Season 3

50 :03x01 - This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market

A bet lands Keith cooking in the kitchen and turns Laurie into a garage mechanic.
Guest Stars: Cindy Cassell as Girl | David Jolliffe as 1st Biker | Tim Patrick as Guy | James Carroll Jordan as Goose
Director: Richard Kinon
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- God Bless You Girl

51 :03x02 - M is for the Many Things

Shirley is named "Mother of the Year", but a disaterous trip to the ceremony makes her look anything but that.
Guest Stars: Rick Hurst as Deputy Haynie | Mitzi Hoag as Mrs. Malfussi | Yvonne Wilder as Sheila | Edgar Buchanan as Judge McElwreath | Jack Lukes as Driver
Director: Lou Antonio
Songs: Partridge Family -- As Long As There's You

52 :03x03 - Princess and the Partridge

Reuben announces that a princess who is visiting the United States wants to spend a few days with Keith. But the princess gets tired of chaperons and Keith plots to help her escape them for a date.
Guest Stars: Sheldon Lee as Photographer | Laurie Main as La Forge | Hal Buckley as Cecil Turnbow | Season Hubley as Princess Genny | John Bernard as Valentine
Director: Richard Kinon
Songs: Partridge Family -- Together We're Better

53 :03x04 - Each Dawn I Diet

Danny suddenly becomes self-conscious about being overweight and wants to diet. But Reuben's comments over will power has the two in a contest... cigarettes vs. food.
Songs: Partridge Family -- It's All in Your Mind

54 :03x05 - A Penny for His Thoughts

Motorcycle gang member Snake is suicidal over his girlfriend hanging up the phone after he proposes to her.
Guest Stars: Bill Quinn (1) as minister | Helen Kleeb as Mother | Bryan O'Byrne as Father | Henry Olek as Gorgo | James Beach (1) as Tinker | Stuart Margolin as Snake | Judie Stein as Penny
Director: Bob Claver
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Instrumental -- Here Comes the Bride, Partridge Family -- Love Must Be The Answer

55 :03x06 - You're Only Young Twice

The school psychologist informs Shirley that Danny is depressed over not being considered old enough to garner the same rules as Keith and Laurie. After taking her advice of giving him freedom to make his own decisions, Danny finds out he doesn't like the adult life quite yet.
Guest Stars: Charlotte Rae as Dr. Beecher | Patti Cohoon as Gloria | Bruce Kimmel as Richard | Maggie Wellman as Molly
Director: Lee Philips
Writer: Susan Silver
Songs: Partridge Family -- Am I Losing You

56 :03x07 - The Mod Father

Grandma and Grandpa come to the Partridge house having rediscovered themselves, or so they think, through an experience with an encounter group. After telling the family to express their true feelings about each other the kids begin to constantly argue.
Guest Stars: Ondine Vaughn as Daisy | Toni Berrell as Candy | Gordon Jump as Minister | Bill Zuckert as Dwight | Rosemary DeCamp as Grandma Renfrew | Ray Bolger as Grandpa Renfrew
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Susan Harris
Songs: Partridge Family -- Something New Got Old

57 :03x08 - A Likely Candidate

Keith begins campaigning for an enthusiastic congressional candidate who soon has romantic feelings for Shirley.
Guest Stars: Ann Carol Pearson as Cathy | Bert Convy as Richard Lawrence
Writer: Martin Cohan
Songs: Shirley -- Ain't Love Easy, Partridge Family -- One Day At A Time

58 :03x09 - Swiss Family Partridge

A vacation in the mountains near Lake Tahoe soon turns into a disaster after torrential rainfall and a stay in a rustic cabin ... with no electricity or heat.
Guest Stars: Charles Shull as E. J. Whacker
Director: Lou Antonio
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- It Means I'm In Love With You

59 :03x10 - Ain't Love Grand

Laurie falls in love with a former neighbor, only to find out he is a minister. After confiding in her mother that she is in love and leaving a confusing letter behind, Shirley believes he two have eloped.
Guest Stars: Ta-Tanisha as Mary Lou Trimper | Anthony Geary as Greg Houser
Songs: Partridge Family -- Sunshine

60 :03x11 - Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?

A talent scout feels Keith should do a screen test for a movie. After liking a taste of the actors life, Keith finds out the studio does not want an "unknown" actor for the part.
Guest Stars: Claire Wilcox as Cindy | Cindy Cassell as Kitty | Mark Lambert as Dale | Robert Williams (1) as Otis Butrum | Ray Buktenica as Ass't Director | Jim Connell as Gus Gorney | Shelley Morrison as Mrs. Kornegge | Pat Peterson as Guard
Director: Bruce Bilson
Writer: Susan Harris
Songs: Partridge Family -- Am I losing You, Partridge Family -- Looking Through The Eyes Of Love

61 :03x12 - Nag, Nag, Nag

Danny wins second prize in a raffle, a racehorse named F. Scott Fitzgerald. After deciding to race him, the family find out the horse has insomnia. Now they must figure out a remedy if he is to have any chance at the San Pueblo county fair race.
Guest Stars: Dick Balduzzi as Homer Peck | Lazaro Perez as Pete Navarro | Slim Pickens as Will Fowler
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Songs: Partridge Family -- Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Keith -- Lullaby

62 :03x13 - For Sale by Owner

The Partridge house just doesn't seem big enough but Shirley can't seem to find it in her heart to move out. After Reuben finds them a larger house, Danny decides to sabotage their own open house.
Guest Stars: Marilyn Child as Mrs. Gibson | Susan Neher as Gwen | Sari Price as Mother | Gordon Jump as Father | Bobby Baum as Ed Hoffsteader | Lurene Tuttle as Mrs. Sharp | Bert Freed as Mr. Sharp | Robin Raymond as The Woman | Maxine Stewart as Gloria Hoffsteader | Donna Lynne (1) as Girl
Director: Russ Mayberry
Songs: Partridge Family -- As Long As You're There

63 :03x14 - Aspirin at 7, Dinner at 8

Shirley reluctantly agrees to go out for dinner with an old family friend, now a doctor. His mother complicates things by believing Shirley is really interested in her son.
Guest Stars: Donald Phelps as Maitre'D' | Gerald Hiken as Bernie Applebaum | Nancy Walker (1) as Mrs. Applebaum
Director: Bob Claver
Writer: Susan Harris
Songs: Partridge Family -- One Day At A Time

64 :03x15 - For Whom the Bell Tolls...and Tolls...and Tolls

Reuben surprises the family with a burglar alarm, but it's a thief who really shocks them after taking them hostage.
Guest Stars: Mel Gallagher as Sam Barner | Arte Johnson as Morris Dinkler | Nelson D. Cuevas as Officer Metscur
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- Sunshine Eyes

65 :03x16 - Trial of Partridge One

At school, the Principal's daughter asks Laurie to drop an envelope into the math teacher's mailbox for her. Problem is she gets caught with the math test in her hands.
Guest Stars: Tannis G. Montgomery as Cindy Brown | Michelle Cook as Melinda | Scott Ehrlich as Student | Jim Wakefield as Brad | Eric Laneuville as Judge | Noah Keen as Mr. Brown | Dana Elcar as Mr. Felcher
Songs: Partridge Family -- It's You

66 :03x17 - I Left My Heart in Cincinnati

The Partridge Family do a show at a large amusement park in Cincinnati leaving Keith feeling motion sickness. He perks up after seeing the park director, a beautiful 30 year old woman.
Guest Stars: Mary Ann Mobley as Audrey Parsons | Johnny Bench as Waiter
Director: Bob Claver
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- Girl You Make My Day, Partridge Family -- Together We're Better

67 :03x18 - The Eleven-Year Itch

An old friend of Shirley's comes to town with his 11 year old daughter who's fond of Danny. He isn't as happy though dodging her all day long.
Guest Stars: Dennis Lee Smith as Waiter | Jodie Foster as Julie Lawrence | Bert Convy as Richard Lawrence
Director: Richard Kinon
Songs: Partridge Family -- Walking In The Rain

68 :03x19 - Bedknobs and Drumsticks

Reuben arranges for the Partridge Family to make a TV commercial for Uncle Erwin's take-out chicken franchise. Everyone one is satisfied with the commercial except Uncle Erwin, who misses the chicken suits. The family tries making the worst commercial possible, but instead Erwin loves it.
Guest Stars: John Lawrence as Conventioneer | Elaine Giftos as Bonnie Kleinschmitt | Danny Goldman as Director | Odine Vaughn as Gwen | William Windom as Erwin
Songs: Partridge Family -- Friend And A Lover

69 :03x20 - Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex . . . but Couldn't Pronounce

America's "heartthrob", Keith Partridge, is failing his sex education course at school. Everyone finds this funny until they realize the world tour is in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: Ramon Bieri as Mr. Grisbee
Director: Bob Claver
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- It Means I'm In Love With You

70 :03x21 - Forgive Us Our Debts

All havoc breaks loose when Shirley buys a cuckoo clock for $29 at Bartlet's Department Store but the bill reads $290 instead. The more they try fixing the snafu, the worse the problem gets.
Guest Stars: Lou Frizzell as George | Vic Tayback as Harlan Laws | Robert F. Simon as Mr. Bartlett | Alan Oppenheimer as Mr. Byron Atwater | John David Carson as Tom Baker
Director: Bruce Bilson
Writer: Skip Webster

71 :03x22 - The Partridge Connection

Danny gets caught stealing a yo-yo from a store. He confesses to his mom and apologizes to the store owner. After feeling better about himself he finds himself in trouble again when Punky steals a bottle of perfume for his mom's birthday, and uses Danny as the front man.
Guest Stars: Angela Clarke (2) as Myra Fromacher | Jack Collins (1) as M.C. | Joseph V. Perry as Police Sergeant | Gary Dubin as Punky Lazaar | Henry Jones (1) as Mr. Phelps
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Songs: Partridge Family -- I Don't Care

72 :03x23 - The Selling of the Partridges

Keith runs for school president against a homely girl that Laurie is campaigning for. After a challenge to a debate, Keith changes his mind about running.
Guest Stars: Jason Wingreen as Principal | Bobby Kramer (1) as Myron | Holly Near as Phyllis | Ann Carol Pearson as Band Member | Lori Farrow as Girl # 2 | Geri Berger as Girl # 1 | David Dominguez as Ted
Director: Lee Philips
Songs: Partridge Family -- They'll Come A Time

73 :03x24 - Diary of a Mad Millionaire

Reuben books the Partridge's in what they all believe to be a mountain resort, known as Rose Mansion. At the family's first performance, they realize there is only one person seated in the audience, a millionaire recluse named Sidney Rose.
Guest Stars: Sari Price as Woman | Jim Antonio as Pearson | John Astin as Sidney Rose
Director: Lou Antonio
Songs: Partridge Family -- It Sound Like You're Saying Hello, Partridge Family -- One Night Stand

74 :03x25 - Me and My Shadow

The Partridge Family attend a lecture by Michelangelo Rezo, a famous mystery writer. He makes a challenge that he could find them all in 24 hours, from anyplace they hide.
Guest Stars: Bruce Kimmel as Delbert | Martin Speer as Lazaar | Richard Schaal as Rezo | Susan Neher as Girl
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- Storybook Love
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Music
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 25, 1970
Ended: August 31, 1974
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