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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 18/Sep/2012 Promises Promises
03 01x03 25/Sep/2012 The Dating Game
04 01x04 02/Oct/2012 Cleaning Crisis
05 01x05 16/Oct/2012 K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
06 01x06 23/Oct/2012 The Desperate House Wife
07 01x07 13/Nov/2012 The Catch
08 01x08 20/Nov/2012 Gospel Idol
09 01x09 27/Nov/2012 The Accused
10 01x10 04/Dec/2012 Where They Belong

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
14 02x04 09/Aug/2013 Rickey’s Roast "Beef"
15 02x05 16/Aug/2013 You Want To Bet
17 02x07 30/Aug/2013 Lights, Camera, Act a Fool
19 02x09 13/Sep/2013 Reconciliation
20 02x10 20/Sep/2013 The Caregiver
21 02x11 27/Sep/2013 It’s A Tall World
22 02x12 04/Oct/2013 Rickey Has a Stalker
23 02x13 11/Oct/2013 Wrong Phi Wrong
24 02x14 13/Dec/2013 Captive Christmas
25 02x15 04/Apr/2014 Solo We Can't Hear It
27 02x17 18/Apr/2014 The Blachelor
28 02x18 24/Apr/2014 Roll Pounce
29 02x19 01/May/2014 Prank Off
30 02x20 08/May/2014 Heavenly Host
31 02x21 15/May/2014 Shacked Up
32 02x22 22/May/2014 Where’s Lil’ Daryl
33 02x23 29/May/2014 The Contender
34 02x24 05/Jun/2014 Go Home, Sister Bernice
35 02x25 12/Jun/2014 The Defender
36 02x26 19/Jun/2014 Unsung
37 02x27 26/Jun/2014 The DU is Silent

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
28 03x01 25/Apr/2014 Roll Pounce

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