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The Pretender: Every Picture Tells A Story

The episode starts out with Miss Parker and Sydney tracking Jarod's whereabouts to a YMCA. Jarod poses being a member of the Coast Guard to find out the truth of what really happened when a man was lost at sea.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: 03102
Airdate: Saturday September 28th, 1996

Guest Stars
Alex WexoAlex Wexo
As Young Sydney
Ashley PeldonAshley Peldon
As Young Miss Parker
Michael WyleMichael Wyle
As Jarod's YMCA Neighbor
Sam AyersSam Ayers
As Sam the Sweeper
Dell YountDell Yount
As Vendor
Dennis CockrumDennis Cockrum
As Seattle YMCA Man
Edward EvankoEdward Evanko
As Commander Powell
Elizabeth HeflinElizabeth Heflin
As Meg King
Hillary KidwellHillary Kidwell
As Twin #2
Jacob VargasJacob Vargas
As Javi Padillo
Marjorie MonaghanMarjorie Monaghan
As Martha Poole
Melissa KidwellMelissa Kidwell
As Twin #1
Pat SkipperPat Skipper
As Paul Bilson
Ryan MerrimanRyan Merriman
As Young Jarod
Stephanie SawyerStephanie Sawyer
As Kimberly King
William SandersonWilliam Sanderson
As Roy Abbot
Episode Notes
Jarod discovers Oreo cookies

Episode Quotes
Little Girl: Didn't you ever eat a cookie as a kid.
Jarod: They didn't have cookies where I grew up?
Little Girl: Where did you grow up? Mars?
Jarod: Sort of.

Parker: Well, Broots, what's happened?
Broots: I've backtracked the call from the other phone. All I know right now is that all the calls were international landlines. I didn't even know that was possible.

Jarod: I wanted to know if... Jarod was my real name.
Sydney: I think it is. At least that is what I was told.

Sydney: I understand you learning to swim but aren't you a little old to be playing with bathtub toys?
Jarod: It's certainly better than the kind of playtime you foisted upon me.

Jarod: I'm surprised you're not down making rounds down corridor fifteen.
Sydney: Even psychiatrists need a day off.

Sydney: But Jarod is a pretender. He can become anyone he wants to be. We will never catch him with one of Broots' phone taps.
Parker: That's what they said about the Uni bomber Syd. And how did they catch that whacked out prodigy. A letter to mommy. It's the smart ones who always do something stupid.

Sydney: Broots' technology is not going to help us track a chameleon. Jarod changes colour. He blends in. We'll get close when he lets us. Patience, Parker. We need patience.
Parker: Syd, patience may be a soothing catch oil for the potato heads in psychogenetic services but to my father and the boys in the Tower equate patience with failure.

Bilson: This isn't funny.
Jarod: Oh, you're right. It's terrifying. You're all alone. You can't see anything but water and you start thinking about what might be down there. What just bumped you below the surface? And after a while your nerves will settle down, but unfortunately, that's when your body starts to ache and the only way to stop the pain is to stop treading. But then you start to sink. And in that instant between life and death you think about all the people and all the things you left behind. So you start fighting your way back to the surface. You fight for your life.

Bilson: You get me out of here.
Jarod: Oh, don't worry. You'll be okay. Men have been known to tread water for days.

Jarod: They were doing the '70s which, as you know, I missed.

Broots: 24 hours.
Miss Parker: You have 12.
Broots: I can do it in 8.

Jarod (after a threat to have him court martialed): A court martial, it won't exactly affect me. You see, I'm not really a lieutenant. In fact, I'm not really in the Coast Guard!

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