Reunited - Recap

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Kim decides to let Nikki move in with her. While walking in one day, she notices that Nikki got rid of all her stuff. Her friends think that she should confront Nikki, but she’s too afraid to. Another night, while walking in, she finds out that Nikki ate all her ice cream. She gets mad at that point, but Nikki holds her ground. They decide to split the apartment in half, with one person on each side. It isn’t working out for either side, since the phone is on Kim’s side, but it’s plugged in on Nikki’s side.
Meanwhile, the professor holds a tenant meeting for a case of burglaries in the building. He asks for a partner in his burglar patrol. Nikki volunteers, but he chooses someone named Vince. Nikki tries to trick him into giving him a dinner, but that plan fails. Later, while Nikki and Kim are still fighting over the fact that they have split living room, they hear a burglar coming in. They hide out in the balcony. Nikki decides to shimmy down a garden hose to get down to the professor’s apartment, but he is of no help. They go in to confront the burglar. While Kim fakes an injury, Nikki gives the burglar a kick and knocks him out. Nikki and Kim then unmask the villain a la Scooby Doo, they find out it is Vince, the man who is supposed to be patrolling with the professor. Nikki and Kim are considered heroes.