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The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Vulcan Affair

The New York headquarters for The United Network Command for Law and Enforcement (U.N.C.L.E.) is compromised by a team of assassins from U.N.C.L.E.'s arch enemy, THRUSH, in an apparent preemptive strike before attempting to overthrow a new country's leadership.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 1059
Airdate: Tuesday September 22nd, 1964

Director: Don Medford
Writer: Sam Rolfe

Guest Stars
William MarshallWilliam Marshall
As Ashumen
Pat CrowleyPat Crowley
As Elaine May Donaldson (as Patricia Crowley)
Fritz WeaverFritz Weaver
As Andrew Vulcan

Co-Guest Stars
Ivan DixonIvan Dixon
As Soumarin (Jean Francis Soumarin)

Rupert CrosseRupert Crosse
As Nobuk (General Molte Nobuk)
Victoria ShawVictoria Shaw
As Gracie Ladovan
Mario SilettiMario Siletti
As Del Floria
Eric BerryEric Berry
As Alfred Ghist

Arthur ToveyArthur Tovey
As Party Guest
Bernard SellBernard Sell
As Party Guest
Billy CorcoranBilly Corcoran
As Ronny
Charles SeelCharles Seel
As Reverend Anderson
George FordGeorge Ford
As Party Guest
Joseph V. PerryJoseph V. Perry
As Assault Force Leader
Kenner G. KempKenner G. Kemp
As Party Guest
Regis PartonRegis Parton
As Security Guard
Richard KielRichard Kiel
As Thug
Robert BrubakerRobert Brubaker
As Assassin
Roy JensonRoy Jenson
As Assassin
Forbes MurrayForbes Murray
As Party Guest
Harry DennyHarry Denny
As Party Guest
Main Cast
Robert VaughnRobert Vaughn
As Napoleon Solo
David McCallumDavid McCallum
As Illya Kuryakin
Leo G. CarrollLeo G. Carroll
As Alexander Waverly


At the Del Floria dry cleaning shop in downtown New York City, a man comes in and casually tosses his coat over a nearby TV screen as he lights a cigarette. When the owner comes over to check his jacket, the newcomer gasses him unconscious with a trick cigarette lighter. The intruder then disables the bell on the door and waits for the phone to ring. When it does, he lets three men in. They enter the changing room and pull on a secret handle, opening a concealed door. There’s a receptionist on the other side in a high-tech office and they stop her from hitting an alarm, then gas her unconscious. In the front room of the shop, the first man puts on his coat and goes to work, pretending to be the owner...

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Episode Notes
Premiere episode, later released as a TV and theatrical movie entitled To Trap A Spy.

The pilot and then later movie version would have re-named characters, added or deleted scenes, and changes in the plot from this television episode.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Jerry GoldsmithMeet Mr. Solo 

Episode Quotes
Waverly: Their idea was to prevent me from acting on some new information we just received. Here. You can have the information. Then THRUSH can try and kill you for awhile.

Napoleon: Now, uh, whatever happened to red lipsticks? You know, this is a fraud against men.
Female Passenger: Why? Under the new lipsticks are the same old lips.
Napoleon: Well, that's a comfort.

Reverend Anderson: All I can say to you is that the Bishop asked me to vouch for Mr. Solo. In all conscience, the best I can do is vouch for the Bishop.

Napoleon: As of now, you are Elaine Van Avery of Northridge, Oklahoma.
Elaine May Donaldson: Well, what's wrong with being just me?
Napoleon: Well, because, it will help if you're a little more important than you.

Napoleon: Well, you musn't forget. I've told you about the organization we're dealing with. They kill people the way people kill flies. A careless flick of the wrist, a reflex action.

Napoleon: No no no no no. You see, you're--you're pushing when you should be guiding. Excuse me. You see, it's all in the right hand, like this, flat. Palm beneath your partner's right shoulder blade, arm rigid, and then when you turn, she follows. Thus. Oh, by the way, I'm cutting in.

Elaine May Donaldson: Well, I do admire him and I don't believe all those terrible things you've told me about him. He just isn't like that.
Napoleon: Elaine, if that blood you washed off my face doesn't impress you, then I would suggest that you go down to the river tomorrow and watch them fish out what's left of my car.

Napoleon: Are you afraid?
Elaine May Donaldson: Of course I'm afraid.
Napoleon: But not of Vulcan. She's the one you're afraid of, isn't she? Look at how well she wears the clothes. The jewels. She mixes with important people. She enjoys meeting them. The excitement of a Washington party. But Elaine Donaldson has no place here, has she? You have to go home, back to being an ordinary housewife. You're afraid that when the time comes, you won't be able to walk away from what you see in that mirror.

Napoleon: And you must have been patient, Mr. Ashumen, to have posed as a patriot all those years while you set your country up for THRUSH to take over.
Ashumen: THRUSH is my country.

Napoleon: Sorry.
Elaine May Donaldson: Oh, you were very clear about the risks involved. I understood them and I accepted them. You mustn't blame yourself.
Napoleon: Of course I don't blame myself. It had to be done.

Episode Goofs
A continuity flub is seen when Mr. Waverly hands Napoleon Solo a file. The wide shot shows the file transfer in a hallway vacant of all objects.

But in the close-up, when the file is handed off, there's a telephone directly in the background when there was no phone or anything else in the hall.

At the end of the pilot episode, Robert Vaughn speaks directly to the camera, inviting viewers and advertisers to come back each week for more adventures. In this short clip, Solo mistakenly informs the watcher that the U.N.C.L.E. headquarters is in New York's East Fifties, when in actuality, it's supposed to be the East Forties. He also introduced actor Will Kuluva, who was to play his boss Mr. Allison. Kuluva would appear in the pilot only, turning over that role to Leo G. Carroll who would be featured as Mr. Waverly throught out the series.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperSam Rolfe
ProducerNorman Felton  |  Sam Rolfe
MusicJerry Goldsmith
Set DecoratorFrank R. McKelvy  |  Henry Grace
Director of PhotographyJoseph Biroc
Art DirectorGeorge W. Davis  |  Merrill Pye
Film EditorHenry Berman
Assistant DirectorMaurice Vaccarino
Production AssociateJoseph Gantman
Supervising Film EditorJohn D. Dunning
Recording SupervisorFranklin Milton
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