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Season 6

133 :06x01 - Lucy Meets the Berles

Lucy is given time off from the bank to be a personal secretary for Milton Berle. When she overhears a conversation over an intercom, she believes he is planning an affair with actress Ruta Lee. Feeling disgusted, Lucy lets Milton know exactly how she feels about his indiscretion.
Guest Stars: Ruth Berle as Herself | Milton Berle as Himself | Ruta Lee as Herself | Mary Jane Croft as Mary Jane Lewis
Director: Jack Donohue
Writer: Bob O'Brien

134 :06x02 - Lucy Gets Trapped

Lucy fakes an illness to attend a big sale at a department store. When she enters the doors, she finds out she is the 10 millionth customer, winning all sorts of prizes. But all is not wonderful when Mr. Mooney sees her picture in the newspaper the next day.
Guest Stars: Bartlett Robinson as Mr. Wilkins | William Lanteau as Floorwalker | Joan Swift as Laurie | Mary Jane Croft as Mary Jane Lewis | Roy Roberts as Mr. Cheever
Director: Jack Donohue

135 :06x03 - Lucy and the French Movie Star

Lucy jumps at the chance to help a handsome Italian movie star dictate a letter. But when she drinks a bit too much champagne, she comes close to losing her job.
Guest Stars: Jacques Bergerac as Jacques DuPre | Roy Roberts as Mr. Cheever
Director: Jack Donohue
Writer: Bob O'Brien

136 :06x04 - Lucy, the Starmaker

Lucy is assigned to show Mr. Cheever's nephew Tommy, around the bank and get him acquainted to the business. But along the way she discovers he really wants to be a performer and has a great singing voice. Lucy invites a producer into the bank who unknowingly will be hearing an audition.
Guest Stars: Lew Parker as Mr. Penrose | Frankie Avalon as Thomas Cheever | Roy Roberts as Mr. Cheever | Mary Jane Croft as Mary Jane Lewis
Director: Jack Donohue

137 :06x05 - Lucy Gets Her Diploma

A new bank policy requires all employees to be high school graduates. Lucy had never finished with her education and must go back to class.
Guest Stars: Barbara Babcock as English Teacher | Lucie Arnaz as Patty Martin | George E. Carey as Principal | Sean Morgan (1) as Johnny | Robert Pine as Steve Josephs | Donald Randolph as History Teacher | Doris Singleton as Doris | Philip Vandervort as Alan | Dave Willock as Math Teacher
Director: Jack Donohue

138 :06x06 - Lucy and Jack Benny's Account

Jack Benny agrees to move his money to the bank if Lucy can prove that their vault is safer than his.
Guest Stars: Jack Benny as Himself | Roy Roberts as Mr. Cheever
Director: Jack Donohue

139 :06x07 - Little Old Lucy

Mr. Heatherton, the elderly bank president has arrived for a visit. Mr. Mooney asks Lucy to masquerade as Amelia Van Dyne, an old woman as an escort for Mr. Heatherton since Mr. Mooney had forgot to set up a date for him.
Guest Stars: Roy Roberts as Mr. Cheever | Dennis Day (1) as Cornelius Heatherington, Jr. | Mary Jane Croft as Mary Jane Lewis
Director: Jack Donohue

140 :06x08 - Lucy and Robert Goulet

Chuck Willis, a poor trucker is denied a loan from the bank. Lucy suggests he enters a Robert Goulet look-a-like contest to win some money.
Guest Stars: Mary Wickes as Miss Hurlow | Robert Goulet as Himself (AKA: Chuck Willis / Arthur Finster) | Sid Gould (1) as Messenger | Vanda Barra as Waitress | Lucie Arnaz as Dot
Director: Jack Donohue

141 :06x09 - Lucy Gets Mooney Fired

Lucy adds 48 cents to the bank till to even out the books. When Mr. Cheever hears of what is going on he fires Mr. Mooney, feeling he had a part in the cover up. Lucy tries to make Mr. Cheever feel he is going nuts in order to get Mr. Mooney reinstated.
Guest Stars: Joan Swift as Joan Cosgrove | Irwin Charone as Henry
Director: Jack Donohue

142 :06x10 - Lucy's Mystery Guest

Lucy receives a letter stating that someone is coming for a stay but accidentally tears up the note before reading who sent it. The writer was her health conscience Aunt Agatha, who has strict rules about nutrition and exercise for everyone to follow.
Guest Stars: Mary Wickes as Aunt Agatha
Director: Jack Donohue

143 :06x11 - Lucy, the Philanthropist

Lucy gives a bum a hot meal and asks Mr. Mooney for a job in the bank to get him back on his feet again. Meanwhile, Mr. Mooney overhears that a millionaire has been posing as a vagabond and handing out money to Good Samaritans.
Guest Stars: Frank McHugh as Charles Snowden
Director: Jack Donohue

144 :06x12 - Lucy Sues Mooney

Lucy is injured when she works at the home of Mr. Mooney and plans on suing him for her pain and suffering. She enlists the services of an attorney, a cousin of Mary Jane, named Willy Wiley. Willy is a shyster who sees a fortune to be made in this case and plans on suing Mr. Mooney for all he has.
Guest Stars: Jack Carter as Willy Wiley | Parley Baer as Judge | Lew Parker as Garfield | Irwin Charone as Bailiff
Director: Jack Donohue

145 :06x13 - Lucy and the Pool Hustler

Lucy enters a billiards competition at a local pool hall. Her opponent, Laura Winthrop, looks vaguely familiar though to her, in fact she looks a bit like Ace, a pool hustler.
Guest Stars: Dick Shawn as Ace/Laura Winthrop | Herbie Faye as Danny | Remo Pisani as Andy | Vanda Barra as Vanda Wilson | Joan Swift as Joan
Director: Jack Donohue

146 :06x14 - Lucy and Carol Burnett (1)

Lucy attends a flight attendant school and is paired up with Carol Tilford, a woman who is afraid of heights. Trouble ensues on their first flight as the passenger's film breaks. Lucy and decide they can save the day by entertaining the passengers themselves.
Guest Stars: Richard Arlen as Himself | Buddy Rogers as Himself | Kasey Rogers as Miss Cavanaugh | Rhodes Reason as Brennan | Eric Mason (2) as Passenger Agent
Director: Jack Donohue

147 :06x15 - Lucy and Carol Burnett (2)

Lucy and Carol have earned their flight attendant wings. Meanwhile, Mr. Mooney asks them to team up with Buddy Rodgers and Richard Arlen from the silent film classic Wings, to perform in a stage musical.
Guest Stars: Buddy Rogers as Himself | Richard Arlen as Himself
Director: Jack Donohue

148 :06x16 - Lucy and Viv Reminisce

Viv returns to nurse Lucy who has broken her leg. But it's Mr. Mooney who looks more like a Florence Nightingale after Viv falls and breaks her leg also.
Guest Stars: Vivian Vance as Viv Bunson
Director: Jack Donohue

149 :06x17 - Lucy Gets Involved

Having broken Mr. Mooney's television she borrowed, Lucy takes on a job as a carhop at a drive-in. When a motorcyclist she encounters is accused of stealing cars, Lucy takes it upon herself to stand up for him.
Guest Stars: Jackie Coogan as Burton | Philip Vandervort as Tommy Watkins | Vanda Barra as Woman in car | Irwin Charone as Man in car
Director: Jack Donohue

150 :06x18 - Mooney's Other Wife

While at a bank convention, Mr. Mooney encounters dome innocent flirtation with a woman. When she comes to L.A., she insists that he had made promises of marriage to her. Lucy pretends to be Mrs. Mooney to portray how wicked a man he really is.
Guest Stars: Edie Adams as Nanette Johnson | Roy Roberts as Mr. Cheever
Director: Jack Donohue

151 :06x19 - Lucy and the Stolen Stole

A business dealing with a shady character for a fur stole has Mr. Mooney landing in jail for theft. But when Lucy gets involved in proving his innocence, they find themselves being arrested over and over again.
Guest Stars: John J. Fox as Officer Shapiro | Ray Kellogg as 2nd Officer | Buddy Hackett as Harry Barton | John Harmon (1) as Frankie
Director: Jack Donohue

152 :06x20 - Lucy and Phil Harris

Lucy brings home a drunken, lounge singer in hopes of drying him out. With her help, he finishes a "could be" hit song, if Lucy's singing doesn't drive him to drink again.
Guest Stars: Kasey Rogers as Miss Carroll | Phil Harris (1) as Phil Stanley | Gerald Mohr as Ruby | Lew Parker as Jack Murray | Vanda Barra as Waitress
Director: Jack Donohue

153 :06x21 - Lucy Helps Ken Barry

When Ken is denied a loan from the bank to open a dance studio, Lucy attempts to help him out by getting him some much needed publicity. Her idea is to take a bunch of truckers and turn them into dancers in front of reporters.
Guest Stars: Ken Berry as Himself | Ralph Story as Himself
Director: Jack Donohue

154 :06x22 - Lucy and the Lost Star

Lucy and Viv get the wrong idea when they knock on the door of Joan Crawford and see her home empty of any furniture. They believe she has fallen on hard times but do not know she is really having it restored.
Guest Stars: Vivian Vance as Viv Bunson | Joan Crawford as Herself | Lew Parker as Agent
Director: Jack Donohue

155 :06x23 - Lucy and Sid Caesar

There is a forger running around town who looks like Sid Caesar. Sid asks for Lucy's help in catching him while working at the bank.
Guest Stars: Sid Caesar as Himself | Jack Collins (1) as Rocky | Irwin Charone as Security Officer | Carole Cook as Gladys
Director: Jack Donohue
Writer: Bob O'Brien

156 :06x24 - Lucy and "The Boss of the Year" Award

Lucy campaigns for Mr. Mooney to be named "Boss of the Year" to ensure his chance of getting a job as president of a bank in San Fransisco.
Guest Stars: Gary Morton (1) as Emcee | Jack Collins (1) as Entertainer
Director: Jack Donohue
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 01, 1962
Ended: September 16, 1968
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