The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

The Quest team is back, doing what they do best - exploring supernatural and extraordinary events all over the world.

The show premiered in 1996-1997 and it takes place about 7 years after the previous show. The Quest team consists of regular members - Dr. Benton Quest; Race Banon, his friend and bodyguard; Jonny, his son, and Hadji, his adopted son; but now the team got backup in form of Race's daughter Jessie.

Like in the original show, the team travels around the world, solving misteries (not Scooby-Doo-like misteries, but real supernatural ones). Only here, the team uses modern computer technology (most notably the unique virtual reality program called the Questworld) and Jonny, Hadji and Jessie are now teenagers, old enough to look after themselves. The villains they ussualy encounter are Jeremiah Surd, the half-machine, half-human hacker and his group of terorists; Ezekiel Rage, a zombie-like lunatic who wants to destroy the humanity; and of course, their old archenemy - Dr.Zin.

There were 52 episodes and 2 seasons which were done by two different crews, including animation and voice actors, but the story types were preety much the same.
The show was highly praised both by fans and critics for it's mature stories and its depiction of real science instead of fantasy.
The show was released on VHS, and only one episode was out on DVD, but it was never fully released on DVD. There are still reruns on Cartoon Network and Boomerang aired along with the original episodes.

The theme song

Episode Info

Final: 2x26 -- More Than Zero (Apr/16/1997)

Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Bandit
Granville Van DusenGranville Van Dusen
voiced Race Bannon (uncredited)
J.D. RothJ.D. Roth
voiced Jonathan "Jonny" Quest (1)
Jennifer HaleJennifer Hale
voiced Jessica Margaret Leya "Jessie" Bannon (2)
John de LancieJohn de Lancie
voiced Benton C. Quest (2)
Michael BenyaerMichael Benyaer
voiced Hadji Quest-Singh (1)
Robert FoxworthRobert Foxworth
voiced Roger T. "Race" Bannon (2)
Robert PatrickRobert Patrick
voiced Roger T. "Race" Bannon (1)
Tara StrongTara Strong
voiced Various

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Storyboard Artist: Dell Barras

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Recurring Guests

Frank Welker as Jeremiah Surd, Guard, Quest Computer, Cop (31 eps)
Rob Paulsen as Novak, Commander (12 eps)
Michael Bell (1) as Ezekiel Rage (6 eps)
Nancy Linari as Mother (5 eps)
Clyde Kusatsu as Dr. Zin (4 eps)
Jennifer Hale as Kate (4 eps)
Chick Vennera as Lorenzo, Thug (3 eps)
Ed Gilbert as Tyler, Technician (3 eps)
Tara Strong as Kazrina (2 eps)
Mark Hamill as Eldoradoan (2 eps)

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