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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Will Ferrell, Jenny McCarthy

Megan starts off the week with a bang! Will Ferrell is Megan's first guest and he's here to get the laughs started with a serenade for Megan! Next, the funny and quirky Jenny McCarthy stops by to give Megan some "must-have" items for any new talk-show host. And don't miss 10-year-old martial arts champion, Tyler Weaver, as he captivates audiences with his in-studio performance!
Guest Stars: Will Ferrell as Himself | Jenny McCarthy as Herself

2 :01x02 - Eva Mendes, "So You Think You Can Dance", Granny Basketball

The beautiful Eva Mendes shares dating tips with Megan and our viewers. Dance sensations Heidi and Benji from So You Think You Can Dance teach Megan some of their best moves. Plus, we'll take you to Lansing, Iowa to see a basketball league like you've never seen before! And Megan goes to the gym for a workout...well, sort of.
Guest Stars: Eva Mendes as Herself | Benji Schwimmer as Himself | Heidi Groskreutz as Herself

3 :01x03 - Lisa Kudrow, 10 year-old Opera Singer, Adam Rodriguez

Lisa Kudrow visits Megan to talk about her life as the Comeback girl. Next, you won't want to miss this 10-year-old opera singer who performs - in Chinese - and then with Megan! Adam Rodriguez from the hit show, CSI: Miami, stops by too!
Guest Stars: Lisa Kudrow as Herself | Adam Rodriguez as Himself

4 :01x04 - Carol Burnett, Rainn Wilson, Hollerin' Championships

Megan welcomes one of her all-time favorites to her show, the legendary Carol Burnett. And the laughs continue with Rainn Wilson from the hilarious, Emmy award-winning show, The Office. We visit Spivey's Corner, North Carolina, to check out the "National Hollerin' Championships." And Megan sings to the audience about her addiction to television! Tune-in to see if you can keep up with this TV junkie!
Guest Stars: Carol Burnett as Herself | Rainn Wilson as Himself

5 :01x05 - Felicity Huffman, 'Animal Guys' Paul Hahn and David Riherd, Enrique Murciano

Oscar-nominee and Emmy Award-winning actress Felicity Huffman drops by to talk about life on Wisteria Lane. Then Megan brings the wild to her set - you've never seen animals like these before! And actor Enrique Murciano from Without A Trace stops by just in time to catch the end of Megan's premiere week.
Guest Stars: Felicity Huffman as Herself | Enrique Murciano as Himself

6 :01x06 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Illusionist Criss Angel, Mario Lopez

Megan catches up with her college friend and recent Emmy Award-winning actress, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Illusionist and magician Criss Angel drops by the set to showcase some of his mind-blowing talents and talks about his new television series, Mindfreak. Plus, the early favorite from the new season of Dancing with the Stars, Mario Lopez, is here to give Megan the scoop on dancing - tune-in to see if he teaches her some new moves!
Guest Stars: Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Herself | Criss Angel as Himself | Mario López as Himself

7 :01x07 - Debra Messing, Fashion Makeover with Lucky Magazine, Omar Epps

Megan's friend and co-star from Will & Grace, Debra Messing, makes her first visit to Megan's new show! Debra catches up with Megan, talks about her new animated movie, Open Season, and sings a hilarious Broadway-style duet with Megan about their time together on Will & Grace. Allyson Waterman from Lucky Magazine visits the show and gives four lucky audience members a fashion makeover! And Omar Epps visits Megan to talk about the hit show House and to talk about his days as a rapper. Don't miss Megan's rapping debut!
Guest Stars: Debra Messing as Herself | Omar Epps as Himself

8 :01x08 - George Lopez, Jennifer Finnigan, Vacuum Cleaning Genius, Tim Bagley At A Cher Convention

Comedian and actor George Lopez stops in to chat with Megan about the fourth season of his hit show. Then, from the legal drama, Close To Home, daytime Emmy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Finnigan, visits with Megan. Plus, an 11-year-old vacuum cleaning genius shares part of his vacuum collection with Megan, and then gives her a vacuum cleaning demo! And introducing Tim Bagley, a Megan Show correspondent, who checks out the one-and-only "Cher Convention" in Las Vegas!
Guest Stars: George Lopez as Himself | Jennifer Finnigan as Herself | Tim Bagley as Himself

9 :01x09 - Sela Ward, Chris Noth

Actress Sela Ward stops by to talk about life on the big screen. Then, former Sex and the City heartbreaker Chris Noth will talk to Megan about life after Mr. Big and the new season of Law and Order: Criminal Intent.
Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Herself | Chris Noth as Himself

10 :01x10 - Patricia Heaton, Duane Martin, Jesse McCartney

We visit the local Home Depot - Megan style! Actress Patricia Heaton, talks to Megan about what it was like to end the hit series Everybody Loves Raymond. Then, Patricia gives Megan's viewers her very own 'consumer reports' on a few well-known products! Megan's friend, Katie Puckrick, takes a trip to the hottest new day spa... the doggie day spa, that is! Dwane Martin, the hip dad on television's All Of Us, talks to Megan about being a dad on TV and in real life! And heartthrob Jesse McCartney performs his latest single, "Right Where You Want Me", for our audience.
Guest Stars: Patricia Heaton as Herself | Duane Martin as Himself | Jesse McCartney as Himself

11 :01x11 - Jane Kaczmarek, Masi Oka, Champion Cloggers

Jane Kaczmarek, perhaps best known from her role as Lois on Malcolm In The Middle, talks to Megan about her brand new show, Help Me Help You. Masi Oka stops by to talk to Megan about his new job - playing Hiro Nakamura on NBC's new show, Heroes. Then, we have a special performance by a group of champion cloggers!
Guest Stars: Jane Kaczmarek as Herself | Masi Oka as Himself

12 :01x12 - Tom Bergeron, Eric Stromer, Elizabeth Perkins

Tom Bergeron, host of two hit shows, America's Funniest Home Videos, and Dancing With The Stars, chats with Megan and shows her a few dancing moves he has picked up! TV's hunky carpenter, Eric Stromer, shows Megan and her viewers a few tricks of the trade. Elizabeth Perkins, who stars in Weeds, stops by to catch up and reminisce with Megan; the two have been friends since they worked together on the movie About Last Night in the mid-80's! And don't miss a cameo by a special guest!
Guest Stars: Tom Bergeron as Himself | Eric Stromer as Himself | Elizabeth Perkins as Herself

13 :01x13 - Tim Daly, Domino Magazine

Actor Tim Daly talks to Megan about his latest project, The Nine. Then, our viewers learn how to make any room look high-end on a shoestring budget thanks to tips and tricks from Domino Magazine!
Guest Stars: Tim Daly as Himself

14 :01x14 - Connie Britton, Michael Clark Duncan

From NBC's brand new show, Friday Night Lights, actress Connie Britton visits with Megan. Then, the very talented - and very BIG actor - Michael Clark Duncan makes his first visit to the show. He talks to Megan about being a big fan of hers - and about his latest movie, School For Scoundrels.
Guest Stars: Connie Britton as Herself | Michael Clarke Duncan as Himself

15 :01x15 - Jennifer Love Hewiitt, Jonny Lee Miller, J. Xavier

The radiant and beautiful actress Jennifer Love Hewiitt stops by to chat with Megan about her CBS hit show, Ghost Whisperer. Actor Jonny Lee Miller, who is starring in another CBS show, the highly-touted new drama, Smith, talks with Megan. Then, a new and talented rap artist, J. Xavier, who is only 13 years old -- performs his latest single: "Say Goodbye" from his album I Love My Music.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Love Hewitt as Herself | Jonny Lee Miller as Himself | J. Xavier as Himself

16 :01x16 - Virginia Madsen, Noah Gray-Cabey, Around The Office

Actress Virginia Madsen, who stars in the brand new show Smith, chats with Megan then shows her some fun and creative crafts to do with kids. Rusty Schwimmer, a Megan Show correspondent (and one of Megan's best friends!) takes a trip to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium and puts on a show with the dolphins! Then - Noah Gray-Cabey, a young actor with a big role in the new show, Heroes, talks to Megan about superpowers and shows off his amazing piano skills in a special performance with Megan.
Guest Stars: Virginia Madsen as Herself | Noah Gray-Cabey as Himself | Rusty Schwimmer as Herself

17 :01x17 - Marcia Cross, Clinton Kelly, Isaiah Washington

Get ready for Megan's 15 Seconds of Fame, where a few lucky audience members have 15 seconds to impress us with different tricks and talents! First time mom-to-be, actress Marcia Cross, visits with Megan and talks about the new season of Desperate Housewives. Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear shows a few audience members how to accentuate their positive features! And Isaiah Washington from ABC's Grey's Anatomy talks about the new season of the hit show - and then sings "Home On The Range" for Megan—you won't want to miss his performance!
Guest Stars: Marcia Cross as Herself | Clinton Kelly as Himself | Isaiah Washington as Himself

18 :01x18 - Molly Ringwald, OK Go

Molly Ringwald, who is starring in the Broadway musical, Sweet Charity, stops by to talk to Megan (a musical lover!) about her latest gig. And in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we hear a heartfelt story from Sarah, a breast cancer survivor, who reminds us the importance of early detection. Then the musical group, OK Go, famous for their music video - which features the band members and treadmills - is here to perform their hit song, "Here It Goes Again."
Guest Stars: OK Go as Themselves | Molly Ringwald as Herself

19 :01x19 - Wanda Sykes, Goran Visnjic, Ruben Studdard

The hilarious Wanda Sykes visits with Megan and dishes about her latest project on HBO titled Wanda Sykes: Sick and Tired. Then, renowned pet psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick does a reading on both Wanda's and Megan's dogs! From NBC's Emmy award winning show, ER, Goran Visnjic, who plays the sexy Dr. Luka Kovac, pays Megan a visit. And from one of Megan's favorite television shows, former American Idol winner, Ruben Studdard performs his latest single, "Change Me."
Guest Stars: Wanda Sykes as Herself | Goran Visnjic as Himself | Ruben Studdard as Himself

20 :01x20 - Peter Gallagher, Nathan Burton, Tyler James Williams

The sexiest dad in the O.C., Peter Gallagher, makes an unforgettable entrance thanks to magician Nathan Burton! Later, Nathan wows the audience when he saws Megan in half! The young and talented actor, Tyler James Williams, who stars as Chris on Everybody Hates Chris, chats with Megan - and then later he shows off his other talents with Megan's help!
Interviewees: Peter Gallagher as Himself | Nathan Burton as Himself | Tyler James Williams as Himself

21 :01x21 - Bradley Whitford, Shelley Morrison, Eric Mabius, Mario Vazquez, Phil Pfister

Bradley Whitford stops by to talk about what life is like at Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Then we have a very impressive guest come to the show: it's "the world's strongest man," Phil Pfister. Phil was recently crowned with this title at a competition held in China and he will show us why he won as he performs a few amazing feats! One of Megan's friends stops by to chat - it's Shelley Morrison, a.k.a. "Rosario" the hilarious maid from Will & Grace! Later, we have a performance from former American Idol contestant Mario Vasquez, who performs "Gallery," from his self-titled debut album.
Guest Stars: Bradley Whitford as Himself | Shelley Morrison as Herself | Mario Vazquez as Himself | Phil Pfister as Himself | Eric Mabius as Himself

22 :01x22 - Cheyenne Kimball, Laura Linney, Ricardo Antonio Chavira

Get ready to laugh as Megan transforms herself into a teen pop princess ("The Megan") in preparation for Cheyenne Kimball being on the show! Megan's first "self portrait" selection from her website. Kimi McDonald, from Burnsville, MN, does a live satellite interview with Megan explaining why her five photo selections explain who she is as a person. Who knew that Laura Linney, who most recently stars in Man of the Year, is also a donut expert! She does a blindfolded donut test with Megan that will have you laughing out loud! Fitness expert Kathy Kaehler brings along some elementary school kids to talk about the importance of fitness and health education in elementary schools. One of the hunks from Wisteria Lane, Antonio Chavira, shares some laughs with Megan as he talks about the latest season of Desperate Housewives. Then, Cheyenne Kimball gives "The Megan" a run for her money as she and her band perform "Hanging On."
Guest Stars: Cheyenne Kimball as Herself | Laura Linney as Herself | Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Himself | Kathy Kaehler as Herself

23 :01x23 - Merv Griffin, Kim Raver, Author Jennifer Egan

The legendary Merv Griffin (and one of Megan's inspirations for her own show) makes his first visit to the show. Author Jennifer Egan, whose latest book is called The Keep, talks with Megan, who is both a fan of Jennifer's and an avid book reader. Kim Raver visits with Megan and chats about her acting gig on the mega-hit 24, as well as her latest project, The Nine.
Guest Stars: Merv Griffin as Himself | Kim Raver as Herself | Jennifer Egan as Herself

24 :01x24 - Rob Morrow, Rebecca Cole, Anne Heche, Joshua Bell

Rob Morrow talks to Megan about his latest acting role, starring as Don Eppes on Numb3rs. One of the country's top designers, Rebecca Cole, shows Megan and her audience how to "bring the outdoors in." Actress Anne Heche, chats with Megan about starring in Men In Trees, as well as a few other projects she is involved in. Then, we have a special performance from the amazing violinist, Joshua Bell, who performs a song off of his album Voice of a Violin.
Guest Stars: Rob Morrow as Himself | Rebecca Cole (2) as Herself | Anne Heche as Herself | Joshua Bell as Himself

25 :01x25 - Josh Duhamel, Alison Lohman, Authors Mark Leyner and Bill Goldberg, Aly & AJ Michalka

Heartthrob and star of NBC's Las Vegas, Josh Duhamel, shares a few laughs with Megan and her audience. We hear the latest "dos" and "don'ts" from Glamour magazine - you won't want to miss this great fashion advice! The young and beautiful actress Alison Lohman, who has had roles in a number of big movies, talks about her latest role - starring as Katherine McLaughlin in the new movie Flicka. Mark Leyner and Bill Goldberg, authors of Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex? give us the real scoop about their new book. Up-and-coming artist (and sisters!) Aly & AJ Michalka, perform their latest single.
Guest Stars: Josh Duhamel as Himself | Alison Lohman as Herself | Mark Leyner as Himself | Bill Goldberg (1) as Himself | Alyson Michalka as Herself | Amanda Michalka as Herself

26 :01x26 - Kristin Chenoweth, Jill Conner Browne, Nick & Aaron Carter, the Sweet Potato Queens

Kristin Chenoweth, from Running with Scissors and Deck the Halls, performs a song and dance with Megan, and Sweet Potato Queens author, Jill Conner Browne, gives Megan a sweet potato cooking demo that you won't want to miss! Later, Nick and Aaron Carter stop by to give Megan the dirt on their new reality TV series, House of Carters, and then some audience members take part in Megan's 15 Seconds of Fame!
Guest Stars: Kristin Chenoweth as Herself | Jill Conner Browne (1) as Herself | Aaron Carter as Himself | Nick Carter as Himself

27 :01x27 - Jamie Lee Curtis, The Mystic Pixies, Amy Smart, Taylor Swift

The very talented actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, chats with Megan and tells her about her new children's book, Is There Really A Human Race? Then, you won't believe the ways the girl contortionist group, The Mystic Pixies, can bend their bodies! Actress Amy Smart visits with Megan and tells us what she really wants. And, a newcomer on the country music scene, Taylor Swift, performs her song, "Tim McGraw," with a few special lyrics just for Megan!
Guest Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis as Herself | Amy Smart as Herself | Taylor Swift as Herself

28 :01x28 - Lauren Holly, Ruben Studdard, Daniel Dae Kim

Megan does her second "self portrait" interview, this time with Tony Loverde, live via satellite from Honolulu, Hawaii. Actress Lauren Holly, who stars in the television show NCIS, talks to Megan about her crazy schedule, which includes three young children - one of whom makes a surprise appearance with his mom on Megan's couch! Then, former American Idol champion, Ruben Studdard performs "Change Me" off his new album The Return. Plus, actor Daniel Dae Kim, from Lost, chats with Megan.
Guest Stars: Lauren Holly as Herself | Ruben Studdard as Himself | Daniel Dae Kim as Himself

29 :01x29 - Cloris Leachman, Jensen Ackles, Dog Halloween Costumes with Teri Austin, ecostylist Danny Seo

Megan welcomes Cloris Leachman, who joins her for a palm reading. Cute dogs strut their stuff during the Dog Halloween Costume Fashion Show with Teri Austin. Then, Supernatural's Jensen Ackles chats with Megan, and ecostylist Danny Seo shows Megan some great Halloween ideas.
Guest Stars: Cloris Leachman as Herself | Jensen Ackles as Himself | Danny Seo as Himself | Teri Austin as Herself

30 :01x30 - James Denton, Yahoo 9's Maria Sansone, Angela Kinsey, JoJo

Two brave guys try to beat the fish tossing record; James Denton of Desperate Housewives; Yahoo! The 9 viral videos with Maria Sansone; The Office's Angela Kinsey; and pop sensation JoJo.
Guest Stars: James Denton as Himself | Maria Sansone as Herself | Angela Kinsey as Herself | JoJo as Herself

31 :01x31 - Steven Weber, Audra McDonald

Megan shares some laughs with one of the stars of NBC's new fall show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Steven Weber. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we hear an inspiring story from a young mother. Tony Award-winning musician Audra McDonald chats with Megan and then performs "Wonderful You," from her new album Build A Bridge. Plus, we see another "Homegrown Story" - this time from Megan fan April Washko.
Guest Stars: Steven Weber as Himself | Audra McDonald as Herself

32 :01x32 - Neil Patrick Harris, Kevin Federline

It's Halloween at the Megan Show! Our set is completely decorated and everyone is in costume! Megan welcomes a big Halloween fan, Neil Patrick Harris, from How I Met Your Mother. Then, it's Mr. Britney Spears himself–Kevin Federline! Kevin tells Megan about his guest appearance on CSI, and then performs "Privilege," off his debut album Playing With Fire. In honor of the holiday, some very scary animals drop by the set. And, for those procrastinators, Robyn Moreno from Woman's Day has last minute costume ideas for kids.
Guest Stars: Neil Patrick Harris as Himself | Kevin Federline as Himself

33 :01x33 - Jamie Kennedy, Jeffrey Sebelia, Meat Loaf, Card Thrower Rick Smith

It's Comedy Wednesday! To start things off, the hilarious Jamie Kennedy drops by the set to talk to Megan about his new DVD, Unwashed. The winner of season three's Project Runway, Jeffrey Sebelia, talks to Megan about the ups and downs of his experience on the show. Then, prepare to be dazzled by card thrower and Guinness Book of World Records holder, Rick Smith. Plus, rock legend, Meat Loaf, performs for our studio audience.
Guest Stars: Jamie Kennedy as Himself | Jeffrey Sebelia as Himself | Meat Loaf as Himself

34 :01x34 - Clay Aiken, Tysonia Tschinga "real life" Dancing with the Stars

The Megan Show has welcomed some of the best dancers from ABC's Dancing With the Stars! Today, Megan teams up with Tysonia Tschinga for our "real life" version of Dancing With the Stars! Next, we will show our viewers some funny and surprising uses for common items. Then, former American Idol contestant, Clay Aiken performs "A Thousand Days," from his new CD - and then does a duet with Megan!
Guest Stars: Clay Aiken as Himself | Tysonia Tschinga as Herself

35 :01x35 - Sean Hayes, Eddie Cibrian, Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, Author Mitch Albom

One of Megan's best friends - and her Will & Grace co-star, Sean Hayes makes his first visit to the show! Sean and Megan share some laughs, reminisce about their time on their hit series, and then Sean helps Megan judge members of her audience in another installment of My Audience Got Talent. From the show Vanished, Eddie Cibrian stops by to chat with Megan. The author Mitch Albom, whose book Tuesdays With Morrie, spent four years on the New York Times Best Seller List (and is the most successful memoir ever published), visits with Megan to talk about his new book For One More Day. Plus, from the National Geographic Channel, it's the dog whisperer - Cesar Millan, who works his magic on Megan's two dogs, Willa and Elmo.
Guest Stars: Sean Hayes (2) as Himself | Eddie Cibrian as Himself | Mitch Albom as Himself | Cesar Millan as Himself

36 :01x36 - Barry Manilow, Parminder Nagra, Tim Bagley visits "America's Got Talent", Kid's Ballroom Dancing

The one and only Barry Manilow is on the show! Barry chats with Megan and performs a song off of his new album, The Greatest Songs of the Sixties. Ballroom dancing is becoming more and more mainstream - and we've got some amazing ballroom dancers on the show - and they are all kids! Plus, Megan correspondent Tim Bagley is back. This time, he is interviewing David Hasselhoff at an audition for the next season of America's Got Talent. Then, from NBC's long-running drama, ER, Parminder Nagra stops by.
Guest Stars: Barry Manilow as Himself | Parminder Nagra as Herself | Tim Bagley as Himself

37 :01x37 - Mark Harmon, Hip Hop Champions, Constance Zimmer, Melora Hardin

From the hit show NCIS, Mark Harmon visits with Megan. We have the 2006 Hip Hop Champions on the show. They perform for the audience and show us why they won the title! From Boston Legal, Constance Zimmer chats with Megan. Then, our audience gets involved with the show as they play a game called "Hey, Where d'ya Go?" Plus, from the Emmy Award winning comedy The Office, it's Melora Hardin.
Guest Stars: Mark Harmon as Himself | Constance Zimmer as Herself | Melora Hardin as Herself

38 :01x38 - Kevin Nealon, Antonio Sabato Jr.

The former Saturday Night Live actor Kevin Nealon is on the show. He is still making people laugh - and talks about his latest stand-up comedy project. Then, the hunky and talented Antonio Sabato, Jr. chats with Megan. Our audience will laugh while learning surprise uses for everyday items! Next, we have another installment of self portrait. This time, Megan talks via satellite to Kim Rucker from Gainsville, FL about the five photos that help to explain who she is. To wrap things up, our audience gets involved in the show as they participate in a funny game called, "Which Came First?"
Guest Stars: Kevin Nealon as Himself | Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Himself

39 :01x39 - Bob Saget, sex educator Sue Johanson

Actor turned comedian, turned game show host, Bob Saget, visits with Megan and talks about his latest role as the host of NBC's new game show, 1 vs. 100. Then, get ready to laugh as renowned sex educator, Sue Johanson, talks to Megan about her live show on the Oxygen Channel, Sex Talk, on which she candidly answers every caller's most burning and embarrassing questions. Plus, our audience will get to know Megan's band a little better!
Guest Stars: Bob Saget as Himself | Sue Johanson as Herself

40 :01x40 - Molly Sims, Andrea Bowen, The Ten Tenors, Celebrity trainer Michael Carson

From NBC's hit show, Las Vegas, Molly Sims stops by to talk about the new season - and she also answers fashion questions from some of our audience members. Then, Andrea Bowen, the 16-year old actress who plays Julie Mayer on Desperate Housewives, visits with Megan - and talks about what it has been like to grow up on the set of a hit TV show. Celebrity trainer, Michael Carson, shows Megan and our audience how to get fit - while watching TV! Plus, we have a special performance by The Ten Tenors, a musical group consisting of ten guys from Australia, who sing everything from classical opera to rock and roll!
Musical Guests: The Ten Tenors as Themselves |
Interviewees: Molly Sims as Herself | Andrea Bowen as Herself

41 :01x41 - Cheryl Hines, Tim Gunn, Thanksgiving Dog Adoption Fashion Show

Today is Megan's birthday - and she will receive a few birthday surprises from some special friends! One of those friends is the funny and talented actress Cheryl Hines, who stops by to talk with Megan about her latest role as executive producer on Oxygen's Campus Ladies - and her ongoing role as Cheryl David on the Golden Globe Award-Winning series, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Megan has another installment of her ongoing segment "Homegrown Stories." This time, we hear from Megan Show viewer Gillian Perry. Then, from Project Runway - it's the famous Tim Gunn, who also has a birthday wish for Megan! Plus, you won't want to miss our special fashion show. Teri Austin from the Amanda Foundation is here with some very cute dogs modeling the latest in Thanksgiving doggie fashions!
Guest Stars: Cheryl Hines as Herself | Tim Gunn as Himself | Teri Austin as Herself

42 :01x42 - David Hyde Pierce, Linda Cardellini, Taylor Ware

He's gone from Frasier to Broadway–it's David Hyde Pierce! He chats with Megan about starring in Curtains, a new musical comedy opening on Broadway next year. He also talks about something close to his heart, The Alzheimer's Association. Megan's friend and designer, Rebecca Cole, is back and this time she is showing our audience "winter dacor - and a little more!" From the Emmy Award-winning drama, ER, Linda Cardellini is on the show. Then, get ready to laugh as Megan visits a local Starbucks. Plus, from America's Got Talent, it's yodeler Taylor Ware - who gives both Megan and an audience member a lesson on yodeling!
Guest Stars: David Hyde Pierce as Himself | Linda Cardellini as Herself | Taylor Ware as Herself | Rebecca Cole (2) as Herself

43 :01x43 - Patricia Arquette, Champion Pirouette Dancer, Daily Candy Trends

Patricia Arquette, the talented and beautiful actress who stars in NBC's Medium, makes her first visit to the show. Don't miss Danielle Romano, the Editor-at-large of DailyCandy.com, who gives our viewers the inside scoop on what's new and hip across the country. Then, be prepared to get dizzy as we have 15 year-old pirouette record holder, Alicia Clifton - who will show us why she is a champion!
Guest Stars: Patricia Arquette as Herself

44 :01x44 - Dax Shepard, Tom Arnold, Kimberley Locke

Hilarious Tom Arnold stops by to laugh with Megan and talk about the DVD release of The King and I. We have three of the top twenty finalists from Oscar Meyer's "Sing a Jingle, Be a Star" contest. There is a wide variety of finalists - one of them is an adorable woman in her nineties!
Guest Stars: Dax Shepard as Himself | Tom Arnold as Himself | Kimberley Locke as Herself

45 :01x45 - Reba McEntire, Patrick Wilson, RBD

Legendary country music artist Reba McEntire is on the show! She talks about what it was like to be named Country Music Television's first "CMT Giant" - an honor that is well deserved given that she has sold over 49 million albums in her career! She also talks about her long-running sitcom, Reba. Next, we have an in-studio demo, courtesy of The Designer Guys. Then, actor Patrick Wilson is on to talk to Megan about starring in the newly released movie Little Children. Plus - we are visiting one of the four finalist schools in the Nestlé Toll House Bake-off contest!
Interviewees: Reba McEntire as Herself | Patrick Wilson (1) as Himself

46 :01x46 - Tom Bergeron, Trista and Ryan, Benji Schwimmer, Rupert Boneham

Get ready for reality show day, as some of Megan's favorite reality stars make an appearance! First up is Tom Bergeron who dishes dirt on the second season of Dancing with the Stars–and talks about the season three winner, Emmitt Smith! Then, Trista and Ryan, who became household names thanks to The Bachelorette, tell Megan about married life and what they have been up to since the show ended. Benji Schwimmer from So You Think You Can Dance is back to bust some more moves. And Rupert Boneham from Survivor: Pearl Island and Survivor: All Stars tells us about his charity for kids. Plus, don't miss all the reality stars playing a game on the Megan stage!
Guest Stars: Tom Bergeron as Himself | Benji Schwimmer as Himself | Rupert Boneham as Himself | Trista Rehn as Herself | Ryan Sutter as Himself

47 :01x47 - Sharon Stone, Scott Foley, Rusty Schwimmer, Paz Vega, Danny Seo

Mega-star Sharon Stone stops by to talk about her latest role, starring in the critically acclaimed film Bobby. Up next, another great actor: Scott Foley. He chats with Megan about his show, The Unit, on CBS. Megan's friend, Rusty Schwimmer is back! Be prepared to laugh as she takes part in a "cranberry bog!" Then, the beautiful actress Paz Vega, tells Megan about her latest film, 10 Items or Less. Plus, Danny Seo is also back! This time he is here to give the audience some great tips on Thanksgiving entertaining.
Guest Stars: Sharon Stone as Herself | Scott Foley as Himself | Rusty Schwimmer as Herself | Paz Vega as Herself | Danny Seo as Himself

48 :01x48 - Wayne Brady, Penguins Pete and Penny, Nestle Toll House Bake Sale Finalist

The very funny and talented Wayne Brady is on the show. He laughs with Megan and talks about his guest starring role on How I Met Your Mother. Then, we have two very special guests stopping by. It's the penguins, Pete and Penny, here to promote the U.S. television premiere of The March of the Penguins on the Hallmark Channel. Plus, we have students from the two finalist schools in Megan's Nestlé Toll House Bake Sale on the show. They will have one final bake-off to determine which school will win $25,000! Megan's mom, Martha Mullally, helps Megan judge the winning school.
Guest Stars: Wayne Brady as Himself

49 :01x49 - Camryn Manheim, Phil Pfister, James Lesure, Author Karen Rizzo

The world's strongest man, Phil Pfister, is back for a hilarious "wife-carrying challenge!" From Ghost Whisperer, it's actress Camryn Manheim. We have another installment of Megan's "Homegrown Stories," featuring Megan viewer, Brittany Smith from Mooresville, North Carolina. Actor James Lesure dishes the dirt on his hit show Las Vegas. Plus, Things to Bring, S#!** To Do author Karen Rizzo laughs and chats with Megan.
Guest Stars: Phil Pfister as Himself | Camryn Manheim as Herself | James Lesure as Himself | Karen Rizzo as Herself

51 :01x51 - David Boreanaz, Julianne Nicholson, Bianca Ryan

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Guest Stars: David Boreanaz as Himself | Julianne Nicholson as Herself | Bianca Ryan as Herself

53 :01x53 - Tracy Morgan, Melissa Peterman, Jarod Miller, Eric Stromer

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Guest Stars: Tracy Morgan as Himself | Melissa Peterman as Herself | Jarod Miller (1) as Himself | Eric Stromer as Himself

54 :01x54 - Carrie Fisher, Paul Rodriguez, Nadine Velazquez

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Guest Stars: Carrie Fisher as Herself | Paul Rodriguez as Himself | Nadine Velazquez as Herself

55 :01x55 - Rosanna Arquette, Tom Green, Adrian Pasdar

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Guest Stars: Rosanna Arquette as Herself | Tom Green (1) as Himself | Adrian Pasdar as Himself

56 :01x56 - Marla Sokoloff, Taylor Hicks, "Campus Ladies"

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Guest Stars: Marla Sokoloff as Herself | Taylor Hicks as Himself

57 :01x57 - Phyllis Diller

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Guest Stars: Phyllis Diller as Herself

58 :01x58 - Carson Kressley, Beau Bridges, Amy Sedaris

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Guest Stars: Carson Kressley as Himself | Beau Bridges as Himself | Amy Sedaris as Herself

59 :01x59 - Wendie Malick, Janice Dickinson

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Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Herself | Janice Dickinson as Herself

60 :01x60 - John Stamos, Brenda Strong, Cris Judd, Tyrese

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Guest Stars: John Stamos as Himself | Brenda Strong as Herself | Cris Judd as Himself | Tyrese Gibson as Himself

62 :01x62 - Jeffrey Tambor, Tisha Campbell, designer Mark Montano, Hall & Oates

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Guest Stars: Mark Montano as Himself | Jeffrey Tambor as Himself | Tisha Campbell-Martin as Herself | Hall & Oates as Themselves

63 :01x63 - Shawn and Marlon Wayans, Taylor Hicks

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Guest Stars: Shawn Wayans as Himself | Marlon Wayans as Himself | Taylor Hicks as Himself

64 :01x64 - Oded Fehr, Rob Morrow, Rhea Perlman, Sarah Rush

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Guest Stars: Oded Fehr as Himself | Rob Morrow as Himself | Rhea Perlman as Herself | Sarah Rush as Herself

65 :01x65 - Howie Mandel, Jennie Garth, Ahmet Zappa, psychic medium Lisa Williams

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Guest Stars: Howie Mandel as Himself | Jennie Garth as Herself | Ahmet Zappa as Himself | Lisa Williams (3) as Herself

66 :01x66 - Jane Seymour, David Conrad, Ken Davitian, Joshua Radin

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Guest Stars: Jane Seymour as Herself | David Conrad as Himself | Ken Davitian as Himself | Joshua Radin as Himself

67 :01x67 - Alfre Woodard, Milo Ventimiglia, Fantasia Barrino

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Guest Stars: Alfre Woodard as Herself | Milo Ventimiglia as Himself | Fantasia Barrino as Herself

70 :01x70 - Emily Procter, Tichina Arnold, Goo Goo Dolls

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Guest Stars: Emily Procter as Herself | Tichina Arnold as Herself | Goo Goo Dolls as Themselves (Musical Guest)

71 :01x71 - Natalie Cole, Craig Bierko, Dave Annable, Blaine Zuckerman

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Guest Stars: Natalie Cole as Herself | Craig Bierko as Himself | Dave Annable as Himself

72 :01x72 - Tom Bergeron, Tim Daly, Will Ferrell, Allison Janney, Davy Jones, Chris Noth, Jerry Springer

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Guest Stars: Tom Bergeron as Himself | Tim Daly as Himself | Will Ferrell as Himself | Allison Janney as Herself | Davy Jones as Himself | Chris Noth as Himself | Jerry Springer as Himself

73 :01x73 - Patricia Heaton, Cheryl Hines, Debra Messing, Christine Taylor

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Guest Stars: Patricia Heaton as Herself | Cheryl Hines as Herself | Debra Messing as Herself | Christine Taylor as Herself

74 :01x74 - Josh Duhamel, Jamie Kennedy, George Lopez, Mario Lopez

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Guest Stars: Josh Duhamel as Himself | Jamie Kennedy as Himself | George Lopez as Himself | Mario López as Himself

76 :01x76 - Chandra Wilson, Jesse Bradford, Clay Aiken

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Guest Stars: Clay Aiken as Himself | Jesse Bradford as Himself | Chandra Wilson as Herself
Classification: Talk Shows
Genre: Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 2006
Ended: January 26, 2007
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