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Season 5

Return of the Mod Squad

The Squad reunites when their former Captain, Adam Greer who is now the deputy commissioner, is being threatened by thugs.
Guest Stars: Tom Bosley as Frank Webber | Todd Bridges as Jason Hayes | Victor Buono as Keith Starr | Tom Ewell as Cook | John Karlen as Marty | Ross Martin (1) as Buck Prescott | Sugar Ray Robinson as Himself | Mark Slade as Richie Webber | Roy Thinnes as Dan | Simon Scott as Barney Metcalf | Jess Walton as Kate Kelsey | Taylor Lacher as Jake, the Bartender | Rafael Campos as Johnny Sorella | Byron Stewart as Bingo | Hope Holiday as Willie | Stoney Jackson as Student
Director: George McCowan
Writer: Robert Janes

101 :05x01 - The Connection (1)

The Squad goes into action when Capt. Greer is seriously wounded by three men posing as cops and four suitcases full of heroin disappears.
Special Guest Stars: Cesar Romero as Frank | Edward Asner as Lassiter | Cleavon Little as Unknown | Stefanie Powers as Francie Drango | Robert Reed (1) as Jerry Silver | Bradford Dillman as Charlie Drango | Richard Pryor as Unknown | Barbara McNair as Unknown | Claudia McNeil as Unknown | Gene Washington as Unknown
Director: George McCowan
Writer: Rick Husky

102 :05x02 - The Connection (2)

The Squad search for the men who shot the Captain and stole four suitcases of heroin.
Special Guest Stars: Cesar Romero as Frank | Robert Reed (1) as Jerry Silver | Edward Asner as Lassiter | Stefanie Powers as Francie Drango | Richard Pryor as Unknown | Bradford Dillman as Charlie Drango | Barbara McNair as Unknown | Claudia McNeil as Unknown | Gene Washington as Unknown
Director: George McCowan
Writer: Rick Husky

103 :05x03 - The Thunder Makers

A young man joins a motorcycle gang and pretend that they are going to rob the payroll of his father's company, unaware that his new friends are not playing games.
Guest Stars: John McLiam as Sam | Bobby Sherman as Buddy | Paul Carr as Johnson | Joe Hooker as Unknown | Frank Ramírez as Unknown | John Lasell as Farragut
Director: Jerry Jameson
Writer: Jack Turley

104 :05x04 - Yesterday's Ashes

A woman who's face is badly scarred turns to a life of crime in order to pay for a plastic surgeon to work on her injuries, prompting the Squad to help her so she doesn't need to resort to shoplifting anymore.
Guest Stars: Ivor Francis as Dr. Forrester | Robert Pine as Jay Turner | Jo Ann Harris as Sue Fielding | Nino Candido as Unknown
Director: Richard Newton
Writer: Skip Webster

105 :05x05 - A Gift for Jenny

After receiving a fur coat as a gift, Linc's friend is kidnapped by thugs running a fur theft ring.
Guest Stars: Del Monroe as Keller | Gwenn Mitchell as Jenny | Paul Richards as Dan Logan | Bo Svenson as Sully | Victoria George as Unknown | Ralph James as Unknown | Charlene Polite as Unknown | Booker Bradshaw as Unknown | Norman Bartold as Unknown
Director: Don McDougall

106 :05x06 - Taps, Play It Louder

The Squad believes they have found the missing soldier they were searching for working as a longshoreman, but are unsure because of a question about his identity.
Guest Stars: Robert F. Simon as Fred Styles | Peter Hooten as Jim Styles | Michele Nichols as Mary Ellen | Ann Doran as Unknown | Patricia McAneny as Unknown
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Sandor Stern

107 :05x07 - Eyes of the Beholder

Pete is held responsible for the death of a fur thief by his brother, who wants his revenge.
Guest Stars: Beverly Garland as Ellie | Richard Rust as Unknown | Janet Margolin as Unknown
Director: Richard Newton

108 :05x08 - Good Times Are Just Memories

A dirty police lieutenant is part of a jewelry theft ring who is accusing Pete as the killer of his informant.
Guest Stars: Leif Erickson as Lt. Jerry Price | Anthony Geary as Johnson | Clifford David as McCleary | Sam Elliott as Rick Price | Tyne Daly as Prudence Gordon
Director: Ivan Dixon

109 :05x09 - Corbey

The Squad tries to clear Captain Greer's name after he is implicated as a cop on the take.
Guest Stars: Simon Scott as Chief Metcalf | Nehemiah Persoff as Unknown | Jean Byron as Unknown | Russell Arms as Unknown | Nicholas Georgiade as Unknown | Mitchell Silberman as Corbey
Director: Richard Newton
Writer: Jack Turley

110 :05x10 - Can You Hear Me Out There?

A radio DJ unknowingly has been helping car thieves find hot vehicles to steal by announcing them on commercials, causing the Squad to investigate.
Guest Stars: Kim Hamilton as Mildred Jameson | Cal Bellini as Jimmy Gowdy | Larry D. Mann as Harry Burns | Tina Andrews (1) as Laurie Jameson | Ed Call as Graff | Louis Gossett, Jr. as Charley Jameson | Ty Henderson as Walter | Thom Carney as Sergeant | Joe Tornatore as Mechanic
Director: Seymour Robbie

111 :05x11 - Another Final Game

Pete and Julie assume the roles of a wealthy couple when an old lady whom Linc had befriended is taken for $600 by a con man.
Guest Stars: Beverlee McKinsey as Evalyn Ellis | Zara Cully as Mrs. Jones | Joseph R. Sicari as Tip Garrison | Woodrow Parfrey as Durko | Clu Gulager as Dustin Ellis | Richard Hervey as Lawyer | Paul Micale as Waiter
Director: Jerry Jameson

112 :05x12 - Crime Club

A group of highly intelligent students has the Squad on it's toes when they start making headlines with a bizarre string of well thought out robberies.
Guest Stars: Mark Slade as Barry | Pamela Susan Shoop as Carol Bridgewater | Hilly Hicks as Unknown | Joe Renteria as Unknown | Robert Lipton as Jason
Director: Don McDougall

113 :05x13 - The Twain

A Eurasian girl who is looking for her missing father, witnesses a murder of a man forging passports.
Guest Stars: Fritz Weaver as Palmer | Edward Bell (1) as Landers | Vic Tayback as Unknown | Charles Seel as Unknown | Victoria Racimo as Unknown | Allan Arbus as Unknown | Johnny Haymer as Unknown | Rudy Challenger as Unknown
Director: George Olden
Writer: Skip Webster

114 :05x14 - Belinda -- End of Little Miss Bubble Gum

The Squad protects a former child TV star after she becomes of age to start receiving death threats due to the money she had earned in show business.
Guest Stars: Bob Balaban as Tony | Ruth Roman as Irenee | Cathy Burns as Unknown | John Karlen as Unknown | Dane Clark as Blake | Len Lesser as Unknown | Anthony Jones (1) as Unknown
Director: Seymour Robbie
Writer: Bryn Morgan

115 :05x15 - Kristie

A father leaves his five year old daughter in Pete's care on Christmas Eve and then suddenly disappears.
Guest Stars: Jed Allan as Unknown | Michael Anderson, Jr. as Unknown | Robert Patten as Unknown | Jean Allen as Unknown | Debbie Lytton as Unknown | William Bassett as Unknown | Jean Hall as Unknown | Buddy Lester as Unknown
Director: Richard Newton
Writer: Rick Husky

116 :05x16 - Sanctuary

An underworld boss has discovered that Julie was working undercover as his personal secretary in order to collect information against him to use in his trial, and has ordered her to be killed.
Guest Stars: Glenn Corbett as Anderson | Hal England as Dr. Weston | Victor Buono as Vlahos | S. John Launer as Wardell
Director: Jerry Jameson

117 :05x17 - Run, Lincoln, Run

One of Linc's friends has been kidnapped and has been ordered to set him up so he can be murdered.
Guest Stars: Elliott Street as Krause | James A. Watson, Jr. as Unknown | Stefan Gierasch as Glendon | Justin Smith (1) as Unknown | Nick Lewis as Unknown | Emily Yancy as Ruth | June Dayton as Unknown | Taylor Lacher as Unknown
Director: Leonard Horn

118 :05x18 - Don't Kill My Child

The Squad refuses to believe a stepfather is the one guilty of child beating despite his confession and are positive that his son is responsible for his brother's injuries.
Guest Stars: Marlyn Mason as Jill | Nina Foch as Unknown | Murray MacLeod as Unknown | Ty Wilson as Unknown
Director: Harry Falk

119 :05x19 - Death in High Places

Linc takes a job working with steel on a high rise building in order to find out who murdered his friend.
Guest Stars: Fernando Lamas as Unknown | Jim Backus as Unknown | Bing Russell as Unknown | Ahna Capri as Unknown | Carmen Zapata as Unknown | Priscilla Garcia as Unknown | Joe Renteria as Unknown
Director: Don McDougall

120 :05x20 - Put Out the Welcome Mat for Death

The Squad is led to a hospital when they investigate a dope ring and discover the husband of a terminally ill woman is responsible for her mercy killing because she was being denied her pain killers.
Guest Stars: Howard Duff as Unknown | Martha Scott as Unknown | Kristina Holland as Unknown | Michael Burns (1) as Unknown | James Sikking as Unknown | Doreen Lang as Unknown
Director: Reza Badiyi

121 :05x21 - Scion of Death

The father of a kidnapping victim has strangely refused to report the incident causing the Squad to get involved.
Guest Stars: Ross Elliott as Unknown | Julie Adams as Unknown | Don Porter as Unknown | Mitzi Hoag as Unknown | Richard Rowley as Unknown | Larry Golden as Unknown | Daniel Spelling as Unknown
Director: Daniel Haller

122 :05x22 - The Night Holds Terror

Julie is resting at the home of a doctor and his wife, when a man begins terrorizing Julie and says he will kill everyone inside the house.
Guest Stars: Richard Dreyfuss as Caleb Dunne | Brooke Bundy as Tina | Ben Piazza as Unknown | Libby Alexander as Unknown
Director: Richard Newton
Writer: Rick Husky

123 :05x23 - Cry Uncle

The Squad make an unexpected discovery when they are put in charge of an art theft ring.
Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel as Unknown | Kathleen Freeman as Unknown | Gino Conforti as Unknown | Dena Dietrich as Unknown | Geoffrey Lewis as Unknown | Mills Watson as Unknown | Bryan Morgan (1) as Unknown
Director: Phil Bondelli
Writer: Sandor Stern

124 :05x24 - And Once for My Baby

The Squad prevents the theft of $1 million by an ex-con who is unaware that his pregnant wife is suffering from cervical cancer.
Guest Stars: Linda Marsh as Ruth | Ed Nelson as Unknown | Rex Holman as Rudy | John Kerr (1) as Unknown | Robert Phillips (1) as Nemo | Frances Lee McCain as Unknown | Cal Bartlett as Unknown
Director: Richard Newton
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1968
Ended: August 23, 1973
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