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The Neighbors: The Back Nine

The Bird-Kersees learn about human issues of race and social class when they and the Weavers are invited to an open house for a new country club.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x14
Airdate: Wednesday January 30th, 2013

Guest Stars
Patrick CassidyPatrick Cassidy
As Mr. Easterling

Co-Guest Stars
Connor RosenConnor Rosen
As Redhead Kid
Carlos TorresCarlos Torres
As Latin Boy
Main Cast
Jami GertzJami Gertz
As Debbie Weaver
Lenny VenitoLenny Venito
As Marty Weaver
Simon TemplemanSimon Templeman
As Larry Bird
Toks OlagundoyeToks Olagundoye
As Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Tim JoTim Jo
As Reggie Jackson
Ian Patrick (2)Ian Patrick (2)
As Dick Butkus
Max CharlesMax Charles
As Max Weaver
Isabella CrampIsabella Cramp
As Abby Weaver
Episode Notes
Episode viewers (millions, Live + Same Day): 5.27

Abby's first name is Abigail.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Jerry HansonWhy Not Cha Cha Cha?Marty starts building his hot tub

Episode Quotes
Debbie: Okay, guys, you can't go through our mail. A person's mail is a private thing.
Larry: Oh, yes. That's why it's placed by a stranger in a box that's left at the end of your driveway, unattended. (Scoffs) Silly fools.

Debbie: I've never seen you guys this excited before.
Larry: Well, in the ten years we've been on this planet, we've never been invited to anything.
Debbie: What are you talking about? I had you for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, Abby's birthday...
Larry: Well, nothing good.

Jackie: What do you mean by "white"? What do you mean by "snobby"? What do you mean by "upper crust"?
Debbie: Well, you know how every society has different social classes?
Jackie: Oh, no. Not on Zabvron. We are all equal. Some of us are very equal, some are middle equal, and some are... barely equal at all. They hardly deserve our scraps.
Reggie: They are beneath me!
Dick: Peasants!

Marty: You guys know you're different races, right?
Jackie: Oh, no. We took on forms that span the entire human spectrum. We can't really tell who's what. It all seems a little ridiculous to us, honestly.
Larry: Yes, I'm embarrassed to admit that after all this time here, you humans look pretty much the same. We differentiate you mostly by scent.
Jackie: Mm. If I were to plug my nose, can't tell you apart.
visual: Larry pinches his nose closed, speaks in a nasal voice.
Larry: Nope. Nothing. Can't tell who I'm talking to.
Debbie: All right.
Marty: Oh, come on.
visual: Larry removes his hand from his nose and sniffs.
Larry: Ah, there you are.

Reggie: So I went to the library, and it appears there's truth to what Debbie Weaver said about humans having different races.
Jackie: Really? What did you learn?
Reggie: , there's a lot of books on the subject, so I had to skim, but it appears that as an Asian, I should love math, be a bad driver, and worship either this guy (holds up a picture of Bruce Lee), or this guy (holds up a picture of Mao Tse Tung).
Larry: Oh. I vote him. He has a kind face.

Larry: Tell me what you know about me.
Reggie: You are a white Anglo-Saxon protestant, or "WASP"
Larry: WASP? And what do I, as a WASP, do?
Reggie: Well, many things. First of all, you can't jump...
Larry: Uh huh.
Reggie: But can dance in a silly way while biting your lower lip.
visual: Larry bites his lower lip and starts dancing foolishly.
Jackie: Ooh.
Reggie: You should love ugly sweaters...
Larry: Mm-hmm.
Reggie: have no problem getting a bank loan, pretend you discovered countries when people were already living there. And you get to be called a Republican.
Larry: Ooh. Republican. I do like the sound of that.

Man: Hello. I'm Jay Easterling III. I'm on the membership committee. Uh, are you here
for the open house?
Larry: We're here to investigate the country club to see if we want to join. I'm a Republican. I can get bank loans.
Jackie: What are you talking about, Willis?

Mr. Easterling: I've been talking to some of the members, and we're gonna ask
the Bird-Kersees to join... and not you.
Marty: What's a big word for crap?

Larry: (to Mr. Easterling) The Weavers weren't able to join your club simply because they're an upper-middle-class white family, and that's revolting. Haven't upper-middle-class white families been through enough?

Cultural References
While learning about differing human races, Reggie shows his parents pictures of Bruce Lee, famous martial artist, and Mao Tse Tung, brutal dictator of communist China.

Jackie: What are you talking about, Willis?

Jackie repeats the popular catchphrase spoken by Gary Coleman as his character Arnold on the popular American sitcom, Diff'rent Strokes.

The title of this episode has two meanings, the first is a straightforward reference to the country club central to the story. The second is a tongue in cheek reference to the fact that the series got a "back nine" episode order after the initial 13 were approved for a 22 episode season.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorDan Fogelman
Executive ProducerDan Fogelman  |  Chris Koch
Co-Executive ProducerKristin Newman  |  Kirker Butler  |  Kat Likkel  |  John Hoberg
Supervising ProducerScott King
ProducerBari Halle
Co-ProducerIsaac Aptaker  |  Elizabeth Berger (2)
Associate ProducerNick Pavonetti
Production DesignerP. Erik Carlson
EditorJonathan Schwartz (3)
CastingSusan Vash
Unit Production ManagerSuzanne Geiger
First Assistant DirectorMatt Hinkley
Second Assistant DirectorAdam Martin
MusicChris Koch  |  Jim Murphy
Music EditorChris Foster
Music SupervisorJennifer Pyken
Costume DesignerKarla Stevens
Key GripJordan Garretson
Camera OperatorBuddy Fries  |  Adam Sklena
Set DecoratorErica Rogalla
Location ManagerDuffy Taylor
Transportation CoordinatorRob Young
Property MasterPola Shreiber
Construction CoordinatorMichael Reinhart
Production Sound MixerMark Hopkins McNabb
Script SupervisorNila Neukum
Production CoordinatorJonathan Deiner
Assistant EditorLiza Cardinale
Supervising Sound EditorRandy Thomas
Re-Recording MixerBrian Harman  |  Dean Okrand
Director of PhotographyJoe Pennella
Post Production CoordinatorSara Dolin
Costume SupervisorMichelle Matt
Visual Effects SupervisorCraig Weiss
Production AccountantVicki Perez
Chief Lighting TechnicianThomas Pugh
Production StaffPatrick Richmond  |  Hayk Galstyan  |  Brian Jewell  |  Jeremy Roth  |  Patti Belin  |  Georgia Ranes
ThemeChris Koch
Dept. Head Make-up ArtistRobin Siegel
Dept. Head Hair StylistAudrey Futterman-Stern
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