Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Pilot Episode Sanction

Wendy Watson is an ordinary temp secretary who gets fired when a genetically modified monster goes berserk. This brings her into contact with... the Middleman, a special agent who contracts to take out mad scientists and evil spirits. She tags along on his newest case: looking into monkey business in the Mafia.
Special Guest Stars: Mary Lynn Rajskub as Dr. Gibbs |
Guest Stars: Stephen Sowan as Ben Stanley |
Co-Guest Stars: Fulvio Cecere as Mobster | Dawn Chubai as WXVD 9 Reporter | Tom Fisher (2) as Unknown | Lorena Gale as Mrs. Johnston | L. Harvey Gold as Domenico Colfari | Marcus Hondro as Mobster | Jennifer Jenei as Stripper | Santo Lombardo as Mobster | Norman Misura (1) as Unknown | Michael Oosterom as TBD | Scott Patey as Eddie | Emilio Salituro as Tino | Mike Starr as Various Gorillas | Colby Wilson as Firefighter |
Uncredited: Javier Grillo-Marxuach as Scientist Teaching Gorilla to Read

2 :01x02 - The Accidental Occidental Conception

Wendy and the Middleman try to stop a Terracotta Warrior from releasing a hail of fire upon the Earth, by stopping him from sacrificing the Emperor's heir. Meanwhile, Lacey is fighting with Wendy over her protest activities.
Guest Stars: Elaine Hendrix as Roxy Wasserman | Matt Funke as Trevor | Diane Sellers as Desk Sergeant | Tony Yalda as Underworld Clerk |
Co-Guest Stars: Hymnson Chan as Busboy | James Hsu as Terracotta Warrior | Christopher Ray as Duncan's Father | Connor Price as Duncan | Vincent Ward as Policeman | Susan Ziegler as Jessica
Director: Michael Zinberg
Writer: Sarah Watson
Songs: The Submarines -- Maybe, The Chaos in Order -- Sideways

3 :01x03 - The Sino-Mexican Revelation

While the Middleman investigates a diamond theft, Wendy goes to the airport to pick up Sensei Ping, her soon-to-be martial arts trainer. But when Mexican wrestlers kidnap the martial arts master and abduct the Middleman, Wendy must make her way to Yucatan to save them.
Guest Stars: Brendan Hines as Tyler Ford | Benny Nieves as El Maestro De Ceremonias | Mark Dacascos as Sensei Ping |
Co-Guest Stars: Guy Ale as Israeli Museum Curator | Armando Cosio as El Glotón | Christopher T. Wood as Doctor
Songs: The Go Find -- Beautiful Night, Senor Flavio -- Lucha Libre Lovers

4 :01x04 - The Manicoid Teleportation Conundrum

A rich woman disappears while shopping and the Middleman and Wendy investigate. The trail leads to a group of gem-eating aliens hiding on Earth, aliens targeted by a mysterious hunter. Meanwhile, the Middleman conducts a series of pop quizzes to see if Wendy is ready to become a Middleman in the future, and Wendy deals with the emotional angst of Ben putting their breakup video on the Internet.
Guest Stars: Clint Culp as Dr. Gil | Patrick Fischler as Dr. Rollin Newleaf | Allison Dunbar as Doris Schon |
Co-Guest Stars: Timothy Thomas Brown as Manicoid Guard | Joseph Ferrante as Manicoid Guard | Melissa McCarty as Newscaster | Christine Ogunade as Anita | Vincent Ward as Policeman | Blayne Weaver as Dean Schon
Writer: Tracey Stern
Songs: Arm's Way -- Pieces of You, The Russian Futurist -- Precious Metals, Scientific -- Strain My Heart

5 :01x05 - The Flying Fish Zombification

Wendy and the Middleman take on flesh-eating zombies with a taste for... fish?
Guest Stars: Todd Stashwick as Mr. White | Michele Nordin as Heidi | Al Damji as Rod Argent | Drew Tyler Bell as Pip |
Co-Guest Stars: Melanie Hawkins as Bonnie Blue | T.J. Josefy as Fishmonger (as Timothy Josefy) | Joshua Levine as Dave | Tina Joy Manera as !!!! Model | Sherry Mattson as !!!! Model | George Williams as Deputy Commissioner
Director: Allan Kroeker
Writer: Andy Reaser
Songs: Now, Now Every Children -- Everyone You Know, The Polyamorous Affair -- Merry Go Round, Layton -- That Time

6 :01x06 - The Boy-Band Superfan Interrogation

The duo take on Cindy, the world's biggest and most dangerous fan of a boy-band.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Pip | Matt Winston as Dr. Elliot Marshall | Sean Davis (1) as Joe 90 | Alan Smyth as High Aldwin | Eden Sher as Cindy Marshall |
Co-Guest Stars: David Lei Brandt as Himself | Bobby Edner as Himself | Thomas Fiss as Himself | Jayk Purdy as Himself | Drew Richards as Himself | Billy Beck (2) as Art Gallery Patron | Stephen Holland as Critic | Arloa Reston as Reporter
Director: Norman Buckley
Songs: Varsity Fanclub -- Future Love

7 :01x07 - The Cursed Tuba Contingency

Wendy and the Middleman have to find a cursed tuba that causes anyone who hears it to drown.
Guest Stars: Elaine Hendrix as Roxy Wasserman | Lance Barber as Johnny John | Joey Kern as Cecil Rogers | Jim Paddock as Arthur Mendelson |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Gier as CSI Metro Officer | Mario Quinonez, Jr. as Arturo Arroyo
Writer: Hans Beimler
Songs: Pepi Ginsberg -- Nothing More, Au Revoir Simone -- Stars

8 :01x08 - The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation

A sorority is plagued by ghosts and Wendy has to go undercover to find out what's going on.
Guest Stars: Brendan Hines as Tyler Ford | Ashley Johnson as Eleanor June Draper | Jeremy Lelliott as Louis | Tyler Kain as Allie |
Co-Guest Stars: Cindy Chiu as Kristen Lonner/Sorority Ghost | Andrew Di Palma as Fraternity Brother | Chrissie Marie Fit as Shannon Faris/Sorority Ghost | Cassandra Jean as Dana Barrett/Sorority Ghost | Darren Revitz as Fraternity Brother | Kevin Sizemore as Campus Security Guard | Rome Shadanloo as Janine Melnitz/Sorority Ghost
Director: Michael Zinberg
Writer: Sarah Watson
Songs: Camphor -- Daybreak, David Vandervelde -- Someone Like You, Time Traveller -- Sumthin About Her

9 :01x09 - The Obsolescent Cryogenic Meltdown

When a super villain known as the Candle makes his return, the Middleman must turn to... the former Middleman. Guy Goddard.
Guest Stars: Brendan Hines as Tyler Ford | Erick Avari as Lord Jeremiah Purcell | Ricky Ullman as Candle Boy (as Raviv Ullman) | Natalija Nogulich as Klebb | Kevin Sorbo as 1969 Middleman/Guy Goddard |
Co-Guest Stars: Megan Lee Ethridge as Velma Schnipp | Matthew Morgan (2) as Antol Gogol
Writer: Tracey Stern
Songs: French Kicks -- Carried Away, Emiliana Torrini -- Me and Armini, The Little Ones -- Morning Tide

10 :01x10 - The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation

An animated puppet holds the key to a mass resurrection of vampires across the Earth.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Pip | Sean Davis (1) as Joe 90 | Rob Nagle as Renfield Renny | Steve Valentine as Nikolas Pherides | Scarlett Chorvat as Irene Dubrovna | Vic Chao as Dr. Judd | Annabelle Milne as Jamie |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Adam Chambers as Anvil | Gideon Emery as Vladdy/Vlad the Impaler | Boris Kievsky as Jealous Ventriloquist | John O'Brien as Interviewer | Fred Ochs as Minister | Michael Oosterom as Spanky | Sadie Stratton as Lizzie/Elizabeth Rousset
Director: Sandy Smolan
Writer: Andy Reaser
Songs: Walter Meego -- Baby Please, Chromeo -- Bonafied Lovin

11 :01x11 - The Clotharian Contamination Protocol

When Ida is infested with alien nanobots and turns (more) evil, she tricks Wendy and the Middleman into shutting down the HQ.
Guest Stars: Brendan Hines as Tyler Ford | Mark Sheppard as Manservant Neville (as Mark A. Sheppard) | Alan Smyth as Maximum Aldwin | Leland Crooke as Fatboy CEO | Chris Ufland as Mr. Lethbridge-Stewart
Director: John Kretchmer
Songs: The Russian Futurists -- Let's Get Ready to Crumble

12 :01x12 - The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome

The duo take on the evil Palindrome, a super-villain who inadvertently transports Wendy to a parallel universe.
Guest Stars: Brendan Hines as Tyler Ford | Drew Tyler Bell as Pip | Sean Davis (1) as Joe 90 | Mark Sheppard as Manservant Neville (as Mark A. Sheppard) | Heidi Marnhout as Parallel Universe Ida | Kevin Sussman as The Palindrome / Ivan Avi |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Disch as Old Man | Jonathan Kowalsky as Fatboy Storm Trooper | Warren Sweeney as Toy Factory Owner
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Songs: Zeigeist -- Humanitarianism, Ladytron -- I'm Not Scared, Music Go Music -- Light of Love
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi | Super Heroes
Status: Canceled
Network: Freeform ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 16, 2008
Ended: September 01, 2008
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