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The Parkers: At Last (3)

The professor realizes he loves Nikki, but Andell locks him into a closet in order to avoid any more trouble. Johnnie and Nikki are about to get married at Andell's, but Andell stops him at the last minute while the professor barges in. The professor tells Nikki he loves her. They finally get married, and it is truly a happy ending for them all.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x19
Airdate: Monday May 10th, 2004

Guest Stars
Dwight WoodyDwight Woody
As Woody
Kara BrockKara Brock
As Regina Foster
Mel JacksonMel Jackson
As Johnnie Morrow
Steven Imes, Jr.Steven Imes, Jr.
As Professor Imes
Troy WinbushTroy Winbush
As Lester
Yvette CasonYvette Cason
As Mavis
B. JonsieB. Jonsie
As Mother
Liza LapiraLiza Lapira
As Shaquan
Eric LaneEric Lane
As Brother
Sir RelaventSir Relavent
As Marvin
Akia McPhaulAkia McPhaul
As Girl at Wedding


Nikki is showing off her engagement ring to the gang down at the Student Union. Everyone is impressed. When the professor sees it, he gets very excited; so excited, he back-flips his way out of the Student Union. ..

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Episode Notes
We finally get to see Shaquan, the girl Kim has always been talking to over the phone.

Several characters, such as Freddy Fabulous, Karla Sampson, and Nikki's two dads, are only mentioned but not seen.

It is said in this episode that the professor's middle name is DeVante.

Within the smoke ring the professor blows in a scene, you can see screen shots of previous episodes where the professor acts rashly to Nikki.

This episode was voted one of the worst endings for a UPN sitcom ever.

This is the final episode of The Parkers.

This episode is the 110th episode of The Parkers. This is usually the least amount of episodes UPN produces before putting it on syndication.

Three years later Dwight Woody would reprise his role of Woody on Just Jordan. The link to both shows include the behind the scenes crew, who worked on both series.

Episode Quotes
Professor in Mirror: I'm your inner self.
Professor: You mean my inner voice?
Professor in Mirror: Hey, this isn't school. I don't need to be corrected.

Professor: I love Miss Parker. And I can't live my life without her.
Andell: Is this the part where Ashton Kutcher jumps out? 'Cause I know I'm getting Punk'd.

Nicole: I'm sorry Johnnie. I think you are a wonderful man. But this man is my soul mate.
Johnnie Morrow: Well, I just want you to know... I'm not paying for any of this.

(Looking at the ring)
T: Gotta be at least a karat.
Nikki: Look again boy. Two karats.

(As the gang hugs and cries)
T: Are you tearing up too, Kim?
Kim: No, it’s your cologne; it smells like booty.

Andell: (to Nikki) You’re marrying Johnnie if it’s the last thing I do.

Professor: (to Nikki) ... And after the way I treated you, I don’t blame you for telling me to get lost.
Johnnie Morrow: I’ll do it for her. Get lost.

Cultural References
Andell: Is this the part where Ashton Kutcher jumps out? 'Cause I know I'm getting Punk'd.

Punk'd is a show on MTV where Ashton Kutcher "makes superstars suffer."

Episode References
Nikki: Oh hey Karla -- I mean, Pastor Sampson.

This is most likely a reference to the episode, “Practice What you Preach,” where Nikki's friend Karla becomes a member of the church.

Professor in Mirror: (to Professor) And what about the sex?

This is a reference to the episode, "Teach Me Tonight." The professor and Nikki have sex in that episode. In this episode, the professor admits that he enjoyed it.

"At Last"

It's very coincidental how Kim sings "At Last" at the end of the episode when the episode title is also of the same name. This title may also refer to the plots and themes being resolved with this three-parter.

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