Season 2

37 :02x01 - Johnny Yuma at Appomattox

In this flashback episode, Johnny relates the story of General Lee's surrender to General Grant at Appomattox.
Special Guest Stars: George Macready as General Robert E. Lee |
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Doug | William Bryant as Gen. Ulysses S. Grant | J. Pat O'Malley as McCune | Teddy Rooney as Jimmy | Lynn Shubert as Penny | William Harlow as Bud | Andrew J. Fenady as Gen. Phillip Sheridan | Harry Whisner as Archie | Robert L. Hickman as C&A Solider | Harris Katleman as Col. Marshall

38 :02x02 - The Bequest

Johnny returns to his hometown in search of killer Jeremy Hake.
Guest Stars: Elisha Cook as Jeremy Hake | John Carradine as Elmer Dodson | Natalie Masters as Ma Silver | John Pickard (2) as Sheriff Cahill | Ross Sturlin as Joe Redfern | Robert Swan as Cleve Redfern
Director: Irvin Kershner

39 :02x03 - The Champ

Docker Mason, an old Army buddy of Johnny's, is now a prizefighter who is being swindled by his crooked manager.
Guest Stars: Eric Alden as Sheriff | Michael Ansara as Docker Mason | Ed Kemmer as Jake Wiley | Chuck Hicks as The Frontier Kid | William Harlow as Ace Linhart
Writer: Sam Ross

40 :02x04 - The Waiting

Johnny enters a saloon where a bounty hunter is waiting for his quarry to arrive.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Tom Hall | Joan Evans as Cassie | Harry Whisner as Mike | William Bryant as Sheriff Stroud | Ross Sturlin as The Yellow Sky Kid

41 :02x05 - To See the Elephant

A rancher hires Johnny to make a man out of his sheltered son.
Guest Stars: Judith Rawlins as Mavis | Mark Goddard (1) as Seldon Hollingsworth | Ron Soble as Josiah Boyd | Ken Mayer as Bull Hollingsworth | Ellen Corby as Carfie Blyden
Director: Irvin Kershner

42 :02x06 - Deathwatch

Johnny aids a sheepman against three Mexican bandits.
Guest Stars: Rocky Ybarra as Ignacio | Don Carlos as Torres | James Best as Abel Wares | Frank Silvera as Cora
Director: Irvin Kershner

43 :02x07 - Run, Killer, Run

Johnny encounters a fugitive named Traskel who pulls a gun and forces Johnny to trade horses.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as Traskel | Ed Nelson as Stalker | John Pickard (2) as Sheriff Pruett | William Harlow as Jed Morgan

44 :02x08 - The Hunted

When convicted killer Jim Colburn escapes from jail a posse takes off in hot pursuit. Then a telegram arrives that proves Colburn's innocence. Johnny then races to intercept the posse and avert potential disaster.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Jim Colburn | Arlene Martel as Mrs. Keller | Yale Wexler as Keller | Dorothy Adams as Mrs. Colburn | Nick Dennis as Trapper | Joe Dominguez as Garcia | Lennie Weinrib as Sheriff | Tina Menard as Elena
Director: Irvin Kershner

45 :02x09 - The Legacy

Johnny is in a full blown jam. He's framed for murder and the man who set up the frame is the trial judge. That's the bad news. Even worse news is the fact that the prosecutor and the sheriff are his sons. The worst news of all is that Johnny's defense attorney is also a son of the judge.
Guest Stars: Jon Lormer as Judge Ricker | James Chandler as Sheriff Ricker | Paul Picerni as Lee Ricker | Robert Hutton (1) as Prosecutor Ricker | Soupy Sales as Stable Owner

46 :02x10 - Don Gringo

Johnny escorts the sole survivor of a Native American ambush to meet her prospective bridegroom.
Guest Stars: Gigi Perreau as Demetria | Rosa Turich as Dona Teresa | Eugene Iglesias as Don Rolando | Edgar Barrier as Don Diego
Director: Irvin Kershner

47 :02x11 - Explosion

Johnny goes after an outlaw who shot down a man while looting a stagecoach.
Guest Stars: L.Q. Jones as Roy | Douglas Spencer as Joe | Ross Elliott as Sheriff | Denny Niles as Walt
Director: Irvin Kershner

48 :02x12 - Vindication

Johnny loses his horse and gear in an attack by Native Americans but is picked up by a passing stagecoach and taken to a relay station where he meets a blinded Army officer.
Guest Stars: Martha Vickers as Agnes Boley | James Drury as Captain Travers | William Bryant as Sam Boley | Dan Sheridan as Jess Hosmer

49 :02x13 - The Scalp Hunter

John Sims saves Johnny from a pair of Apache bandits and then asks for his help in tracking them down.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as John Sims | Earl Parker as Masi | Hal Needham as First Apache | Ross Sturlin as Second Apache

50 :02x14 - Berserk

Johnny pays a visit to his old Army C.O. who's now sheriff of a frontier town.
Guest Stars: Tom Drake as Matt Dunsen | Dan Barton (1) as Frank Maggio | Arthur Peterson as Doc Jones | George Becwar as Stevens | K.T. Stevens as Mrs. Dunsen

51 :02x15 - The Hope Chest

When Johnny rescues Ulysses Bowman from an ambush the man is so grateful he tries to get Johnny to marry his daughter.
Guest Stars: William Demarest as Ulysses Bowman | Soupy Sales as Myers | Cathy O'Donnell as Felicity Bowman | William Harlow as Burke

52 :02x16 - The Liberators

Johnny arrives in a small town and finds it completely deserted. He then tries to find out what happened to the residents.
Guest Stars: Joan Vohs as Bless Stelling | Nico Minardos as Commandante | Jody Warner as Hope Stelling | Nick Dennis as Greco

53 :02x17 - The Guard

Johnny rides into a town and discovers that one of its residents is the Union guard who tortured him while he was being held in a Prisoner of War camp.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Clint Mowbree | Dee Pollock as Charles Mowbree | William Phipps as Ben Mowbree | Allen Kramer as Jake

54 :02x18 - The Promise

Johnny discovers that the daughter of a deceased war buddy is now a bonded servant being forced to marry a gunfighter against her wishes.
Guest Stars: John Gentry as Frank Hawkins | Gigi Perreau as Laurie | Peter Whitney as Hobie Kincaid | Richard Hartunian as Billy Joe Kincaid | Victor Izay as Abel Hawkins

55 :02x19 - Jerkwater

Johnny gets into an argument over the Civil War that leads to a shooting.
Guest Stars: Charles Cason as Smith | John Dehner as John Sims | John Marley as George Campbell | George Becwar as Dainer

56 :02x20 - Paperback Hero

A newspaperwoman decides to write a paperback novel about Johnny after witnessing him turn the tables on a bully.
Guest Stars: Virginia Gregg as Emily Stevens | Robert Palmer (2) as Jack Slater | Bobby Diamond as Jody | Dan White (1) as Corby

57 :02x21 - The Actress

After meeting Johnny, famed actress Lotta Langley offers him a role in her play.
Guest Stars: Virginia Field as Lotta Langley | Sandra Knight as Ruth Revere | Vic Perrin as Will Arvid | Robert L. Hickman as Deputy
Director: Irvin Kershner
Writer: Bruce Geller

58 :02x22 - The Threat

Johnny rides into a New Mexico cattle town and finds it paralyzed by fear that a Native American attack is imminent.
Guest Stars: Trevor Bardette as Sheriff Howard | Richard Bakalyan as Bart Vogan | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Garth | Ben Wright as Eberhardt | Aladdin Pallante as Ambrose Pack | Charles Heard as Gillette
Director: Irvin Kershner

59 :02x23 - The Road to Jericho

When Johnny frees a man staked to an ant hill in the desert the man decides to become Johnny's personal servant until he has repaid the debt.
Guest Stars: Robert Middleton as Sutro | Warren Stevens as Christopher Portal
Writer: Cyril Hume

60 :02x24 - The Last Drink

When Johnny's young cousin begins hanging around a professional gunslinger our hero tries to steer his relative in the proper direction.
Guest Stars: Tom Drake as Dawes | Jack Chaplain as Eddie

61 :02x25 - The Burying of Sammy Hart

In an apparent kidnapping, an old Native American disappears into the hills with a young man. Johnny and the lad's father follow in pursuit.
Guest Stars: Iron Eyes Cody as Sammy Hart | George D. Wallace as Aaron Wallace | Eugene Martin as Billy Wallace | Peggy Stewart as Sarah Wallace

62 :02x26 - The Pit

Johnny escorts a woman and her infant son to a village where she hopes to find her missing husband but inquiries about the man produce nothing but silence.
Guest Stars: Olive Sturgess as Charity | Myron Healey as McGowan | Sheldon Allman as Hunk | Ralph Reed (1) as Slip

63 :02x27 - Shriek of Silence

Johnny kills a man in a fair fight and then tries to care for his mute son.
Guest Stars: Tom Nolan as Paul | Yvette Vickers as Nancy | Jack Lester as Warren | Anna Karen as Mrs. Warren | Frank DeKova as Sturgis

64 :02x28 - Two Weeks

Johnny gets into a poker game with unusual stakes. If he loses he will become his opponent's prisoner for two weeks.
Guest Stars: Frank Overton as John Galt | Jamie Farr as Pooch | Shirley Ballard as Ann Galt

65 :02x29 - Miz Purdy

Liz Purdy points a shotgun at Johnny as he is getting a drink of water because she believes he's a member of an outlaw gang that's been operating in the area.
Guest Stars: Patricia Breslin as Liz Purdy | Jason Evers as George Tess | Ken Mayer as Preacher | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Jack Tarr | Ross Sturlin as Mexican

66 :02x30 - The Ballad of Danny Brown

Johnny arrives in the town of Shady Grove and finds its citizens preparing a hostile welcome home for ex-convict Danny Brown.
Guest Stars: Tex Ritter as Marshal | Gail Kobe as Emily | Stephen Joyce as Isham | William Bryant as Danny Brown

67 :02x31 - The Proxy

Johnny and two other men volunteer to pursue a fugitive banker who absconded with his depositors' savings. But one of Johnny's companions wants to kill the man while the other is after the money.
Guest Stars: Vic Damone as Wilkerson | Royal Dano as Crowe

68 :02x32 - Decision at Sweetwater

Outlaws hold up a stagecoach on which Johnny is traveling. Finding no gold and not wanting to leave empty handed they decide to kidnap a passenger.
Guest Stars: Yvette Vickers as Catherine | William Phipps as Bishop | Sally Bliss as Mrs. Bishop | Donald Losby as Rodney | Donald Buka as Jess Galt | Herman Rudin as Bull | Bruno VeSota as Jim

69 :02x33 - Helping Hand

Johnny arrives at a watering hole where two men are having a knock down brawl to the finish.
Guest Stars: Jack Elam as Luce | Leif Erickson as Dave

70 :02x34 - The Uncourageous

Johnny tries to help a young man whom he wounded match the bravery of his famous matador father.
Guest Stars: George Dolenz as Juan Amontillo | Eugene Iglesias as Felipe | Renata Vanni as Rosa | Maria Val as Maria

71 :02x35 - Mission-Varina

The wife of former Confederacy President Jefferson Davis asks Johnny and three other former Confederate soldiers to escort him to Richmond upon his release from prison. Two of the men don't show up and Johnny discovers that the third plans to assassinate Davis.
Guest Stars: Frieda Inescort as Varina Davis | William Schallert as Ashbaugh

72 :02x36 - The Calley Kid

Johnny is bushwhacked and stripped of his horse, guns, and belongings. He then sets off in pursuit of his mysterious assailant.
Guest Stars: Richard Bakalyan as The Calley Kid | Michael Vandever as Wood

73 :02x37 - Ben White

Johnny is deputized by a U.S. Marshal to take a member of an outlaw gang to jail while the Marshal pursues the others. Johnny's prisoner is a female and she has no intentions of going quietly to her incarceration.
Guest Stars: Mary Murphy (1) as "T" | Charles Aidman as Ben White | Bruno VeSota as Basto | William Henry as Marshal Jason

74 :02x38 - The Found

Yuma helps a young girl named Sally give birth to her baby and then finds himself held at gunpoint by the child's outlaw father.
Guest Stars: Lorrie Richards as Sally | Karl Held as Danny | George Sawaya as Grooder

75 :02x39 - The Hostage

A jailed outlaw is scheduled to hang but his brother has a plan to free him by kidnapping the sheriff's brother and exchanging prisoners.
Guest Stars: Jean Inness as Martha Randall | Corey Allen as Yancy Dagget | Stephen Joyce as Frank Dagget | Ed Kemmer as Jesse Wilks | Aladdin Pallante as Judge Babylon | Lon McCallister as Coley Wilks

76 :02x40 - The Executioner

A Native American chief kidnaps three white hostages in reprisal for the deaths of two of his braves. He then forces Johnny to choose the two who are to die.
Guest Stars: Terry Moore as Janice | Barry Atwater as Chief Leblanc | Ken Mayer as Andrews | Charles Aidman as Ferguson | Arthur Peterson as Sheriff
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 04, 1959
Ended: September 24, 1961
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