The Paper Chase

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 09/Sep/1978 The Paper Chase
02 01x02 19/Sep/1978 The Man Who Would Be King
04 01x04 03/Oct/1978 Great Expectations
05 01x05 10/Oct/1978 Voices of Silence
06 01x06 17/Oct/1978 Nancy
07 01x07 31/Oct/1978 Da Da
08 01x08 14/Nov/1978 The Seating Chart
09 01x09 21/Nov/1978 Moot Court
10 01x10 28/Nov/1978 Kingsfield's Daughter
11 01x11 05/Dec/1978 The Sorcerer's Apprentice
12 01x12 12/Dec/1978 Bell's in Love
13 01x13 19/Dec/1978 An Act of Desperation
14 01x14 19/Jan/1979 Losing Streak
15 01x15 06/Feb/1979 The Man in the Chair
16 01x16 13/Feb/1979 A Matter of Anger
17 01x17 20/Feb/1979 The Apprentice
18 01x18 27/Feb/1979 Once More with Feeling
19 01x19 20/Mar/1979 The Clay-Footed Idol
20 01x20 27/Mar/1979 The Tables Down at Ernie's
21 01x21 17/Apr/1979 A Case of Detente
22 01x22 24/Apr/1979 Scavenger Hunt

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
24 02x02 15/May/1983 Birthday Party
25 02x03 15/Jun/1983 Spreading It Thin
26 02x04 15/Jul/1983 Cinderella
29 02x07 15/Nov/1983 Snow
30 02x08 22/May/1984 Mrs. Hart
31 02x09 29/May/1984 Tempest in a Pothole
32 02x10 05/Jun/1984 Labor of Love
34 02x12 19/Jun/1984 War of the Wonks (a.k.a.) Machine
35 02x13 26/Jun/1984 Limits
36 02x14 10/Jul/1984 Hart Goes Home
37 02x15 17/Jul/1984 Judgment Day (a.k.a.) Tenure
38 02x16 24/Jul/1984 My Dinner with Kingsfield
40 02x18 14/Aug/1984 Not Prince Hamlet (a.k.a.) Rashomon
41 02x19 21/Aug/1984 Billy Pierce

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
42 03x01 11/May/1985 Decisions (1)
44 03x03 25/Jun/1985 Free Advice
45 03x04 02/Jul/1985 Laura's Struggle
46 03x05 09/Jul/1985 Pressure
47 03x06 16/Jul/1985 The Big D
49 03x08 06/Aug/1985 The Source
50 03x09 13/Aug/1985 The Choice
52 03x11 03/Sep/1985 Security
53 03x12 10/Sep/1985 Lasting Impressions

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
54 04x01 24/Jun/1986 A Wounded Hart
55 04x02 01/Jul/1986 Mistaken Identity
56 04x03 08/Jul/1986 Honor
57 04x04 15/Jul/1986 Suppressed Desires
58 04x05 09/Aug/1986 Graduation (1)

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