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Season 6

170 :06x01 - Millionaire Mark Fleming

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Guest Stars: Martin Milner as Mark Fleming | Norbert Schiller as Hans | Celia Lovsky as Madame Boisvert | Edit Angold as Aunt Gerda | Anna Lisa as Stella Boisvert | Nelson Leigh as Voorhees
Director: James Sheldon

171 :06x02 - Millionaire Harry Brown

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Guest Stars: Marcia Henderson as Mrs. Brown | Charles Herbert as Bobby | Dean Miller as Harry Brown | Judy Nugent as Betty Lou | Jack Straw (2) as George
Director: James Sheldon

172 :06x03 - Millionaire Lorraine Daggett

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Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Daggett | Nicholas Georgiade as Rios | Jack Lambert (1) as Norman Obara | Lori Nelson as Lorraine Daggett | Richard Shannon as Cagle
Director: John Peyser

173 :06x04 - Millionaire Phillip Burnell

This week's million dollar winner is Philip Burnell, who's still obsessed with the memories of his deceased first wife, much to the chagrin of wifey number two.
Guest Stars: Scott Forbes as Phillip Burnell | Linda Leighton as Betty | Susan Oliver (1) as Cathy Burnell | Angela Stevens as Marion
Director: James Sheldon

174 :06x05 - Millionaire Doctor Joseph Frye

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Guest Stars: Tod Andrews as Dr. Joseph Frye | Jean Carson as Marie | Frank Gorshin as Hal | Frances Helm as Julie

175 :06x06 - Millionaire Jim Hayes

Jim Hayes insists that wifey run the household on a businesslike basis so she starts demanding employee benefits such as time off.
Guest Stars: Tommy Noonan as Jim Hayes | Phyllis Avery as Shelley Hayes | Ruth Perrott as Mrs. Mowery
Director: James Sheldon

176 :06x07 - Millionaire Maureen Reynolds

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Guest Stars: Christine White as Maureen Reynolds | Robert Fortier as Scott Reynolds | David Fresco as Hotel Manager | Martin Garralaga as Swega | Marshall Thompson as Bill Anderson | A.G. Vitanza as Taxi Driver
Director: Robert Altman

177 :06x08 - Millionaire Jeff Mercer

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Guest Stars: Toni Gerry as Susan Mercer | Dennis Kohler as Jeff Mercer | Peter Marshall (2) as Harry Mercer

178 :06x09 - Millionaire Tom Hampton

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Guest Stars: Ann Baker as Shirley | William Campbell as Tom Hampton | Clark Howat as Clark | Laurie Mitchell as Julie | Frances Morris as Mrs. Clark

179 :06x10 - Millionaire Sergeant Matthew Brogan

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Guest Stars: Ron Ely as Phillips | Bert Freed as Sgt. Matthew Brogan | Rex Holman as Carillo | June Kenney as Janie
Writer: Jack Roche

180 :06x11 - Millionaire Mitchell Gunther

Mitchell Gunther decides to use his million dollars to get revenge upon the partner who cheated him.
Guest Stars: David Alpert (1) as Defense Attorney | Harry Townes as Mitchell Gunther | Steve Brodie as Ray Wilson | Frank Gerstle as Ross Marshall | Joe Kerr (1) as Judge | June Vincent as Louise McCall

181 :06x12 - Millionaire Andrew C. Cooley

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Guest Stars: Andy Clyde as Andrew C. Cooley | John Gallaudet as John Walters | Edmund Penney as Roger Carter | Joan Taylor as Mary Ann Wilson | Frank Wilcox as Harvey Thorpe
Director: Robert Altman

182 :06x13 - Millionaire Nancy Pearson

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Guest Stars: Gordon Gebert as Messenger | Darryl Hickman as Johnny Pearson | Connie Hines as Nancy Pearson | Bob O'Connor as Messenger | Abigail Shelton as Norma

183 :06x14 - Millionaire Jackson Green

Beatnik Jackson Green receives the million dollar check and decides to use part of the money to open up a Beatnik Club for the cool cats in his area.
Guest Stars: Adam Williams as Jackson Greene | Joanna Moore as Peggy Carlisle | Dick Patterson as Ahmed | Patricia George as Girl
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Jack Marlowe

184 :06x15 - Millionaire Timothy Mackail

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Guest Stars: William Boyett as Lt. Decker | James Coburn as Lew Bennett | Suzanne Lloyd as Donna Blake | William Reynolds (1) as Timothy Mackail

185 :06x16 - Millionaire Elizabeth Tander

Elizabeth Tander has a boring job and an overbearing mother so when she receives her million she decides to chuck it all and head out for Hollywood.
Guest Stars: June Dayton as Elizabeth Tander | Vaughn Taylor as Lucas | Patrick O'Neal as David Stevens
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Jack Marlowe

186 :06x17 - Millionaire Sylvia Merrick

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Guest Stars: Wayne Rogers (1) as Allan Merrick | Diane Brewster as Sylvia Merrick | Robert Griffin as Dr. Matthews | Janet Lord as Nurse | Richard Lupino as Doug Whitfield
Director: Joe Parker

187 :06x18 - Millionaire Whitney Ames

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Guest Stars: Anita Sands as Linda Ames | Elvia Allman as Mrs. Case | Frances Bergen as Eva Lewis Ames | Robert Paige as Whitney Ames | Julie Van Zandt as Model
Director: James Sheldon

188 :06x19 - Millionaire Janie Harris

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Guest Stars: Mary Murphy (1) as Janie Harris | Paul Picerni as guest star | Jeff Richards (2) as guest star | Jean Willes as guest star
Writer: Betty Blunt

189 :06x20 - Millionaire Margaret Stoneham

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Guest Stars: Francis DeSales as Myron Bradford | Jerry Doggett as Jury Foreman | Florence Ravenel as Mrs. Tanney | James Franciscus as Tom Doane | Anatol Winogradoff as Wilbur Dreyer
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Jack Roche

190 :06x21 - Millionaire Jerry Mitchell

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Guest Stars: Lisa Gaye as Carol Yates | George Grizzard as Jerry Mitchell | Betty Hanna as Mrs. Baker | Byron Morrow as Baker | Danny Sue Nolan as Linda Mitchell | Walter Reed as James Mitchell | Dan Tobin as Dr. Alan Mitchell
Director: James Sheldon
Story: Jack Laird

191 :06x22 - Millionaire Sandy Newell

Sandy Newell heads off to Alaska with the intent of striking it rich so he and his longtime galpal can get married. Sandy gets a Dear John letter followed by a million dollar check and decides to use the money to find out why his sweetie pie broke their engagement.
Guest Stars: Dick York as Sandy Newell | Robert Easton as Florida Gates | Mary Webster as Ellen | Susan Dorn as Kaye | Jack Chefe as Waiter | Willard Sage as Ralph Hansen
Director: Joe Parker

192 :06x23 - Millionaire Larry Maxwell

When the wife of a minor league baseball player receives the million dollar check, hubby has her buy the team and run it.
Guest Stars: Larry Pennell as Larry Maxwell | Don Drysdale as Eddie Cano | Janet Stewart as Miss Robinson | Patricia Barry as Connie Maxwell
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Jack Marlowe

193 :06x24 - Millionaire Karen Summers

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Guest Stars: Joanna Barnes as Karen Summers | Gertrude Flynn as Martha Chambers | Ed Kemmer as Paul Torrance | Monty Margetts as Annabelle Kramer
Director: James Sheldon

194 :06x25 - Millionaire Jessica Marsh

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Guest Stars: Rachel Ames as Jessica March | Sam Flint as Judge | Frank Maxwell as Hackett | Gregg Palmer as Johnson

195 :06x26 - Millionaire Julie Sherman

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Guest Stars: Alex Gerry as Webster | Robert Gibbons as Apartment Manager | Dennis Hopper as Adam Spencer | Jack Larson (1) as Buzz | Barbara Lawson as Julie Sherman
Director: James Sheldon

196 :06x27 - Millionaire Tony Rogers

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Guest Stars: Joe Cronin as Tony Rogers | Jean Ingram as Diane | Stubby Kaye as Uncle George

197 :06x28 - Millionaire Susan Johnson

An aspiring rocker thinks he's hit the jackpot when his galpal is the latest to receive the million dollar check from Tipton. He then persuades her to spend part of the money making him a star.
Guest Stars: Sherry Jackson as Susan Johnson | John Ashley as Ken Clarkson | Ann Doran as Mrs. Johnson | Frank Jenks as Martin Fletcher | Sheila James Kuehl as Betty
Director: Dick Darley (1)
Writer: Jack Marlowe

198 :06x29 - Millionaire Nancy Cortez

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Guest Stars: Whitney Blake as Nancy Cortez | Rafael Lopez as Jose | Louis Merrill as Martez | Gustavo Rojo as Cortez | Joseph Sanchez as Fernando

199 :06x30 - Millionaire Katherine Boland

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Guest Stars: Agnes Moorehead as Katherine Boland | Tuesday Weld as Beth Boland | Jerome Cowan as Max Goodson | Bob Newkirk as Tom Smith
Director: Dick Darley (1)

200 :06x31 - Millionaire Mara Robinson

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Guest Stars: Isobel Elsom as Mrs. Buckley | Rick Jason as Buckley | Debra Paget as Mara Robinson
Writer: Betty Ulius

201 :06x32 - Millionaire Dixon Cooper

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Guest Stars: John Bangert as Tommy Miller | Virginia Gibson as Barbara Miller | Russell Pennell as Bobby Miller | Marjorie Reynolds as Mother | Dick Sargent as Dixon Cooper

202 :06x33 - Millionaire Vance Ludlow

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Guest Stars: Mary Tyler Moore as Linda | Louise Fletcher as Holly | William S. Forester (1) as Charles | Jock Mahoney as Vance Ludlow | Barbara Woodell as Mary

203 :06x34 - Millionaire Peter Longman

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Guest Stars: Susan Cummings as Ginny Hendricks | Paul Dubov as Carlo Abruzzi | Robert Harland as Peter Longman | Emile Meyer as Lt. Peyser | Harlan Warde as Detective
Writer: Betty Blunt

204 :06x35 - Millionaire Maggie Dalton

Maggie Dalton, who's depressed because of her lack of success, meets George Sorel atop the Empire State Building. It seems as though George is in the same boat. Things change when Maggie is the latest to receive a million dollar check from an unseen benefactor.
Guest Stars: Joan Camden as Maggie Dalton | Ron Randell as George Sorel | Natalie Masters as Helen | Roger Til as Pierre | Dick Wilson (2) as Sullivan

205 :06x36 - Millionaire Patricia Collins

Patricia Collins wants to use her money to help her beau, who works at a low-paying job and won't marry her until he's able to provide decent financial support.
Guest Stars: Joan Vohs as Patricia Collins | Mark Miller (1) as Alan Duncan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 19, 1955
Ended: September 28, 1960
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