Season 1

1 :01x01 - Jackal

Matthew Star may look like the kid next door. But he isn't. He's the kid from the next galaxy. Matthew hails from a planet called Quadris, where many of the problems faced by earthlings are also encountered. Matthew, when still an infant, was forced to flee from Quadris in order to evade the invasion of that planet by occupants of a neighbouring planet. On earth, with his guardian, he has to battle his enemies who come specially to kill him in order to sever his last link with the Quadris peoples to claim sovereignty. Matthew is unaware that the new girl (Maylo McCaslin) in school is really an assassin sent from his former home to destroy him.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Mr. Heller | Maylo McCaslin as Cindy During (Assassin) | Thomas Mikal Ford as First Student | Adrienne Grant as Nan | Betsy Russell as Dawn | Susan Ruttan as Bus Driver | Amy De Souza as Little Girl in Arcade | Jessica Hoyt as Air Woman | Justin Mastro as Richard Lopez
Director: Ron Satlof
Writer: Allan Balter

2 :01x02 - Accused

Matt comes face-to-face with a big problem of being an alien. A case of mistaken identity lands Walt in jail, and Matthew without a guardian Matthew learns that a Walt look-alike is the real culprit, and he sets out in search of the crook.
Guest Stars: Dick Durock as Smith | Stuart Pankin as Bill Chambers | Carmen Argenziano as Brancato | John Aprea as Howard | Margaret Avery as April | Martin Brumer as Frank | Terry Burns as Williams | Thomas Byrd (1) as Tom | Michael Frost as Guard | Lynn Hamilton (1) as Judge Condon | Chuck Hicks as Sarkis | Fred Lerner as Bret | Martin Dolciamore as Operator
Director: Ron Satlof

3 :01x03 - Daredevil

Matthew must protect his identity while trying to prevent his none-too-talented stuntman friend from
killing himself. Nearby Matthew's school a movie is being shot. Everybody looks forward to to take part in the filming. Likewise Walt and Pete, an old friend of Matt's, take part in it. Pete would like to make his big breakthrough as a stuntman and when the professional stand-in jumps off, he takes advantage of this chance. For an extremely dangerous scene he risks even his own life.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Mr. Heller | Paul Regina as Pete | Bill Daily as Frank Trenton | Corinne Bohrer as Cheerleader | Verda Bridges as Girl #1 | Kaz Garas as Burt Garner | Paul Picerni as Pete | Ralph Steadman as Crewman | Kimberly Sands as Cheerleader
Director: Bruce Bilson

4 :01x04 - Genius

Walt asks Matthew to date a girl who is trying to develop a solar house plant that will win first prize at the science fair. He needs the time this diversion will create to change the dangerous compound she is preparing into a harmless one.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Mr. Heller | Alan North as Mr. Kraft | Margaret Dirolf as Student genius | Earl Boen as Mr. Hansley | J. Larry Carroll as Weatherman | Reid Cruickshanks as Construction Foreman | Fay DeWitt as Mrs. Kraft | Margaret Fitzgerald as Monica Kraft | Chip Frye as Bob Alexander | Ernie Fuentes as Gardener | Randy Lowell as Computer Operator | Beans Morocco as Security Guard | David Wallace as Jerry
Director: Bob Claver
Writer: Tom Greene

5 :01x05 - Prediction

All it takes is an accidental knock on the head for college student Becky Vance to start having visions of the future. And the visions are terrible predictions of accidents-to-be involving her family and friends. Her classmate, alien exile Matthew Star, tries to help by using his superpowers but endangers his own life in the process.
Matthew's mentor, college lecturer Walt Shepard also wants to help, only to find they are stumbling into a life-threatening situation as the girl's final and most frightening premonition begins to come true.
And with Matthew so engrossed with helping Becky in this serious situation, Becky's father and Matthew's college girlfriend Pam Elliot think Matthew and Becky are having an affair!
Guest Stars: Suzanne Adkinson as Becky Vance | Tom Gagen as Policeman #1 | Brian Kale as Nick | Lenora May as Kay | Merritt Olsen as Male Driver | Steve Peck as Charlie | Arthur Roberts as Vance | Gene Ryals as Policeman #2 | Joe Taggart as Shawn | Peggy Kaye as Coach
Director: Guy Magar

6 :01x06 - The Italian Caper

Matthew gets his first taste of life in another country when he and Walt are lured to Italy to recover a top-secret item that has been stolen by the Red Brigade.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Mr. Heller | James O'Sullivan as Bowen | Michael Constantine as Giancarlo | John Crawford as General F.J. Tucker | Donna Cyrus as Adrianna | Robert Davi as Zealotta | Andrew Ethier as Ned | Margaret Fitzgerald as Monica Kraft | E.M. Margolese as Catania | Alex Rodine as Praeger | Cesare Buia as Grandpa | Caree Cavalier as Monica
Director: Guy Magar

7 :01x07 - Winning

Matthew uses his supernatural powers to earn a spot on the football team.
Guest Stars: Barry Van Dyke as Coach Curtis | Dave Adams as Third Referee | Tojo Fairman as Football Player | Douglas R. Johnson as Second Referee | David Labiosa as Tony Garcia | Gene Pietragallo as First Student | Michele Lamar Richards as Student #2 | Sandra Friebel as Collins | Jay B. Larson as Radio Announcer
Director: Ron Satlof

8 :01x08 - Endurance

A camping trip for Matthew, Pam and their friends turns deadly when they realize that unseen assailants are after them.
Guest Stars: Barry Van Dyke as Coach Curtis
Director: Paul Krasny

9 :01x09 - The Triangle

When Pam's uncle disappears over the Bermuda Triangle, she refuses to believe that he's dead and convinces Matthew to help her find him.
Director: Leonard Nimoy

10 :01x10 - Mother

Matthew learns that his mother has arrived to earth. She assumes the identity of a fortune teller.
Guest Stars: Tricia O'Neil as Madam Palomas (Matthew's mother) | Jeff Cooper (1) as unknown | Don Stroud as Garn
Director: Ron Satlof

11 :01x11 - Experiment

Matthew discovers that he can communicate with other species when he picks up telepathic messages of pain and distress from a sick dolphin at an oceanarium.
Guest Stars: John Reilly as Dr. Simon Bernard

12 :01x12 - Fugitive

Matthew must perform a daring rescue to save Walt, whose unusual insides have fascinated the doctors treating him for a virus.
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Judy Burns

13 :01x13 - Matthew Star, D.O.A.

Matthew (Peter Barton) uses his newest power—leaving his earthly body- when he and Walt (Louis Gossett Jr.) are summoned by the Government to investigate a series of underworld murders. Captain Wymore asks Matthew to go undercover and "die" in a fancy hospital where many big-time gangsters are known to have mysteriously perished.
Guest Stars: Amanda Wyss as Kerri Saxon | Pat Corley as Donzelli | Nicholas Pryor as Dr. Braft | David Paymer as Dr. Benson | Luke Askew as Clegg
Writer: Bruce Shelly

14 :01x14 - The Racer's Edge

Matthew and Walt take up motocross racing to keep tabs on a headstrong heiress who is the target of an international terrorist organization.
Guest Stars: Katherine Kelly Lang as Terri
Director: Corey Allen

15 :01x15 - Dead Man's Hand

Matthew and Walt masquerade as a magician's assistant and a casino dealer to break up a huge syndicate that specializes in illegal activities.
Writer: David Carren

16 :01x16 - 36 Hours

Matthew and Walt work against time to recover a stolen NASA guidance system before the scheduled landing of the space shuttle.
Director: Barry Crane

17 :01x17 - The Quadrian Caper

Matthew and Walt get embroiled in the search for a cache of stolen diamonds.
Director: Guy Magar
Writer: Bruce Shelly

18 :01x18 - Brain Drain

Matthew poses as a brilliant whiz kid to learn how an exclusive computer dating service for geniuses is being used as a front by those who would kidnap them.
Guest Stars: Sharon Acker as Evita | Anne-Marie Martin as Roxanne

19 :01x19 - The Great Waldo Shepard

Matthew and Walt pose as stunt flyers in an air circus to recover sensitive NATO documents that were aboard a stolen plane.
Guest Stars: Scott Marlowe as Latimer
Director: Barry Crane

20 :01x20 - Road Rebels

A seaside smuggling ring involving teens and crooked cops leads Matthew to get into the local drag racing scene and Walt to masquerade as a corrupt policeman.
Director: Barbara Peeters

21 :01x21 - Swords and Sorcerers

Matthew unknowingly gambles with his life when he competes in a spooky game held in the underground tunnels of a college campus.
Guest Stars: Timothy Wead as Bill | Michele Tobin as Mandy Tucker | Hari Rhodes as Keating
Writer: Lee Sheldon

22 :01x22 - Starr Knight

A high school student begins to display frightening supernatural powers which, unknown to him, are the result of his extraterrestrial origins.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1982
Ended: April 15, 1983
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