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Season 4

67 :04x01 - The Mourning After

After doing "the nasty" with Nikki, the professor becomes sober again. He realizes Nikki was in his bed. One month later, he finds out that Nikki is pregnant, so he decides to propose. Meanwhile, Kim and Allen start dating again.
Guest Stars: Jamal Mixon as Allen | Roy Abramsohn as Father | Christina Chambers as Mother | Paul Butcher as Child | Wajid as Pa-tel
Director: Tony Singletary

68 :04x02 - She's Hysterical

Nikki's doctor called, telling her that she isn't pregnant. Andell tells her to tell the professor, but Nikki doesn't want to do it. She goes over there to tell her, but finds out Veronica is there making love to him. Nikki then waits until the wedding day to tell him. Right after doing so, he gives a leap of happiness and goes out to celebrate. Nikki, unfortunately, is left heartbroken.
Guest Stars: Jamal Mixon as Allen | Paulette Braxton as Veronica | Guy Stevenson as Sleeping Man | Trent Horn as Cake Man
Director: Tony Singletary
Writer: Andrea Wiley

69 :04x03 - High Heels and Videotapes

After the whole pregnancy ordeal, the professor is still without a job. Nikki tries and gets it back by blackmailing the dean, who eventually gives it back. Nikki never really recorded anything though. Meanwhile, Allen's parents come to visit Kim, but don't seem to like her attempts at impressing them.
Guest Stars: Jamal Mixon as Allen | Dwight Woody as Woody | Alec Ledd as Student | Michael Colyar as Mr. Thomas | Sloan Robinson as Mrs. Thomas | Wajid as Pa-tel | Jim Meskimen as Dean Whitter
Director: Tony Singletary

70 :04x04 - Meter Maids Need Love, Too

Nikki is having problems with a warden who keeps giving her tickets. The whole situation gets worse when he starts dating Andell. In the meantime, three female thugs want to join Kim and Stevie's sorority, but start pushing them around too much.
Guest Stars: Kara Brock as Regina Foster | Larry B. Scott as Franklyn | Kenya Williams as Shay Shay | Charles Walker as Judge | Adrian Davis as Eugene | May May Ali as Clepto | Jennifer Brandt as Keisha
Director: Tony Singletary

71 :04x05 - Food Fiasco

Nikki gets hired by Andell as a chef to impress some food critics. In the meantime, Kim is hired by the professor to keep Nikki away from him.
Guest Stars: Patrick Kerr as Mr. Brooks | Faruq Tauheed as Earl | Tori Reid as Lucy
Director: Erma Elzy-Jones

72 :04x06 - And the Winner Is...

Kim, Stevie, and T audition for an American Idol-like talent contest. Nikki and the professor win a big screen TV, but they can't decide on who owns it.
Guest Stars: Gary Anthony Williams as Randall | Tracy Vilar as Paullina | Vanessa Bell Calloway as Alaina | Ian Ogilvy as Seymour | Victoria Hoffman as Representative
Director: Tony Singletary

73 :04x07 - Kim's 21st Birthday

It's Kim's 21st birthday and she really wants to see an R&B artist perform. Nikki tries to get the tickets for her, but it's not so easy.
Guest Stars: Hunter Garner as Marcus | Tweet as Herself | Carol Krnic as Housekeeper | Rod Tate as Bodyguard
Director: Tony Singletary
Songs: Tweet -- Oops (Oh My)

74 :04x08 - It's Gary Coleman

Kim and Nikki meet Gary Coleman, who moves into their building. Nikki believes he can make him a big star again, but it's not as easy as it looks. Kim is also trying to get him to say "that line he always says."
Guest Stars: Gary Coleman as Himself
Director: Tony Singletary

75 :04x09 - Road Trip

The gang goes to Las Vegas with Hakeem, but the car breaks down. They go to the closest city, where the repairman happens to be everyone there.
Guest Stars: Andy Comeau as Louie | Lamont Bentley as Hakeem | Kym Whitley as Gertrude | Bee-Be Smith as Destiny
Director: Tony Singletary

76 :04x10 - Sign of the Shaq

The professor's autographed jersey from Shaq is ruined. Nikki and Andell try to get another one for him by sneaking into the basketball team's locker room.
Guest Stars: Granville Ames as Coach | Reginald Ballard as Rushion | Shaquille O'Neal as Himself | Brian Shaw as Himself | Tracy Murray as Himself | Vladimir Cuk as Player #1 | Derek James Gregory as Player #2

77 :04x11 - Lights, Camera, Action

Nikki gets a job on a soap opera. Kim wants to be in it too, but she's always hogging the camera.
Guest Stars: Eamonn Roche as Basil | Jasmine Guy as Delilah Johnson | Mike Colter as LaMar | Alex Avant as Rusty | Julie Satterfield as Dawn
Director: Tony Singletary
Writer: Andrea Wiley

78 :04x12 - The Parent Trap

Nikki's father and Andell's mother start dating. Nikki and Andell start believing that they can be sisters. In the meantime, Allen comes back, losing almost all of his weight.
Guest Stars: George Wallace as Quincy DeJohn | Laura Hayes (1) as Carmen Wilkerson | Kente Scott as Allen
Director: Ken Whittingham

79 :04x13 - Dead Clown Walking

Andell and Kim try to track down Nikki's favorite clown for her birthday, but the clown falls out the window to his death.
Guest Stars: Lee Weaver as Tebo | Johnny Brown as Man | Robert Fieldsteel as Agent | Ousaun Elam as Young Tebo | Ambrosia Kelley as Young Andell | Vince D. (1) as Son | Summer Martin as Young Nikki | Mark English as Young Boy
Director: Erma Elzy-Jones

80 :04x14 - The Hold Up

Nikki tries to get a loan, so she goes to the bank where she finds the professor. Later, she and the professor are trapped and held hostage in the bank by a robber.
Guest Stars: Jennifer McComb as Lana | Donn Swaby as Charlie | Mark Povinelli as Frank | Zilah Mendoza as Connie | Steve Harvey as Mr. Barnes | Ken Tipton as Lt. Higgins | Meghan O'Sullivan as Teller
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Arnie Wess

81 :04x15 - Love Potion No. 83

The gang finds a love potion, making them all fall in love with each other. Kim falls in love with T, Andell falls in love with Woody, the professor falls in love with Andell, and Stevie falls in love with herself. Nikki goes to a fortune teller to break the potion's effect.
Guest Stars: Bahni Turpin as Madame Patrice | Dwight Woody as Woody | Emilio Borelli as Landlord | Terence Mathews as Bartender
Director: Ken Whittingham

82 :04x16 - Somebody's Watching You

Nikki breaks her leg, so she decides to go over to the professor's house. While looking out the window, she thinks she has seen a murder. In the meantime, Kim's fashion idea gets stolen by Freddy Fabulous for a contest.
Guest Stars: Kel Mitchell as Freddy Fabulous | Virginia Watson as Professor Bradshaw | Thomas Anthony Jones as Playboy Pete | Tanjareen Martin as Mona
Director: Erma Elzy-Jones
Writer: Teri Brown

83 :04x17 - A Sterling Relationship

The professor's brother comes to visit, but he needs some romantic advice. Nikki gives him some and he decides to go on a date with Andell. In the meantime, Kim becomes the gossip columnist for the school newspaper.
Guest Stars: Kara Brock as Regina Foster | Reginald VelJohnson as Sterling Oglevee | Reginald Ballard as Rushion | Napoleon as Drunk
Director: Chip Hurd

84 :04x18 - That's What Friends Are For

Nikki's friend comes to visit. She immediately starts doing bad things with Nikki's life. Andell was trying to prevent that from happening, but Nikki wouldn't listen. In the meantime, the others try to cram for their exams.
Guest Stars: Kim Coles as Florence | Russell Richardson as Greg | Salim Grant as Paul | Trisha Mann as Ashley
Director: Ken Whittingham

85 :04x19 - Amazing Grace

Nikki meets her guardian angel. Some people believe she has gone crazy because no one else can see it.
Guest Stars: Kym Whitley as Gertrude | Dr. Bobby Jones as Himself | Shirley Caesar as Grace | Dion Blake Vines as Man
Director: Ken Whittingham
Writer: Andrea Wiley

86 :04x20 - Join the Club

Kim befriends Regina to help Nikki in catering for the book club. In the meantime, the professor needs T's help to win a chili contest.
Guest Stars: Kara Brock as Regina Foster | Mariann Aalda as Hanna Foster | Glenda Redfield as Charlotte | Mesan Richardson as Judge | Annie Gagen as Member | Andrea Walters as Maid | Pauletta Washington as Terri Angelou
Director: Tony Singletary

87 :04x21 - Internship

Kim and Freddy Fabulous compete for fashion jobs at a high school.
Guest Stars: Kel Mitchell as Freddy Fabulous | Rick Fitts as Mr. Dare | Erin LeShawn Wiley as Blair | Deprese Bady as Gay Man | Yolanda Snowball as Judge | Kyra da Costa as Lila
Director: Gerren Keith

88 :04x22 - She's a Bad Mamma Jamma

Nikki is chosen by a young boy to be his new mother. In the meantime, due to a mix-up, Kim, Stevie, and T perform for senior citizens at the student union.
Guest Stars: John Henton as Bentley | Stevie Wash, Jr. as Jamal | Renee Tenison as Candy | Rosie Tenison as Cookie | Steven Imes, Jr. as Professor Imes | Nivea as Herself | Regina Williams as Waitress | Christine E. S. Johnson (1) as Kristin
Director: Tony Singletary

89 :04x23 - The Good, the Bad and the Funny

Nikki gets a dream about being in the Wild West with everyone else as characters.
Guest Stars: Dwight Woody as Woody | Kareem Grimes as Luke | Robby Robinson as Tough Cowboy #1 | Robert Silver as Cowboy | Truth Hurts as Jean Tawdy | Sterling Blackmon as Junie | Robair Sims as Tough Cowboy #2
Director: Debbie Allen

90 :04x24 - Jury Duty

The professor has jury duty, the same one Nikki has. They need to decide on sentencing Paris Walker, a person who is believed to have killed her husband. Nikki convinces everybody except the professor that she is guilty, but without the professor, they can't sentence her.
Guest Stars: Michelle Davison as Irene | Gretchen Palmer as Paris Walker | Chuma Hunter-Gault as Professor Regis Dawson | Jerry Farmer as Mitch | John Eric Bentley as Mark Kelly | Doug Cox as Mason Perry | Molly Brenner as Sunni | Ned Vaughn as Thornton | Charles Chun as Judge Howard Lee | B. Jonsie as Linda | Roscoe Freeman as Bailiff | Denise Shaw Smith as Juror
Director: Tony Singletary

91 :04x25 - An Ivy League of Her Own

The professor inherits 10 million dollars from his deceased uncle. Paris, from the previous episode, comes back to see the professor after learning about it. Nikki warns the professor not to get involved with her. Unfortunately, he doesn't listen. Nikki tries to find some proof that Paris is a "gold digger," but ends up failing. Eventually, the professor and Paris get married, devastating Nikki.
Guest Stars: Gretchen Palmer as Paris Walker | Chuma Hunter-Gault as Professor Regis Dawson | Trent Trail as Cute Guy | Sheila Scott-Wilkenson as Professor Peabody
Director: Tony Singletary
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 30, 1999
Ended: May 10, 2004
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