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The Parkers: The Oddest Couple

Kim needs a male roommate, but the one she chooses is gay. In the meantime, Veronica gets engaged to another man, getting the professor depressed. Nikki moves into his apartment and he doesn't notice, especially when she begins romancing him.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x3
Production Number: 026
Airdate: Monday September 18th, 2000

Guest Stars
Dwight WoodyDwight Woody
As Woody
Nafeesa MonroeNafeesa Monroe
As Actress #2
Paulette BraxtonPaulette Braxton
As Veronica
Bumper RobinsonBumper Robinson
As Bradley
Dwain A. PerryDwain A. Perry
As Actor #1
Larry ThigpenLarry Thigpen
As Charles
Toby SmithToby Smith
As Actress #1


Kim is looking for a new roommate. While searching, she takes a man, Bradley, who doesn’t do much for her instead of a man who would do a lot for her. While waiting for him to ask her out, she has to do a lot of work for him.
Later, the professor waits for Veronica to come over. He believes that his plan to make her jealous after they broke up has worked. Unfortunately for him, she believes that he has moved on and she gets engaged to another man in one week. This gets the professor very depressed. In fact, when Nikki comes over to his apartment, he doesn’t even notice. She decides to take advantage of him; she moves in all of her furniture into his house.
Kim is still trying to get Bradley to ask her out. When he holds a bachelor party there, he has a stripper over. Kim notices that the stripper actually is a man, meaning that Bradley is gay. Kim decides to kick him out after he doesn’t pay the rent, acts like a slob, and doesn’t ask her out.
Nikki and the professor go out on a date where they have dinner and watch a show. The show is about a man and a couple of women who date the man. Nikki interrupts the show several times, but by the end, the professor does. He gives the woman in the act a speech about what Veronica has done to him after she got engaged. He talks to her as if he were talking to Veronica, which makes him feel better. He then realizes he’s on a date with Nikki, so he kicks her out of his apartment and becomes conscious again.
Later, Nikki learns that Bradley moved out of Kim’s apartment. Kim says she doesn’t have a roommate anymore, but surprise, surprise!..

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Episode Notes
Nikki: So, you don’t have a roommate.
Kim: I guess not.
Nikki: Well, you do now!

This is the episode where Nikki moves in with Kim for the rest of the series.

Stevie’s middle name is Allison.

Episode Quotes
Stevie: Kim, what makes you think that you’re going to find a good-looking guy who’s looking for an apartment in Santa Monica right away?
(Man comes over)
Bradley: Hi, I’m Bradley. I’m looking to share an apartment in Santa Monica right away.

Bradley: My parents just kicked me out of the house. I’m desperate.
Kim: Well, I’m desperate too.

Nikki: Kim, this is Charles, and he’s looking for a place to live.
Kim: Oh, I hear that the Mission has a few beds.

Professor: Miss Parker, what are you doing here?
Nikki: Looks like you were expecting me. What’s for dinner?
Professor: Taco Bell. Now go run for the border.

Rick: Veronica honey, is everything ok?
Nikki: Oh, damn, you’re fine.

Professor: (to T) You’re the one who said it would work!
Woody: You listened to him?

Bradley: Kim, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you.
Kim: Well, ask away.
Bradley: Would you-
Kim: I’d love to.
Bradley: Do my laundry?

Nikki: I’ll get that. Sometimes these twist off tops can be a little tricky.

T: Hey Nikki, I’m gonna drop your Lazy Boy right here.
Nikki: Don’t be lazy, boy. Put it in the den.

Nikki: I love you, Stanley.
Professor: (depressed) I love you, Veronica.

Nikki: Andell, ugly doesn’t not look good on you.
Andell: And crazy ain’t working too well for you.

Nikki: Andell, what kind of lowdown hussy do you take me for?
Andell: The horny kind.

Bradley: Kim, I hope you don’t mind if I have a few friends over.
Kim: Not when they look like that.

Professor: What are you doing here?
Nikki: We’re a couple.
Professor: A couple of what?

Professor: I had sex with you?
Nikki: No.
(Professor breathes a sigh of relief)
Nikki: That was going to happen next week.

Nikki: Our hearts are intertwined, like a chicken leg to a thigh.

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