Season 2

23 :02x01 - The Dirtiest Girls in Town

Credit card thieves rely on mud-wrestling in an Atlanta nightclub to divert attention from their activities.

Mud-wrestling matches at a night club are the cover behind which two young girls are running a credit card scam. Lobo has to outwit both the crooks and the jealous Atlanta police.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Chambers | Philece Sampler as Lorrie
Director: Corey Allen

24 :02x02 - The Girls with the Stolen Bodies

Deputy Perkins (Mills Watson) ends up in a straitjacket when his unauthorized investigation of mysterious deaths in a supposedly legitimate hospital puts his own life in jeopardy.

Lobo (Claude Akins) receives the "ashes" of Deputy Perkins mills Watson) and begins an investigation
that leads him to a group of attractive nurses at a supposedly legitimate hospital — but that's only the

Lobo investigates when Perkins is hospitalized with a minor wound and reportedly dies on the operating table.
Guest Stars: Deborah Benson as unknown | Bill Capizzi as unknown | Richard Herd as unknown | John Colton as unknown | Sondra Currie as Sandy | Boyd Bodwell as unknown
Director: Dick Harwood

25 :02x03 - The Fastest Women Around

The cops go undercover to crack a syndicate dealing in stolen cars.
Guest Stars: Jenny Sherman as unknown | George Loros as Logan | Wallace Chadwell as unknown | Al Stevenson as unknown | Jeannie Wilson as Shirley | Peter Mark Richman as Sherman
Story: Sy Salkowitz | Teleplay: Bill Dial (1)

26 :02x04 - Macho Man

Deputy Birdie Hawkins is persuaded by Sheriff Lobo to go undercover as a male model to investigate the death of magazine centerfold subjects.Birdie is embarrassed at first when shapely policewomen, Peaches and Brandy, impersonating models, are assigned to work with him. But out of loyalty to one of the victims, he agrees to become Mr. April.
Guest Stars: Anne Bloom as Photographer
Director: Gene Levitt

27 :02x05 - Airsick--1981

While transporting a criminal by airplane, Lobo and Birdie's flight is taken over by a hijacker and a bomber.
Guest Stars: Kristine DeBell as Ginger | Peter Hobbs as Dreyfuss
Director: Bruce Kessler
Writer: Frank Lupo

28 :02x06 - Coeds with Sticky Fingers

Lobo and his deputies probe a spate of burglaries at the home of a rich man who hires pretty baby-sitters.
Guest Stars: Reni Santoni as Meeker | Coleen Riley as Shelly
Director: Dick Harwood
Writer: Jeff Wilhelm

29 :02x07 - Sex and the Single Cop

Lobo and Peaches pose as husband and wife to nail a crime ring blackmailing clients of a fancy marriage counseling and sex therapy center.
Guest Stars: Lorrie Mahaffey as Christie | Jay Infram as Morgan
Director: Sidney Hayers

30 :02x08 - Another Day, Another Bomb

The cops, probing a series of bomb explosions in the city, uncover an important clue to the identity of the culprit. Meanwhile, a mother searching for her lost baby causes chaos in the police station.
Guest Stars: Sid Caesar as Harley | Dudley Knight as unknown | Ellen Regan as unknown | Darleen Carr as unknown | Lloyd Alan as unknown | Monty Laird as unknown
Director: Dick Harwood

31 :02x09 - The French Follies Caper

Lobo finds that he has to do some fancy footwork himself when he trails a dance troupe to Atlanta to probe a swindle involving transfer of funds via a computer.

A vivacious showgirl pursues Perkins, but only to get hold of his hat.
Guest Stars: Burr deBenning as Conti | Belinda Montgomery as Kate | Douglas Dirkson as Frank | Kristine DeBell as Ginger | Robert Sutton as unknown | William Benedict as unknown

32 :02x10 - Bang Bang, You're Dead

Perkins accidentally captures wanted man Kelbo (Bill McKinney) and when Kelbo gets out on bail and goes looking for Perkins, Lobo and Birdie come to his rescue.

Perkins gets the hero treatment for putting a notorious killer behind bars. But when the hitman escapes, and puts Perkins on his personal hit list, the deputy feels a bit less heroic.
Guest Stars: Bill McKinney as Kelbo | Gretchen Corbett as Kathleen | Susan Powell as Margaret | Frederic Downs as unknown | Sam DeFazio as unknown | John Colenback as unknown | Greg Finley (1) as unknown
Director: Sidney Hayers

33 :02x11 - The Cowboy Connection

Birdie invites Lobo and Perkins to see his former girlfriend, Kitty Rhinestone, a singer, opening her act at a local nightclub but the lawmen get mixed up in a fight that breaks out between Jeff, one of the customers, and two hoods.

Lobo's request to investigate the case is turned down by Carson but he works undercover and finds out that Jeff is involved with a smuggling syndicate.

Barbi Benton guest stars as a country-western singer in another implausible plot that somehow involves diamond smuggling and the perennial undercover ploy. This time Birdie, Peaches and Brandy disguise themselves as a country-western band. Additional guest shots by Dr. Joyce Brothers, Rory Calhoun and Bobby Sherman.
Guest Stars: Barbi Benton as Kitty Rhinestone | Bobby Sherman as unknown | Rory Calhoun as unknown | Bob Swan as unknown | Hugh Gillin as unknown | Joey Forman as Bates
Director: Harvey Laidman

34 :02x12 - What're Girls Like You Doing in a Bank Like This?

Lobo helps clear a case involving two women bank robbers and their hostages.

Deputy Perkins, Chief Carson and Sgt. Hildy Jones are
held hostage in a bank holdup as Sheriff Lobo tries to resolve the situation while keeping a gung ho SWAT leader under control.
Guest Stars: Adrienne LaRussa as Tess | Jennifer Holmes as Jamie | Deborah Benson as unknown | John Towler as unknown | Alex Hyde-White as unknown
Director: Dick Harwood

35 :02x13 - Lobo and the Pirates

Lobo and his deputies enlist the help of Perkin's niece, singer Jo Franklin, to smash a well-organised record pirating operating.

When Lobo discovers that a woman is directly involved in the illegal operation, he poses as Jo's agent in an effort to get acquainted with her.
Guest Stars: Beth Scheffell as Jo | Lynette Mettey as Jessica | Tom Stern as unknown | William Watson (2) as unknown | James A. Watson, Jr. as unknown | Doug France as unknown
Writer: Lou Shaw

36 :02x14 - The Roller Disco Karate Kaper

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Guest Stars: Rosalind Chao as Leslie | Helen Funai as Anna | Dudley Knight as unknown | Harold Sakata as unknown | Alvin Young as unknown | James Saito as unknown | Nathan Jung as unknown
Director: Sidney Hayers

37 :02x15 - Keep on Buckin'

A happy reunion with their cowboy friends from Orly soon becomes complicated when one of them is accused of shooting another. There's also a suggestion that somebody's wife is running a drug racket.

And while Lobo is trying to solve the case, Perkins falls in love with a voluptuous cowgirl.

While attending a rodeo in Atlanta, Lobo, Hawkins and Perkins meet McGraw and Willy, two
of their old friends from Orly, who are participating in the contest little realising that all five of them will be caught up not just in a murder investigation but smuggling operations too.

Guest Stars: Anne-Marie Martin as Charlotte | Gerald McRaney as unknown | Ellen Bry as unknown | Mora Gray as unknown | Steven Ford as unknown | Denny Miller as unknown | Bob Neill as unknown
Director: Daniel Haller
Writer: Frank Lupo
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 1979
Ended: August 25, 1981
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