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The Parkers: The Mack Is Like Wo!

The professor gets chosen to be on a game show along with four other women. Nikki takes offense to that and joins the game show herself. The professor takes every action he has to ignore Nikki, but she persists. In the meantime, Stevie, Kim, and T open a smoothie stand, but they find out the smoothies contain alcohol.

Episode Info
Episode number: 5x6
Production Number: 098
Airdate: Monday October 20th, 2003

Guest Stars
Dwight WoodyDwight Woody
As Woody
Mike MalinMike Malin
As Officer Taylor


Kim, Stevie, and T are trying a smoothie. They believe that smoothies should be served in the school cafeteria. They try to get Woody to serve it, but they don’t have the money. They decide to make the smoothie by themselves. Kim makes one that everyone can agree with. They are making a fortune from their smoothies. Later, a police officer comes over to interrogate them. He must take all the smoothies for a test to see if they contain alcohol. After the test, he shuts them down. Although Kim tries to “testify,” it is of no use.
The professor gets to be on “The Mack Show,” where he will go on dates with four other women. Nikki doesn’t approve of this, so she joins the game herself. She is on the game show along with three other women named Jennie, Sarah, and Lola. After the professor asks the other three questions about their assets, he asks Nikki a completely different question. Basically, he tries his best to ignore her. When he goes dancing, he tries to avoid her by dancing with the other woman. Jennie is the woman who loves weddings. While on the dance floor, Jennie walks him like there are in a wedding. The professor avoids her and daces with Lola. Nikki interrupts them; Sarah refuses to dance. Later, Jennie is eliminated. Afterward, the professor and the other women are in a hot tub. When Nikki joins, the professor suffocates. She tries to get the professor’s attention, but she fails. After this, Sarah gets eliminated and Nikki and Lola remain. Lola is mesmerizing the professor using her body. She and Nikki give their reasons on why America should vote for them to be with the professor. Later, the results come. Brian, the host, tells them that Nikki is eliminated and Lola wins. The professor is happy about this, but then he learns that the tabulation machine was stuck. Nikki wins and Lola is eliminated. Once again, Nikki gets her man and the professor is unhappy.
Afterward, Nikki gets ready for her date with the professor. When she gets the door, she finds Woody. He tells her that the professor sent him. When Nikki asks where her professor is, Woody tells her he’s on a date with Lola. Nikki closes the door on him and goes back to having no plans...

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Episode Quotes
Nikki: My boo on a date with four other women? Oh, hell no.
Woody: Nikki’s right. It should’ve been me.

Stevie: Hey, everybody! Guess what? Buy one smoothie and get 10 free.

Andell: Nikki, don’t. How many years is it going to take you to realize that man don’t want you?
Nikki: I-I’m sorry. Did you say something?

Professor: (to host) You know her?
Nikki: Of course he does, boo. He picked me. I’m the fourth contestant!
Professor: Damn!

Jennifer: In my spare time I enjoy planning weddings, going to weddings, and being in weddings!

Nikki: Yes boo, ask me anything.
Professor: Could you get me another drink?

Stevie: (watching the show) Ugh, will you look at those women? Nikki is the only respectable one there. She does not stand a chance.

Stevie: Shouldn’t one be enough for a sample?
Officer Taylor: Yeah, but I’m having a big party next weekend.

Sarah: Well, my body is my temple and not something to be ogled, Oglevee.

Professor: Sarah, what would we do on our first date?
Sarah: Ooohh, we’d go to bible study.

Kim: I don’t get it. I’ve been drinking this daily since I was a baby and there’s nothing wrong with me.
T: You’re right. Shut us down.

Andell: (over the phone) Nikki Parker must go. (lower voice) No, I haven’t called before.

Nikki: See boo, even America thinks we belong together.
Professor: America -- you suck.

Cultural References
Brian: I'm Brian Dunklecrest.

His name is a combination of Brian Dunkleman and Ryan Seacrest. Dunkleman was the host of American Idol for it's first season, and Seacrest is the current host.

Brian: Looks like Jennie is no longer on the block.

Brian is making a reference to one of Jennifer Lopez's songs, "Jenny From the Block."

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