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The Parkers

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First Telecast: August 30, 1999
Last Telecast: May 10, 2004
No. of Episodes: 110
Genre: Situation Comedy

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Main Summary

The Parkers is a show about the life of Nikki Parker, a character played by actress Mo'Nique. Along with her came her daughter, Kim Parker, and her friends, Stevie Van Lowe, and Thaddeus/Tyrell "T" Radcliffe. Nikki has a friend named Andell Wilkerson, who just can't get a man. One of the many themes is Nikki's huge crush on Professor Stanley Oglevee, whom she has chased around for over five years. She just won't accept the fact that he does not love her back. They all go to Santa Monica Junior College, where the show takes place in nearly every episode. This show was also a spinoff of Moesha.

First Season

The first season was mainly the exposition. All the characters were introduced, including ones with recurring appearances. Kim and Nikki hung out together like friends. They lived in a house. They had a friend named Desiree, who only appeared for a couple of episodes before being removed completely. We were able to see the foreshadowing of Nikki's obsession for the professor, a recurring gag which eventually led to many, many misunderstandings. Along with it came the bitter rivalry between Nikki and Veronica Cooper, both of whom want to win the professor's heart.

Second Season

In the second season, Kim's friends Stevie and T became part of the cast. Kim gets her first husband, although the marriage did not last very long. This season was the pre-climax of the show, where Nikki's relationship with the professor gets a little rocky, even after almost snatching him. Many of the episodes also revolved around Kim, mostly ones about her intelligence level. Nikki and Kim also moved out of their house into a new apartment, where they stayed for the rest of the series.

Third Season

In the third season, most of the episodes revolved around Nikki. This season happened to be the climax of the show, where Nikki and the professor finally kiss for the first time. Kim gets a new boyfriend named Allen, who happens to be overweight.

Fourth Season

In the fourth season, the plots thicken even more. Nikki thinks she got pregnant from the professor and nearly gets married to him. Unfortunately for her, that wasn't the case, although there was someone who did get married to the professor. There was even an episode where Nikki has a dream about getting married to him, but they did not show the whole wedding as they were saving it for the end of the series.

Fifth Season

In the final season, the plots wound down. Andell got the man of her dreams, Stevie and T graduated from junior college, Kim opened up her new business, but did Nikki finally get her dream man?

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Completed Episodes

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Episode Info

Final: 5x19 -- At Last (3) (May/10/2004)

The professor realizes he loves Nikki, but Andell locks him into a closet in order to avoid any more trouble. Johnnie and Nikki are about to get married at Andell's, but Andell stops him at the last minute while the professor barges in. The professor tells Nikki he loves her. They finally get married, and it is truly a happy ending for them all.
As Nicole "Nikki" Parker
Countess VaughnCountess Vaughn
As Kimberly Ann "Kim" Parker
Dorien WilsonDorien Wilson
As Professor Stanley Oglevee
Mari MorrowMari Morrow
As Desiree Littlejohn (episodes 1-5, 10-11)
Jenna Von OÿJenna Von Oÿ
As Stevie Van Lowe (episode 14-on, recurring previously)
Ken LawsonKen Lawson
As Thaddeus 'Tyrell/T' Radcliffe (episode 14-on, recurring previously)
Yvette WilsonYvette Wilson
As Andell Wilkerson (episode 14-on, recurring previously)


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5x19: At Last (3) recap: Nikki is showing off her engagement ring to the gang down at the Student Union. Everyone is impressed. When the professor sees it, he gets very excited; so excited, he back-flips his way out of the Student Union... read more.

5x18: A Little Change Never Hurt Anybody (2) recap: Nikki is pacing the floor. She is worried. Later, Andell comes over. Nikki tells her that she cheated on the professor; she kissed Johnnie in the last episode. Andell doesn’t see this as a big problem; she thinks that Nikki should forget about the professor and move on. Nikki doesn’t want to go trough with it. She decides to have a little talk with Johnnie. While asking him on the phone, he says he’ll be right over. When Nikki opens the door, Johnnie is there. It seems that he was waiting in his car the whole night after kissing her. Andell finds it romantic. When Nikki question, why she doesn’t find her and he professor romantic, she says she finds it crazy... read more.

5x17: Could It Be You? (1) recap: As the gang is walking into the Student Union, they find the place a mess. They find Woody sitting on a chair depressed. He tells them that he asked Mavis, his girlfriend, to marry him, but she turned him down. Stevie thinks that Mavis needs more time, but Woody is growing impatient. He sees the professor walking in. The professor is disgusted by the position of the Student Union. He hears of Woody’s little problem. When Woody asks the professor if he can move in, he immediately refuses. Woody is disappointed, but the professor decides to let him come. Woody then asks the professor to take his suitcase to his apartment... read more.

5x9: Foul Ball recap: The professor is assigning everyone a project for African-American culture. Nikki does a tribute to her uncle the baseball player. Stevie and Kim have to go a week without African American inventions.
Nikki finds out a lot about her uncle. She starts a petition to get his name on the school’s baseball scoreboard. Kim and Stevie are barely surviving without AA inventions. They cannot get their hair combed, they have to live in the cold, etc. While Nikki is digging through her uncle’s old stuff, Stevie finds an article with his name on it. It says that he was an ex-con.
Nikki feels ashamed to do her project now. She refuses to show the professor her report. He tells her that he is able to put her uncle’s name on the scoreboard, get a plaque from the Negro League Museum, and has a teammate of her uncle’s to present the plaque.
Nikki needs to stop the the teammate, Billy “Scoots” Washington, from coming to the campus, so she enlists Andell’s help; Andell drops him at another school. When the professor questions Nikki about it, she tells him that “scoots” couldn’t make it. Later, “scoots” does show up after meeting up with the professor. He presents the plaque to Nikki, but Nikki can’t accept it. She tells him that her great-uncle was an ex-con. “scoots” tells her that that was only part of the story; the reason he was put in jail was because he was trying to get some medicine for his sick wife. The shopkeeper wouldn’t give him the medicine because he was black. Nikki’s great uncle was put in jail because he destroyed the store, paid for medicine, and left. Nikki is then able to take the plaque and restore honor in her great-uncle after all.
The episode ends with Nikki and Kim talking about the many Negro baseball players who were denied into major league games because of their color... read more.

5x6: The Mack Is Like Wo! recap: Kim, Stevie, and T are trying a smoothie. They believe that smoothies should be served in the school cafeteria. They try to get Woody to serve it, but they don’t have the money. They decide to make the smoothie by themselves. Kim makes one that everyone can agree with. They are making a fortune from their smoothies. Later, a police officer comes over to interrogate them. He must take all the smoothies for a test to see if they contain alcohol. After the test, he shuts them down. Although Kim tries to “testify,” it is of no use.
The professor gets to be on “The Mack Show,” where he will go on dates with four other women. Nikki doesn’t approve of this, so she joins the game herself. She is on the game show along with three other women named Jennie, Sarah, and Lola. After the professor asks the other three questions about their assets, he asks Nikki a completely different question. Basically, he tries his best to ignore her. When he goes dancing, he tries to avoid her by dancing with the other woman. Jennie is the woman who loves weddings. While on the dance floor, Jennie walks him like there are in a wedding. The professor avoids her and daces with Lola. Nikki interrupts them; Sarah refuses to dance. Later, Jennie is eliminated. Afterward, the professor and the other women are in a hot tub. When Nikki joins, the professor suffocates. She tries to get the professor’s attention, but she fails. After this, Sarah gets eliminated and Nikki and Lola remain. Lola is mesmerizing the professor using her body. She and Nikki give their reasons on why America should vote for them to be with the professor. Later, the results come. Brian, the host, tells them that Nikki is eliminated and Lola wins. The professor is happy about this, but then he learns that the tabulation machine was stuck. Nikki wins and Lola is eliminated. Once again, Nikki gets her man and the professor is unhappy.
Afterward, Nikki gets ready for her date with the professor. When she gets the door, she finds Woody. He tells her that the professor sent him. When Nikki asks where her professor is, Woody tells her he’s on a date with Lola. Nikki closes the door on him and goes back to having no plans... read more.
Recurring Guests

Dwight Woody as Woody (28 eps)
Paulette Braxton as Veronica Cooper (13 eps)
Kara Brock as Regina Foster (13 eps)
Jenna Von Oÿ as Stevie (9 eps)
Ken Lawson as T (9 eps)
Trent Cameron as Jerel Goodrich (8 eps)
Thomas Mikal Ford as Mel Parker (7 eps)
Kym Whitley as Gertrude (6 eps)
Jamal Mixon as Young Oglevee (6 eps)
Adam Lazarre-White as Kenny Davis (5 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 30, 1999
Ended: May 10, 2004
• Mo'Nique (Working Title), (Used In USA)
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