A Little Change Never Hurt Anybody (2) - Recap

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Nikki is pacing the floor. She is worried. Later, Andell comes over. Nikki tells her that she cheated on the professor; she kissed Johnnie in the last episode. Andell doesn’t see this as a big problem; she thinks that Nikki should forget about the professor and move on. Nikki doesn’t want to go trough with it. She decides to have a little talk with Johnnie. While asking him on the phone, he says he’ll be right over. When Nikki opens the door, Johnnie is there. It seems that he was waiting in his car the whole night after kissing her. Andell finds it romantic. When Nikki question, why she doesn’t find her and he professor romantic, she says she finds it crazy.

At the Student Union, Kim finds out that she can’t graduate. She tells Stevie and T about this. They have their condolences, but Kim still needs to deal with Nikki. Her friends suggest that she tells Nikki right now, where there are witnesses. When Nikki arrives, Kim tells her. Nikki doesn’t think of it as a big deal. She thinks that school just isn’t for Kim and she should follow her own destiny; she should try and become a fashion designer. First, Kim will need a loan, so she decides to ask her father. Nikki then sees the professor. He tells them of good news: he got a teaching job at Weatherly University. Nikki is happy about this; this is her first choice college. The professor is shocked by this; he feels he will never get rid of Nikki.

Nikki and Johnnie are playing a game against Andell and Lester. They have been beating them the whole time. When Andell grows tired of losing, she decides to leave with Lester. Johnnie and Nikki both notice that neither one of them mentioned their lovers. While about to share a kiss, Kim walks in. It turns out that she can’t get a loan from her dad because he is tight on cash.

Later, Nikki receives a letter from Weatherly University. She is to nervous to open it, so she has Kim open
it. Kim reads that Nikki didn’t get in, but then she reads that this university “will not be accepting any more new students… ever.” Stevie takes a look at it. The letter isn’t written on Weatherly stationery. Nikki takes a look at the letter. She takes a sniff and scent that it is the professor; she knows that scent anywhere. Kim then tells her that her loan from the bank was rejected as soon as she said her name. Stevie then decides to help her out with business. Later, T comes over to her with a newspaper article. Johnnie wrote her a little poem. This raises Nikki’s spirits; she realizes that she doesn’t need the professor anymore.

Andell and Nikki are talking about Johnnie. They realizes that they haven’t talked about the professor in a long time. Later, Johnnie comes over. He come with good news: he was promoted to head chef. Nikki is so proud of him. Then he tells her that he’ll have to move to New York; he won’t be coming back. Nikki is very upset about this. Johnnie then tells her that he can still keep in touch with her after he moves out, and they still have two weeks. They decides to celebrate later. As Johnnie walks out the door, Nikki is filled with a lot of depression.

T goes over to Kim and T. He tells them that got in to Berklee’s School of Music. Stevie and T are upset; this is the end of Freestyle Unity. Later, Stevie receives a call from Bill, her mother’s boyfriend. He would love to invest in Kim’s business. She and Kim decide to go into business together.

Later, the gang notices the professor. He is trying to get signatures for a petition to keep Nikki out of Weatherly University. The gang tells him that there’s no need for that; Nikki is over with him. The professor think that it is hard to believe. He was wondering why “he had a Miss Parker-free date.” He feels that he is too much of an attraction…

Kim is pulling Nikki along with her as they run back to their apartment. She tells her that she has to go to the bathroom, but when they get in, she reveals that Johnnie has turned the living room into a Jamaican paradise. Kim leaves and Nikki spends the time with Johnnie. She feels a little self-conscious about this, and at the same time, disappointed. After having their dinner, Johnnie makes a speech. He tells her that he just can’t live his life without her. She gets down on one foot and proposes to her. Nikki is shocked at this. Before she gives her answer, she goes out on the balcony and prays to God. She needs to know if Johnnie is the right man for her. After receiving many “signs from God” such as thunder and earthquakes, she goes back in. Johnnie is starting to regret proposing -- not for him, but for her. He feels that he is rushing things…

Nikki doesn’t care. She says yes.

To Be Continued…