' Corell | Mason Adams as Richard Simmons | Florence Henderson as unknown

114 :05x08 - Chef's Special/Kleinschmidt/New Beginnings

A new female cook (Easterbrook) arrives to lend a hand to the busy chef (Jay Johnson). A bumbling German detective (Bernie Koppel in a dual role) is hired to watch a lady's (Noble) jewels. An old sea dog (Basehart) is embittered by his memories and the fact of bring crippled.
A beautiful fun-loving woman with a secret meets a former lover who is now cynical about life. Sha tries to revitalise his spirit while recovering from her own fear. A bumbling detective almost turns the ship upside down when the jewels of the woman who hired him are stolen. Everyone is under suspicion including the captain and his daughter
Guest Stars: Leslie Easterbrook as Unknown | Jay Johnson as The Chef | Trisha Noble as Unknown | Bernie Kopell as Siegfried von Kappelhoff | Richard Basehart as Stan Ellis | Joan Fontaine as Jenny
Director: Richard Kinon

115 :05x09 - The Lady from Laramie/Vicki Swings/Phantom Bride

An earthy woman comes between a socialite (Marti Stevens) and her escort (Cesare Danova); psychic researchers (Juliet Mills, Buddy Hackett) search for a ghost on board. A woman falls in love with a paid escort traveling with his companion, Gopher sees a ghost, and Vicki becomes an older woman to attract a handsome man.
Guest Stars: Buddy Hackett as Julian Garfield | Marti Stevens as unknown | Cesare Danova as unknown | Juliet Mills as unknown

116 :05x10 - Farnsworth's Fling/Three in a Bed/I Remember Helen/Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia (1)

A curmudgeon (Lloyd Bridges) reads his will to greedy relatives: Jim Nabors, Beth Howland, Ethel Merman. Other passengers: Jessica Walter, Linda Evans, Grant Goodeve, Graham Kennedy.
Guest Stars: Beth Howland as Eloise Farnsworth | Jessica Walter as Marcia Smith | Linda Evans as Jessica | Lloyd Bridges as curmudgeon | Jim Nabors as unknown | Ethel Merman as unknown | Grant Goodeve as unknown | Graham Kennedy (1) as unknown

118 :05x12 - Love, Honor, and Obey/Gladys and Agnes/Radioactive Isaac

A couple (Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara) plan to renew their vows but discover that a difference of opinion may lead to divorce; a widow (Marion Ross) tries to interest an an English lord, an apparently wealthy man (Bernard Fox) in her spinster sister (Audra Lindley); a tooth filling interferes with Gopher's romantic pursuits.
Guest Stars: Jerry Stiller as unknown | Anne Meara as unknown | Marion Ross as Gladys | Audra Lindley as Agnes | Bernard Fox as unknown

119 :05x13 - He's My Brother/Zeke and Zelda/Teach Me Tonight

Doc is reunited with his brother (Jack Bannon), whom he hasn't seen in years; a comedy team (Milton Berle, Martha Raye) impersonates another couple to obtain free passage; a woman experiences love for the first time when she meets a novelist (Daryl Anderson).
Guest Stars: Jack Bannon (1) as Doc's brother | Milton Berle as Zeke | Martha Raye as Zelda | Daryl Anderson (1) as unknown

121 :05x15 - Good Neighbors/Captain's Portrait/Familiar Faces

The Captain poses for an artist (Lee Meriwether) who is painting his portrait; a public-relations man (Sonny Shroyer) tries to get the attentions of a woman who lives in his apartment house.
Guest Stars: Lee Meriwether as Barbara Braden | Sonny Shroyer as unknown
Director: Bob Sweeney

122 :05x16 - I Don't Play Anymore; Gopher's Roommate; Crazy for You

Gopher believes he recognizes an attractive woman; a pianist (James MacArthur) decides to begin playing again; a man (Dick Shawn) faking insanity to get workers' compensation goes nuts over a psychologist (Joanna Cassidy).
Guest Stars: Donna Pescow as Irene | James MacArthur as unknown | Dick Shawn as unknown | Joanna Cassidy as unknown
Director: Bob Sweeney

123 :05x17 - Green, But Not Jolly/ Past Perfect Love/ Instant Family

A fellow (Bert Convy) thinks he was married to a woman in a past life; Julie decides to change her hairstyle; a passenger (John Phillip Law) falls for a woman (Lynda Day George) accompanied by her son (Corey Feldman).
Guest Stars: Corey Feldman as Mike | Bert Convy as Unknown | John Phillip Law (1) as unknown | Lynda Day George as unknown

125 :05x19 - Return of the Captain's Lady/Love Ain't Illegal/The Irresistible Man

A schemer (Robert Mandan) decides to leave his girlfriend (Phyllis Davis) on board with his partner; the Captain receives important information about the woman (Pat Crowley) he is considering marrying.
Guest Stars: Pat Klous as Dorothy

126 :05x20 - His Girls Friday/A Wife for Wilfred/The Girl Who Stood Still

A tycoon offers $10,000 to the crew to find him a wife; a businessman (Dick Van Patten) tries to dump his assistant (Rue McClanahan) after he falls for a dizzy blonde (Judy Landers).
Guest Stars: Judy Landers as Cindy Nevins | Denise Miller as Abigail

127 :05x21 - New York, A.C./Live It Up/All's Fair in Love and War

In "New York A.C.," three men (Byrnes, Fabian and Sherman) who are members of the New York Alimony Club board for a fun-filled cruise without worries of getting serious about any women. However, once they meet a lovely woman (Ms. Funicello), they are in for a big surprise. When Capt. Stubing begins to change his behavior patterns after a close friend dies, he learns an important lesson, in "Live it Up." In "All's Fair in Love and War," the girlfriend (Jill St. John) of a married man (Ely) gives him an ultimatum that gains surprising results.
Guest Stars: Ron Ely as Unknown | Edd Byrnes as Unknown | Fabian as Unknown | Bobby Sherman as Unknown | Annette Funicello as Unknown | Jill St. John as Unknown

128 :05x22 - The Love Boat Follies: The Musical/My Ex-Mom/The Show Must Go On/The Pest/My Aunt, the Worrier (1)

In "The Musical," the crew puts on the First Annual Cruise Show, including the combined musical talents of Gopher's mother (Ethel Merman), who rekindles a romance with a former movie star (Van Johnson); one of Doc's ex-mother-in-laws (Ann Miller) who tries to steal the show away from the other women; Isaac's mom (Della Reese), who is being chased by an ardent suitor (Cab Calloway);and Julie's eccentric Aunt Sylvia (Carol Channing). In "My Ex-Mom," Doc's flamboyant former mother-in-law (Ann Miller), the belle of Broadway, brings along her daughter, Trish (Tracy Bregman), who causes friction between Doc and Gopher when Gopher becomes attracted to Doc's former sister-in-law. Carol Channing, as Julie's rich and eccentric Aunt Sylvia, causes Julie to want to jump ship when Sylvia constantly worries about her wealthy husband's whereabouts while she is rehearsing for the talent show, in "My Aunt, the Worrier." Isaac's mother (Della Reese) must make an important decision concerning their future while she is being wooed by an insistent - and very rich - man (Cab Calloway), in "The Pest."
Guest Stars: Della Reese as Millie Washington | Tracey Bregman as Trish Carruthers | Carol Channing as Aunt Sylvia | Ethel Merman as Gopher's mother | Van Johnson as unknown | Cab Calloway as unknown

130 :05x24 - Pride of the Pacific/The Viking's Son/Separate Vacations/The Experiment/Getting to Know You (1)

A rival captain challenges the Pacific Princess to an athletic competition.
Guest Stars: Charlotte Rae as Ellen van Bowe | Priscilla Barnes as Britta Sorenson

133 :05x27 - Burl of My Dreams/Meet the Author/Rhymes, Riddles & Romance

A publisher (Jared Martin), trying to sign up a famous author (Alan Hale), becomes involved with the author's daughter; when a young man (Rad Daly) rejects Vicki's attentions, she misinterprets Gopher's consoling gestures as signs of romantic interest.
Guest Stars: Paul Williams (1) as Brian

134 :05x28 - Pal-I-Mony/Does Father Know Best?/An 'A' for Gopher

A doctor (Ben Vereen) is ill at ease when his barrister companion becomes too friendly with his former lover (Lynne Moody); Gopher pines after a woman (Susan Strasberg) who was his former teacher.
Guest Stars: Ben Vereen as Dr. John Hanson | Lloyd Bochner as Larry Ellis
Director: Ted Lange

135 :05x29 - April in Boston/Saving Grace/Breaks of Life

A widow (Jane Powell) has an encounter with a man who claims to be her guardian angel; a separated couple (Jayne Meadows Allen, Gene Rayburn) are accidentally reunited.

A dynamic angel, played by Charo, returns as an unusual tutor to a man played by David Hedison; a beautiful widow (Jane Powell) meets her guardian angel (Hugh O'Brian); and a separated couple (Jayne Meadows and Gene Raymond) meet on the cruise and they learn more about their lives and their marriage.
Guest Stars: Hugh O'Brian as Gabriel | Charo as April Lopez | David Hedison as unknown | Gene Rayburn as unknown | Jane Powell (1) as unknown | Jayne Meadows as unknown

136 :05x30 - A Dress to Remember

A gown finds its way into the life of a woman (Eleanor Parker) who is afraid to meet her daughter (Catherine Parks); and a young lady (Markie Post) goes on a diet so she can fit into the dress.

140 :06x03 - The Anniversary Gift/Honey Bee Mine/Bewigged Bothered & Bewilderedd

A friend (Phyllis Diller) sees the captain's true self at a costume ball; an anniversary gift brings discord; Julie tricks a rival.
Guest Stars: Phyllis Diller as unknown
Director: Ted Lange

142 :06x05 - Command Performance/Hyde and Seek/Sketchy Love

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Guest Stars: Kim Richards as Gail/Lilian Gerbert | Eve Plumb as Beth

143 :06x06 - The Audition/The Groupies/Doc's Nephew

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Guest Stars: Willie Aames as Danny | Morey Amsterdam as Floyd Loomis | Richard Deacon as Dr. Yates | Elaine Joyce as Darlene Potter | Susan Lucci as Paula Hastings | Rose Marie as Bertha Finch | Michelle Phillips as Linda Gammon | Tristan Rogers as Barry Weldon | Jerry Van Dyke as Norman Quigley
Director: Don Weis

144 :06x07 - Spoonmaker Diamond, The/Papa Doc/The Role Model/Julie's Tycoon (1)

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Guest Stars: Mike Connors as Mark Hayward | Linda Evans as Unknown | Polly Bergen as Unknown | Nancy Dussault as Unknown

145 :06x08 - Spoonmaker Diamond, The/Papa Doc/The Role Model/Julie's Tycoon (2)

Is one of the prime suspects in a diamond robbery in Istanbul, passenger Mark Hayward, a former international jewel thief? Also involved in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the theft are a beautiful woman, who is attracted to Hayward, and an unusual couple. Mike Connors, Linda Evans, Polly Bergen and Nancy Dussault guests.
Guest Stars: Mike Connors as Mark Hayward | Linda Evans as Unknown | Polly Bergen as Unknown | Nancy Dussault as Unknown

146 :06x09 - Thanksgiving Cruise: Too Many Dads/Love Will Find a Way/The Best of Friends

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Guest Stars: Wendy Schaal as Elaine Hamilton | Lorne Greene as Buck Hamilton | Richard Hatch (1) as Roger Lewis
Director: Richard Kinon

150 :06x13 - A Christmas Presence

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Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Unknown
Director: Richard Kinon

152 :06x15 - Captain's Replacement, The/Sly as A Fox/Here Comes The Bride...Maybe

A skipper (McLean Stevenson) hoping to replace Capt. Stubing boards the Pacific Princess, two men compete for the same woman (Shelley Fabares), and the fiancee (Jenilee Harrison) of a wealthy young man is afraid of revealing her background to his parents.
Guest Stars: Jenilee Harrison as Erica Dupont | Frank Bonner as Ben Phillips | Shelley Fabares as Marie Frances Bellflower | Arte Johnson as Henry Greg | Stephen Shortridge as Josh Wallingford | McLean Stevenson as Captain Donahue | William Windom as Harold Wallingford | Jane Wyatt as Margaret Wallingford
Director: Bob Sweeney

153 :06x16 - Doc's Big Case/A Booming Romance/The Senior Sinners

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Guest Stars: Adam West as Elliot Norton | Telma Hopkins as Velma Phillips | Theresa Merritt as Faye Phillips | Brian Stokes Mitchell as Jeffrey Niver | Tori Spelling as Sarah | James Noble (1) as Bob Williams | Raymond St. Jacques as Tom Niver | Holland Taylor as Kathy Brighton | Alan Young as Ross

157 :06x20 - The Zinging Valentine/The Very Temporary Secretary/Final Score

The owner of a secretarial agency (Don Adams of Get Smart) has problems finding a secretary for a difficult woman (Fannie Flagg) and so he offers himself, and ends up falling in love with her.

A handsome football player (John Amos of Roots) tries all sorts of moves in romancing a girl (Jayne Kennedy), but strikes out all the time.

A passenger (Donny Most) finds himself involved with an offbeat lady (Claudia Lonow of Knots Landing) who also happens to be a stowaway.
Guest Stars: Don Adams as unknown | Fannie Flagg as unknown | John Amos as unknown | Jayne Kennedy as unknown | Don Most as unknown | Claudia Lonow as unknown
Director: Richard Kinon

158 :06x21 - The Captain's Crush/Off-Course Romance/Out of My Hair

Captain Stubing goes ga-ga over a movie queen (Joan Collins) who has recently divorced her ninth husband. Stubing is enraptured by her charm and beauty, while she contemplates adding him to her list of conquests.
Elsewhere aboard the Pacific Princess, a woman(Stella Stevens) finds herself feeling lonely because her husband's (Monte Markham) golf fame comes first. So, she decides to flirt with an old friend (Ron Ely). Meanwhile, a hairdresser (Richard Gilliland) tries to break up the engagement of his former girlfriend (Delta Burke) to a stuffy man (Jeffrey Tambor).
Guest Stars: Joan Collins as Movie queen | Stella Stevens as unknown | Monte Markham as unknown | Ron Ely as Unknown | Richard Gilliland as unknown | Delta Burke as unknown | Jeffrey Tambor as unknown
Director: Ted Lange

159 :06x22 - Abby's Maiden Voyage / He Ain't Heavy / I Like to Be in America

As usual, there are three skits. In "Abby's Maiden Voyage", a young woman (Mary McDonough) who boards with her friend (Constance Forslund) meets a man (Brodie Greer) with whom she is determined to lose her virginity to!

Next, "He Ain't Heavy" is about a young man (Michael J. Fox), travelling with his parents (Barbara Billingsley and Don Porter), who takes an instant dislike to one of the ship's crew (Gregg Henry).

Lastly, in "I Like To Be In America", a woman named April (Charo) tells Capt Stubing and his crew that she wants to remain an United States citizen, but have to pass a test. With the help of a judge (Esther Rolle) on board, Stubing and gang play tutor to her — for the better, or the worse?
Guest Stars: Mary Beth McDonough as unknown | Barbara Billingsley as Unknown | Constance Forslund as unknown | Brodie Greer as unknown | Michael J. Fox as unknown | Don Porter as unknown | Gregg Henry as unknown | Charo as April Lopez | Esther Rolle as Judge

160 :06x23 - Vicki's Dilemma/Discount Romance/ Looser & still Champ

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Shirley | Red Buttons as Jimmy
Director: Jack Arnold

161 :06x24 - So Help Me Hanna/The Maid Cleans Up/C.P.R.,I.O.U

Vivacious Hannah (Mary Martin) rekindles a love affair with an old flame (Max Showalter).
Guest Stars: Mary Martin as Hannah | Max Showalter as unknown
Director: Kim Friedman

163 :06x26 - The Professor Has Class/When The Magic Disappears/We The Jury

A professor (Sam Jaffe) is told by his student that someone is taking his place — and it's she! Other guests: Dick Van Patten, Anne Meara and Barry Van Dyke.
Guest Stars: Sam Jaffe as Professor | Dick Van Patten as unknown | Anne Meara as unknown | Barry Van Dyke as unknown
Director: Richard Kinon

166 :06x29 - The Fountain of Youth/Bad Luck Cabin/Uncle Daddy

A 75-year-old man, holidaying with his granddaughter, is envious when he meets a friend who hasn't aged. When his granddaughter falls for the man, he tries to get hold of the young man's "youth potion". Bartender Isaac finds his bachelor status! threatened when the woman he's been dating has marriage on her mind. A happy honeymoon goes awry when a couple is assigned to the ship's "Bad Luck Cabin".
Director: Robert Scheerer

Season 7

167 :07x01 - China Cruise: The Pledge/East Meets West/Dear Roberta/My Two Dumplings (1)

The crew and passengers of the Pacific Princess travel to the People's Republic of China, guests include John Forsythe, Ursula Andress, Linda Evans, Lee Majors, Susan Anton and Lee Horsley.
Guest Stars: John Forsythe as unknown | Ursula Andress as unknown | Linda Evans as Unknown | Lee Majors as unknown | Susan Anton as unknown | Lee Horsley as unknown
Director: Robert Scheerer

169 :07x03 - Bricker's Boy/Lotions Of Love/The Hustlers

Doc learns that he has a son (Timothy Patrick Murphy), an advertising man (Brodie Greer) tries to carry out a new campaign, and a male escort (Ted McGinley) falls for a fellow passenger (Constance Forslund) while accompanying an older woman.
Guest Stars: Timothy Patrick Murphy (1) as unknown | Brodie Greer as unknown | Ted McGinley as unknown | Constance Forslund as unknown

170 :07x04 - Prisoner Of Love/Youth Takes A Holiday/Don't Leave Home Without It

A middle aged husband and wife (Charlotte Rae, Louis Nye) are surprised when a friend (Jamie Farr) boards with a much younger woman, a retired policeman (Cornel Wilde) is wrongly accused of a jewel theft, and Gopher is trapped by a man-hungry WAC captain (Beth Howland).
Guest Stars: Beth Howland as unknown | Cornel Wilde as unknown | Jamie Farr as unknown | Charlotte Rae as unknown | Louis Nye as unknown
Director: Robert Scheerer

171 :07x05 - Rhino Of The Year/One Last Time/For Love or Money

Several bigoted award presenters (Mike Douglas, Chuck McCann, Floyd Levine) shock Capt Stubing, a couple (Stella Stevens, Kevin McCarthy) prepare to divorce, and a man (Paul Kreppel) tries to make a romantic match for an impotent friend (Paul Sand).
Guest Stars: Chuck McCann as Royal Rhino | Mike Douglas (1) as **Unknown** | Floyd Levine as unknown | Stella Stevens as unknown | Kevin McCarthy as unknown | Paul Kreppel as unknown | Paul Sand as unknown
Director: Don Weis

172 :07x06 - Friend Of The Family/Affair on Demand/Just Another Pretty Face

A couple learn that their daughter (Deborah Shelton) loves an older man (Robert Reed): a woman (Florence Henderson) tries to arrange an affair for her husband (Gordon Jump), and the niece (Kim Lankford) of the cruise line's director creates havoc.
Guest Stars: Deborah Shelton as unknown | Robert Reed as unknown | Florence Henderson as unknown | Gordon Jump as Unknown | Kim Lankford as Unknown | Clint Walker as unknown
Director: Ted Lange

173 :07x07 - Japan Cruise: When Worlds Collide/The Captain and the Geisha/The Lottery Winners/The Emperor's Fortune (1)

The good captain, crew and celeb guests set sail for beautiful and mysterious Japan and love and intrigue.
Guest passengers include Marlette Hartley, Heather Thomas, Ted Knight, Rita Moreno, John Ritter and Harvey Korman.
Guest Stars: Mariette Hartley as unknown | Heather Thomas as unknown | Ted Knight as unknown | Rita Moreno as unknown | John Ritter as unknown | Harvey Korman as unknown

175 :07x09 - Long Time No See/The Bear Essence/Kisses and Makeup

A carnival director (Howard Keel) has an emotional reunion with a woman from his past; two comics (Michael Lembeck, Christopher Mayer) pursue the same woman, and a palm reader (Crystal Bernard) debates whether to be honest with her groom.
Guest Stars: Crystal Bernard as unknown | Christopher Mayer as unknown | Michael Lembeck as unknown | Howard Keel as unknown
Director: Don Weis

176 :07x10 - Julie and The Bachelor/Intensive Care/Set Up for Romance

Julie falls for a famous entertainer (Engelbert Humperdinck), Doc and Gopher compete for the nurse (Patricia Carr) to an invalid (Tom Bosley), and a businessman (Bradford Dillman) surprises two employees (Mark Harmon, Cristina Raines).
Guest Stars: Mark Harmon as Unknown | Cristina Raines as unknown | Bradford Dillman as unknown | Tom Bosley as unknown | Patricia Carr as unknown | Engelbert Humperdinck as unknown
Director: Richard Kinon

177 :07x11 - The Reluctant Father/Don't take My Wife Please/The Worlds Greatest Kisser/Mata

Vicki tries to help a young lady (Danielle Brisebois) with parental problems; a newlywed (Parker Stevenson) tries to hide his wife (Kirstie Alley) from his dallying boss, and a man (Dan Haggerty) enlists a friend (Elaine Joyce) to help him learn which crew member stole his fiancee.
Guest Stars: Elaine Joyce as unknown | Dan Haggerty as unknown | Kirstie Alley as unknown | Parker Stevenson as unknown | Danielle Brisebois as unknown
Director: Ted Lange

178 :07x12 - The Prize Winner/Dee Dee's Dilemma/Julie's Blind Date

A detective looks for a disguised woman, a famous author's secretary causes trouble for her boss and his wife, and Julie is plagued by an arrogant suitor.
Director: Richard Kinon

179 :07x13 - The Misunderstanding/Love Below Decks/The End is Near

A former movie star (Claire Trevor) meets the daughter whom she hasn't seen in years; a widow falls for the ship's engineer, and a couple live it up as they await the end of the world.
Guest Stars: Claire Trevor as unknown
Director: Robert Scheerer

180 :07x14 - Last Case/Looking for Mr. Wilson/Love on Strike

John Hillerman plays an internationally famous inspector, traveling with his secretary. And all this turns into a missing person case with the captain and crew suspects. Also Julie's old school chum (Jeannie Wilson), with her son in tow, is startled to meet her father (Claude Akins) and another shipmate (Tony Dow).
Director: Richard Wells

182 :07x16 - The Buck Stops Here/ For Better or Worse/Bet On It

A rich widow and her brother create a special cruise for charity, a bride gambles away her wedding money to avoid living with her new in-laws and a school teacher becomes obsessed with a slot machine.
Director: Richard Kinon

195 :08x02 - Vicki and the Fugitive/Lady in the Window/Stolen Years/Dutch Treat (1)

The second two-hour special in as many weeks finds the cast and crew off to Amsterdam and Copenhagen, with stories about misspent love and
bad timing. Sailing to Amsterdam and Copenhagen, two people (Cloris Leachman, George Kennedy) meet again; a woman (Elke Sommer) avoids the smitten captain; Vicki befriends a fugitive (Patrick Cassidy); a mistress (Teri Copley) surprises her lover.Guests include Eileen Brennan, Cloris Leachman, Elke Sommer, George Kennedy, Teri Copley and Pat Harrington.
Guest Stars: Eileen Brennan as Helen Foster | Cloris Leachman as Lisa Andersen | Elke Sommer as Inga Van Damme | George Kennedy as Erik Larsen | Teri Copley as Tracy Hayes | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Dr. Milton Foster | Patrick Cassidy as Anton Haarland / Peter Hudson
Director: Robert Scheerer

202 :08x09 - The Last Heist/Starting Over/Watching the Master

'The Last Heist': A woman learns a startling secret about her travel-companion uncle. David Blake (Patrick Macnee), who along with his cousin Paula (Julia Duffy) embarks, plans a last big robbery he wants to steal a valuable necklace from Martha Parker (Abby Dalton) ...
"Watching the Master"Doc's romantic plans are quashed when his ex-wife's fiance boards the ship, Doctor Adam Bricker (Bernie Kopell) welcomes his new flame, Gloria (Delta Burke) aboard the Pacific Princess. However, happiness of the couple is heavily under fire when Hall Wiliston (William Christopher), the new fiancé of Adam's ex, decides to imitate the doctor's love style ...
'Starting Over': Cruise Leader Judy McCoy (Patricia Klous) welcomes her recently divorced friend Beth Reed (Deborah Adair) who has become bitter about any kind of romance, A recent divorcee shares a secret with a man she's just met...
Guest Stars: Patrick Macnee as David Blake | Douglas Barr as Andy Brooks | Delta Burke as Gloria | William Christopher as Hal Wiliston | Abby Dalton as Martha Parker | Julia Duffy as Paula | Deborah Adair as Beth Reed
Director: Ted Lange

203 :08x10 - By Hook or By Crook/Revenge With the Proper Stranger/Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Gopher and Isaac believe that Judy's love interest (Patrick Wayne) has a shady past and a married woman pursues an affair with a fellow passenger.
Guest Stars: Ray Buktenica as Marvin Cooperman | Ken Kercheval as Lester Irvin | Patrick Wayne as Mick Morel | Jan Smithers as Carol Cooperman | William R. Moses as Jack | Heidi Bohay as Missy | Devon Ericson as Helen Brown
Director: Richard Kinon

204 :08x11 - My Mother, My Chaperone/The Present/The Death and Life of Sir Alfred Demerest (1)

A novelist (Lilli Palmer) objects to her daughter's affair with a married man; a young man learns his actor-father (Trevor Howard) is an alcoholic; Judy discovers her ex-husband is aboard.
Guest Stars: Lilli Palmer as unknown | Trevor Howard as unknown
Director: Richard Kinon

208 :08x15 - Santa, Santa, Santa/Another Dog Gone Christmas/Noel's Christmas Carol

A young woman enlists the aid of Ace in order to impress her mother, a down-and-out comic gains a new lease on life and the staff inadvertantly hires three Santa's. Take a Christmas cruise on "The Love Boat" along with Ray Walston, Avery Schreiber and Scatman Crothers, playing a trio of Santas...
Guest Stars: Avery Schreiber as Patrick | Ray Walston as Unknown | Scatman Crothers as Unknown | Anne Francis as Unknown | Howard Morris as Unknown | Shea Farrell as Unknown | Justin Gocke as Unknown | Michelle Johnson (1) as Unknown | Kim Lankford as Unknown

209 :08x16 - Instinct/Unmade for Each Other/BOS

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Guest Stars: Conrad Bain as Unknown
Director: Richard Kinon

218 :08x25 - Charmed, I'm Sure/Ashes to Ashes/No Dad of Mine

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Guest Stars: Telma Hopkins as Kate Kilmer
Director: Richard Kinon

Season 9

The Shipshape Cruise

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Director: Richard Kinon

The Christmas Cruise

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Bruce Bilson

Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Kim Friedman

221 :09x01 - A Day in Port

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Guest Stars: Conrad Bain as Unknown
Director: Kim Friedman

222 :09x02 - Your Money or Your Wife/Joint Custody/The Temptations

When the Temptations arrive on board, Vicki tries to convince their manager to let them perform; a loan shark and a client work out a shady deal; Stubing investigates a kidnapping. Guest stars include Vic Tayback and Michael Spound.
Guest Stars: Charlotte Rae as Milly Brown | Franklin Cover as Marvin Brown | The Temptations as Themselves | Vic Tayback as unknown | Michael Spound as unknown
Director: Robert Scheerer

223 :09x03 - Hidden Treasure/Picture from the Past/Ace's Salary

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Guest Stars: Andy Griffith as Larry Cooper | Marion Ross as Mary Hammond
Director: Richard Kinon

226 :09x06 - Forties Fantasy

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Kim Friedman

228 :09x08 - Trouble in Paradise/No More Mister Nice Guy/The Mermaid and the Cop

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Guest Stars: Teri Hatcher as Amy, Loveboat Mermaid
Director: Richard Kinon

234 :09x14 - Egyptian Cruise (1)

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Guest Stars: Jean Stapleton as Unknown
Director: Robert Scheerer

235 :09x15 - Egyptian Cruise (2)

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Jean Stapleton as Unknown
Director: Robert Scheerer

237 :09x17 - The Second Time Around/Hello, Spencer/Runaway, Go Home

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Guest Stars: Marion Ross as Emily Hayward
Director: Ted Lange

242 :09x22 - Spain Cruise: The Matadors/Mrs. Jameson Comes Out/Love's Labors Found/Marry Me, Marry Me (1)

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Guest Stars: Melissa Sue Anderson as Vista Ford | Sada Thompson as unknown | Cesar Romero as unknown | Lorenzo Lamas as unknown | Mary Crosby as unknown | Olivia Brown as unknown | Adrian Zmed as unknown
Director: Robert Scheerer

244 :09x24 - My Stepmother, Myself/Almost Roommates/Cornerback Sneak

Vicki resents her father's upcoming marriage; a gridiron star tries to convince the team's owner to keep him on the roster; a man has trouble with his shipboard roommates. Vanessa Williams, Michael Winslow and Trish Van Devere guest star.
Guest Stars: Vanessa Williams as unknown | Michael Winslow as unknown | Trish Van Devere as unknown
Director: Robert Scheerer
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1977
Ended: May 24, 1986
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